Monday, 21 November 2011

Officiating Director recognizes anti-corruption crusader

NIPER officiating Director accuses whistle blower as tented officer; a remarkable similarity of recent events of painting team Anna members as Bharastachari and Dhokhebaaz. 

Dr. Roy commented "Actually I am feeling proud after knowing Officiating Directors' comments, it decisively proves that I am right and he is scared. Current officiating director started office on 01.01.2010 thus his term was over on 01.01 2011.  After that he is clinging to the chair illegally, thus suspension and inquiry is illegal. Don't compare me with Team Anna member, I am a very small person in front of their stature"

In a rejoinder to the news item carried by Pharmabiz on November 14, 2011 titled “NIPER scientist demands quashing of appointment of Registrar, NIPER”, NIPER, Mohali, director Professor KK Bhutani has clarified that it is a malicious propaganda of disgruntled and tainted scientist, Dr Nilanjan Roy who himself is under suspension since 18.02.2011 and is facing an inquiry under section 14 of CCS (CCA) rules 1965 for the charges of tendering false TA claim, forging documents so as to support his false TA claim, abstaining from performing his official duties resulting in hampering of compilation of annual results of the students, harassing the students by not marking their attendance and derelicting from duty by suspending classes at his own. NIPER director clarifies on Pharmabiz report Thursday, November 17, 2011, 

Reply of Dr. Nilanjan Roy against specific charges:-------

Charges I & II: Committed grave criminal misconduct of forgery and failed to maintain absolute integrity by late submitting adjustment of TA/DA bill.

Reply: The matter pertains to the period 2008-2009 when Prof. Rama Rao was the Director and relates to a sum of Rs.1,20,500/- drawn by me as advance for attending a conference in Belgium on 22nd May, 2008. Owing to non-issuance of Visa, the trip got cancelled. Subsequently, I refunded the advance after completing related formalities (e.g. re-conversion of foreign currency purchased, settlement of air-ticket refund etc.etc.). Receipt for the same was issued to me by institute accounts section.
Thus, issue got closed in 2009 at time of then Director, Prof. Rama Rao. During that period, no reminder/warning was issued to me regarding non-settlement of advance. Now after two years; issue is raised again by Prof. K. K. Bhutani knowing fully well that, I have duly refunded the money and at no stage was any reminder/warning issued to me in this regard. I submitted no false document and am unable to understand on what basis is the charge of “forgery” made against me.

Case involves no forgery. Prof. K. K. Bhutani raises issue after two years despite absence of any audit query, objection, warning or complain during intervening period just to subside his corruption unearthed by RTI quarry.

Charge III: Committed Grave misconduct failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employees for failing to submit answer books and results BT616.

Reply: Matter pertains to year 2008-2009 when Prof. Rama Rao was Director. The charge conveys a wrong impression that I have not submitted any of the answer books and results of the above course. The fact is that answer books and results of BT616 of only NINE  Biotechnology students (who had not fulfilled academic requirements as per NIPER statutes) out of a total of 25 students were not submitted while that of other students were duly submitted by me in July, 2009.
The matter had been discussed in detail by the then HOD, Prof. CS Dey and Prof. Rama Rao, the then Director and also Chairman, NIPER Senate, which is the highest statutory body pertaining to the academic matters of the institute. Matter was duly settled in the senate without any objection from senate members including Prof. K. K. Bhutani who was also present in the meeting as a member. The students were duly awarded marks, took final degree and left the institute around two years ago.

Issue is now raised after two years, by the present officiating director, Prof. K. K. Bhutani despite absence of any complaint against me either from the Senate at that time or from the students during that period.

Charge IV: Committed Grave misconduct failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employee for failing to mark the attendance of Ms. Prakara Rinki D in BT 540 class.

Reply: Same is factually incorrect. It has been wrongly mentioned that I have failed to mark attendance of Ms. Prakara Rinki in BT-540 CLASS.  Her attendance in the BT540 Class was duly marked by me regularly as teacher of the course. Prior to exams, I duly communicated that no student was short of attendance to exam section. Without my class attendance she could not have appeared in the exam. 

Charge is thus factually incorrect and another ploy of officiating Director to hide his corrupt act.

Charge V: Committed Grave misconduct, failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employee for suspending the teaching program under System Biology (C0209) BT 660.

Reply: The charge gives the wrong impression that I deliberately suspended M.S. teaching program under System Biology Program (BT 660) whereas the fact is that I was forced to stop when funds/ manpower required for the course were withdrawn and not released by the Dean and Director despite all my efforts and appeals.  Facts relevant to the matter are as below:
1.     The course, funded under 11th Five Year Plan is for MS students of Biotechnology Deptt. (approx. 30 students), offered in first and second semesters-theory as well as hands on training. It required a team of teacher and demonstrator for successful execution. It is because of this reason that despite being approved in 2007, it started in 2009, since initially no manpower was available. After initiation in 2009, course was taught successfully for two years (July, 2009-Dec.2009; Jan, 2010-June 2010) utilizing technical manpower hired specifically for the course on annual contract basis.
2.     In Jan, 2011 when I had to offer the course again, the recruitment of requisite manpower was stopped by Prof. Saranjit Singh on plea of “non-availability of funds.”
3.     I appealed to the present officiating director Prof. K. K. Bhutani for release of funds, taking the file in person and discussing the issue. Despite all verbal assurances, nothing concrete happened and no funds were released till March, 2011 due to which course could not be started.

Present officiating director, Prof. K. K. Bhutani siphoned off 11th five year plan money and to hide his act trying to stage a smoke and mirror act.

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