Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NIPER cheated it's own scientists

Tanasahi achieved new hight @NIPER
NIPER claimed arrear money from DST in the name of 10 scientist/SRF; did not pay all the people, used the money for some other unknown purpose (pocket?), submitted the utilization certificate indicating that the money is used for the purpose it was given by DST. Few deprived people failed to get their due from NIPER now thinking on going through legal route to retrieve their money. 

RTI Response of NIPER
RTI Response of DST

In response to RTI vide Letter No F.12014/139/2011-RTI dated 28.09.2011 DST Given the following response where it clearly mentioned 

"No, this arrear cannot be utilized for other purpose. DST has not given any document."

"The rule position towards the amount of Rs 25.0 lakh given as arrear is in accordance with the norms of the 6" Pay Commission, towards each of the manpower engaged and their duration in this project as specified from the details of manpower provided by NIPER"

NIPER claimed the money in the name of following personals however denied arrear to some ...............

...................................and submitted the fictitious utilization certificate to DST, causing breach of public trust, and cheating

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