Thursday, 24 November 2011

GANG OF SIX vs GANG OF FOUR; vengeance wins @NIPER

The infectious disease burden imposed by trypanosomatidae family continues to exact a huge burden and human suffering in third world; within countries that are least equipped to bring new medicines to the clinic. For sickness caused by this family of parasites (African trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis) no vaccines are available. Problems associated with currently available drugs are inefficient delivery, insufficient efficacy, excessive toxicity and steady loss of effectiveness due to resistance. New drugs are urgently needed in the foreseeable future to avoid catastrophe. Availability of the genome sequence of pathogens of this family offers unique avenue for identification of novel drug targets and opportunities for the target based discovery of new lead compounds that can be developed as practical, effective, nontoxic, affordable agents to control infection. Dr. Roy the leader of and international collaborations with research groups in France, Portugal, Italy, UK and Spain started the project successfully and earned international accolades for NIPER.

“Leishmania target specific drug discovery project” “TRICONT” funded by New INDIGO under EU-INDIA S&T Cooperation (one of the thirteen projects funded worldwide). 

As a responsible citizen, concerned tax-payer and keeping in view larger national interests, Dr. Roy protested against corrupt practices of NIPER officiating Director. Officiating Director removed him from the In-charge ship of Department and also all institutional committees and placed under suspension without any requisite permission from BOG, stalling all on going research projects including NEW INDIDO putting National Prestige in jeopardy.

An appeal of international "GANG OF SIX" went in vain against the of "GANG OF FOUR". Ironically officiating Director day before yesterday gave an hour lecture about how to inculcate positivity at faculty meeting. Preaching is easier then practice.


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