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GANG OF FOUR propagates plagiarism @NIPER

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Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for the email. But I think this issue of corruption and Nepotism in NIPER needs to be checked. If these things are not bought into public notice via blogs etc nothing will happen.
Regarding the credibility of NIPER that will never fade. Scientist here in USA know what NIPER students are capable of and what they can do and we have proved it. But what is more important is that the evil of Corruption and Nepotism should be eradicated.

Why I am saying this is so strongly as I suffered myself. I wrote a review as a part of my curriculum under the mentorship of Dr. UC Banerjee. After everything Dr. Banerjee told me to give all my work including final review document and collected literature to this person named Mani Shanker, a PhD student in his lab. He told me that Mani Shanker will work on this and will publish it. I objected as I had worked lot on this but then I was asked to leave his office. I was too young at that time and could not do anything. later they published this article in CRIPS titled "Bhattacharyya MS, Singh J, Soni P, Banerjee UC (2003). Recombinant factor VIII for Hemophilia an overview of production technologies. Current Research Information on Pharmaceutical Sciences (CRIPS) 4(3): 2-8"
Later when I checked the content of the article published there was hardly any difference. But there was difference instead of me being first author, Mani Shanker was the first author, which was totally not fair. Ask a scientist whose hard work is stolen and given to someone else to put their name and publish. Its very painful.

So i would strongly suggest that this corruption crusade inside such a prestigious institutes should be checked. Only way to do this thing in INDIA is through media. 



Jaskirat Singh, PhD
New York, NY-10029 

The Board of Governors in its meeting held on 17th December 2008 has approved the constitution of the following Committee to review the case of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar and suggest the remedial measures.
1. Prof. Ramesh Chandra
2. Prof. Harmanjit Singh Hira
3. Dean, NIPER or his nominee
4. Representative of DCPC, Min. of Chem. & Fertilizers 
5. Representative of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar

After combing through piles of paper and lots of witnesses the committee concluded 

Recommendation for HOD 

However, the current officiating director rewarded  the HOD with deanship (to propagate plagiarism amongst students?)

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