Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How misappropriation made easy @NIPER

CAG (DPC Act 1971) Audit and inspection report on the account of NIPER for the year 2008-09 obtained by RTI. CAG has written a one page long para vividly describing how public money is misappropriated.

Relevant extract are as under:

Part-II-A          Serious irregularities

Para I              Infructuous expenditure of Rs. 1.90 crore on construction of staff quarters

The director NIPER issued (March 2005) work for construction 15 Nos of Type V houses for a sum of 1,9013.816/- to a contractor. The time schedule for the completion of the said work was 12 months. The contractor complited the above said work on 4 April 2006.

During scrutiny of records it was noted that out of 37 houses of type V, eight houses were never occupied while 10 houses remained vacant for a period ranging from 4 months to 64 months as detailed in annexure A_. This resulted into loss of potential revenue to the extent of Rs. 22.01 lakh on account of the house rent recovery.


It was further observed that Institute again issued (January 2009) work order for construction of 5 nos. residential units of type v houses for a sum of Rs. 99.00 laks to M/s xxxxx Associate without assessing the actual requirement. The construction five mix type V units dose not appear to be a prudent decision in view of the fact that eight type V houses constructed way backing April, 2006 are lying vacant (Aug 2009).

Audit and inspection Report 2008-2009

Para I               Infructuous expenditure of Rs. 1.90 crore on construction of staff quarters

 Final outcome of allotment of staff quarters is still awaited. Hence para stands.

Caveat: kickback money from construction guaranteed.

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