NIPER Registrar Case


Appointment of NIPER registrar set aside

NOV 30: Mohali The Punjab Harayana High Court set aside the selection and appointment of P. J. P. Singh Waraich as registrar of NIPER. The court passed the judgment while allowing a petition filed by Dr. Parikshit Bansal and Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Asst Professors, NIPER, challenging the appointment.

The petitioner had alleged that the selection committee  had selected the current incumbent flaunting all the rule and guideline posted in the advertisement  For the post of the registrar prerequisite was 15 years of administrative experience, of which 8 years shall be as Deputy Registrar or an equivalent post (AGP Rs 7600). However as per the document current registrar joined as Wing commander wef 17 June 2008 in Rs 7600 AGP. Thus not fulfilling the criterion. Formal complains regarding the appointment of registrar was lodged by three faculty members to Chairman BOG before filling the petition, but BOG failed to adjudicate the Grievance.  Holding that the selection was not correct and sustainable, the court observed that a strange procedure had been followed by the selection committee. 

it is also reported that PJP Singh Waraich had reportedly given KK Bhutani a sum of Rs. 20 lakh for his appointment as the Registrar. A NIPER staff, who does not want to be named said, “Bhutani had extracted R20 lakh from Waraich and had interviewed him in May. Waraich had then been appointed despite the fact that Waraich did not meet the requisite qualifications of eligibility for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali.”


Interesting facts about NIPER Registrar appointment

Fact 1

As recorded in the minutes of the 54th meeting "It was informed by Prof. Bhutani that the appointed registrar is B.Com, LL.B, MBA having more than 23 years of vast administrative experience."

Date of birth of  Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) as per his biodata is Jan 1969 (Subroto Park), date of interview was Sep 2011, If he is having "more than 23 years of vast administrative experience" on the date of interview, he must have started gathering administrative experience at the age of 19 years!! 

Caveat: What kind of administrative experience he was gathering since his 19th birthday??

Fact 2

It was also recorded that " The Selection comittee for the post of registrar was comprising of Prof. N. Satyamurthy, Director IISER Mohali, Dr. Girish Sahani, Director IMTECH Chandigarh & Prof. H. S. Nigah Prof. & Head (Retd.), Punjab Engneering Collage, Chandigarh, who recommended the present incumbent for the post of registrar.

However the fact is Dr. Girish Sahani, Director IMTECH Chandigarh was absent in the interview. 

Caveat: Why officiating director suppressed the fact??

Fact 3

As per NIPER statues Cluse 3.1.2 (b) to appoint Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant professor and other staff in equivalent grades, as may be necessary on the recommendation of the selection comittee constituted for the purpose;  

However as recorded in the minuteds of the 54th meeting "The board noted the appointment of Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) as Registrar of the Institute"

Standard english dictionary definition of, 

Approved vs Noted: Approved and noted are English verbs that both pertain to a demonstration of affirmation towards an act or object. They are however two distinct verbs used for different contexts.

Approved by definition means to confirm, ratify or sanction officially or to commend or regard as good. It is an expression of acceptance towards a favorable or pleasing thing or action. 

On the other hand noted,  means to have taken into knowledge, awareness, or notice of the already executed proactive action of another person without approving or disapproving it. 

Caveat: Was BOG reserved the right for future disapproval??


Registrar NIPER illegal appointment challenged in High Court of Punjab & Haryana

High Court of Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh has taken cognizance of the serious irregularities and illegalities relating to selection of a favored candidate by the Officiating Director to post of Registrar, NIPER, results of the selection committee for the same  held on 9-6-2011 and issued notice of motion for the following respondents  

1. Prof. K. K. Bhutani,  Chairman, Selection Committee for Registrar. 
2. Prof. Saranjit Singh, Member of the Selection Committee 
3. Prof. N. Satyamurthy, Expert Member of the Selection Committee.
4. Prof. H.S. Nigah, Expert Member of the Selection Committee.

5. Dr. V. M. Katoch Chairman, Board of Governors NIPER.
6. Shri D. S. Kalha, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP), UOI. 

7. P.J.P. Singh Waraich Registrar Quo warranto

Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.) does not meet the requisite qualifications of eligibility for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali. Officiating Director made his selection deliberately though officiating Director was not competent authority to approve the appointment of registrar. This act of officiating Director amounts to ‘denial of opportunity’ to genuinely deserving candidates besides leading to ‘nepotism’. (angle of economics is also in rumors).

Reported in the blog on TUESDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2011 
Out of the seven candidates called for interview, three were Ph.D holders, having requisite experience and qualifications as per the advertisement. In fact one of the candidates, Dr.Shyam Narayan, was highly qualified and already working as Deputy Registrar (Administration), at IIT Roorkee. 

However, bypassing merit and experience, the Selection committee favored Mr.Waraich and selected him, though he did not even fulfill the basic criteria of eligibility as per the Advertisement. Under the statutes, it is an essential requirement that merit list of selected candidates be prepared. Surprisingly, no such merit list was prepared. Committee kept the entire process of selection shrouded in mystery and has not disclosed marks obtained by each candidate against qualification, experience, performance in interview and other merit criteria. This was a violation of statutory guidelines. Copy of the duly signed minutes of the meeting of the selection committee held on 9-6-2011 (Thursday) at NIPER is as under. 

On coming to know of this illegal and discriminatory act, the concern faculty members (Whistle Blowers) as concerned and responsible citizen wrote to the Chairman, BOG bringing to his notice the grave violations which have taken place during the selection process for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali and also drawn attrition of society through media and blog. Despite all sincere efforts of petitioners at curbing nepotism and ensuring selection of a genuine, deserving candidate at the sensitive and highly responsible post of the Registrar, NIPER, appeals of the petitioners have fallen on deaf ears and the favored candidate of the Officiating Director, Mr.Waraich continues to hold the post of Registrar, NIPER , Mohali at cost of the other deserving and meritorious candidates

NIPER scientist demands quashing of appointment of Registrar, PJP Singh Waraich

Ramesh Shankar, Mumbai
Monday, November 14, 2011, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]
A senior scientist at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has demanded to quash the appointment of Registrar, Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd), for his “misconduct, serious violations of NIPER act, statutes, CCS (CCA) rules and supporting officiating director in his vengeance act”.

In a letter to Dr V M Katoch, chairman of the Board of Governors at NIPER, Nilanjan Roy PhD, Omics & Computational Biology Laboratory, has alleged that Waraich does not meet the requisite qualifications of eligibility for the post of Registrar at NIPER, Mohali. Officiating Director made his selection deliberately, though officiating Director was not competent authority to approve the appointment of registrar. This act of officiating Director amounts to ‘denial of opportunity’ to genuinely deserving candidates besides leading to ‘nepotism’.

For the post of the registrar, many candidates, who were qualifying the required criteria applied, including acting registrar of NIPER. It is pertinent to mention that officiating director did not call the acting registrar, NIPER for the interview, the letter said and continued to compare the bio data of Dr Shyam Narayan, Dy Registrar IIT Roorkee who attended the interview, with that of Waraich.

As a result, the new Registrar rather than acting in a fair, unbiased and professional manner has repeatedly violated NIPER statutes and failed to meet the professional standards of NIPER.

Enumerating such acts, Roy said that he had applied for extramural funding from ICMR via a concept note which is duly vetted by an expert committee and cleared for submission of a detailed proposal. When he intimated the same to officiating Director NIPER, he wrote a mail to Registrar for clarification of rule position and copied to the Officer of ICMR with a clear intention to tarnish his reputation in funding agency.

“Thus the action of Registrar is causing irreparable harm to my professional career as scientist of international repute. I pray for quashing appointment of Wing Cdr PJP Singh Waraich (Retd.)”, the letter said.

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