Monday, 3 October 2011

Few personal small steps and a giant leap for corruption free India.

If we really want a corruption-free India, we need to shift our focus to right things. Recent Ramlila movement has ignited the fire and people have started talking openly about the need of something to be done. There is a strong notion that common man will move forward towards corruption-free India. But, the first steps need to be taken in the right direction. There are some basic things that we, the common man of India, all do in day to day life needs to be rectified if we really want a change. Few changes not a big deal

Self-correction: Change yourself, let's be the change we want to see. Come out from your indifferent self. Discuss at home with all the members including kids. Set out examples, stand out and speak whenever wherever you see malpractice. Don’t bring office stationary home and prevent other to do so.  Practice with small things, this will make you addict to protest against bigger ones. Do not assume that you're out of corrupt society and everyone else except you are responsible to do the cleanup job.

Say no to bribe: stand in the queue, do not try to get ticket paying extra money, buying convenience is one major cause of corruption. If you violate any traffic rule, accept it and pay fine, If you are against corruption, do not bribe the traffic constable whenever he catches you. The traffic constable never asks for the bribe, he always says that you have broken the law and you'll be fined for it. We only ask him to bury the matter on the spot and settle the issue. Let's start eliminating it from the very basic level that will lead to a bigger change.

Cast your Vote:  Vote in every election, exercise your basic and most powerful right in the biggest democracy and eliminate corrupt politician Know the names of all the contestants in your respective constituencies do a background search. Now a day your phone is equipped to do that. Give vote to the right candidate without looking at the party affiliation. If none is good, please exercise your right of not voting (Section 49-O of Indian constitution). It means that, you walk-in to your voting booth and declare you don't want to vote because you don't find any of the candidates eligible enough to be your representative. Your vote will be counted as one vote against all the candidates.

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