Thursday, 11 May 2017

Who are morally corrupt?

Teachers have the responsibility to impart morals to students, for putting steel in the character of the next generation- for building strong pillars which can carry the weight of progress and economic growth of our country. What should we do with teachers who break this trust? Who are morally corrupt? Who mislead the high Court? Who submit false affidavits in the court for personal gain? Prof. PP Singh, Prof. KPR Kartha, Prof. AK Chakraborty....deeply respected, loved. Now in court. Facing charges for criminal proceedings due to false submissions. Where did NIPER go wrong?
Fighting Corruption in Niper,mohali

High Court hearing held in Niper professors retirement age case today. Considering facts and records before it, the court issued notices to all professors.

Case Summary

Niper professors were appointed on contract for five years. They enjoyed all benefits given by Niper to compensate for loss of permanency e.g. fast promotions, contributory provident fund etc. Then their contracts got expired. Before contracts could be renewed, contract system got abolished on 7-7-2014. They were thus contractual employees with expired contracts. They continued to work.

In 2016, ministry found that 60 years is the prevailing age of retirement for regular employees working in autonomous institute. Same is applicable to Niper also. Now, those professors who were above 60 years could not be made regular. Hence they were relieved. These were Dr. Kk bhutani, Dr.ak Chakraborty, Dr.kpr kartha and Dr. Pp Singh.

All rushed to high Court and argued that Niper board of governors (bog) in 2013 had fixed 65 years as retirement age. Concealed from court that they were contractual employees and age of 65 years fixed by bog in 2013 was upper age of contract viz. 5 year contract or 65 years whichever was less. They misled the court, gave false affidavits.

Truth was very difficult to bring out because bog minutes which threw light that retirement age during contract referred not to retirement age as commonly understood for regular employees, but upper age of contract, were hidden and not given under RTI also.
NIPER team exposed this fraud by filing writ in high Court in 2016 and painstakingly collecting evidence, piece by piece. After lot of delays, things fell into place and today court issued notices to all professors, asking them to file their replies. Small, sweet win!

Satyamev jayate! Jai Hind!

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