Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MPs demand 50% reservation for the corrupt - The Times of India

"We will consider backing 33% reservation for women (in exchange for a small fee) only after government accedes to our request," said the bearded MP heading the group. 

Some netas were shocked at this demand. One senior politician told Mocktale on condition of anonymity that the flipside of this bill could mean "the remaining 50% of Parliamentarians may actually be honest". 

Monday, 8 October 2012

ICMR denied information in response to RTI

8th Sep Mohali: The administrative procedures followed by NIPER to suspend and dismiss Dr. Nilanjan Roy were  totally arbitrary, dictatorial and violative of basic rules and regulations of GoI. His wife Sonali Roy complained against KK Bhutani Officiating director to Committee of petitions Lok Sabha seeking Justice.  The Lok Sabha Committee directed Chairman BOG, NIPER through Department of Pharmaceuticals, to act upon her petition. One year after her complain Mrs Roy filed an RTI to ICMR asking what action DG ICMR had taken taken on her petition, failing to get response from CPIO, she filed and appeal to appellate authority, ICMR. 

Neither CPIO nor appellate authority responded her quarry as per RTI act. On the contrary she got a funny unrelated response regarding appeal of Dr. Nilanjan Roy from a person unrelated to ICMR. A consultant to chairman, NIPER Mohali, gave hear misleading information flaunting RTI rule. Now she is filling a complain to CIC New delhi and also to other appropriate legal authority against deliberate violation of RTI 2005 act by ICMR.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nepotism continues

Three-in one professor is now consultant with all benefits of Faculty including housing

NIPER Administration /Offg. Director has given 3 different statements at 3 different places regarding appointment of Dr.Naresh Kumar.

Statement 1 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Pharmaceutical Management  (NIPER Registrar Office Order no. F.1-3(293)/2011/Estt./1343 dated 19-10-2011 , indicating Dr.Naresh as Professor, Pharmaceutical Management)

Statement 2 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Business Development Group, NIPER (Statement of Prof. K.K.Bhutani given to the Chairman, APDC and duly documented  in SIGNED final minutes of 13th APDC meeting held at NIPER on 19-11-2011, as agenda item no. 13.6)

Statement 3 :  Appointment of Dr. Naresh Kumar is as Professor in Intellectual Property Rights Cell, Deptt. Of Pharmaceutical Management.

(RTI response given vide NIPER Letter no. F 235/RTI 43/2012/1030 dated 4-5-2012 )

Thursday, 4 October 2012

NIPER-A strike called off

Ahmedabad 3 oct 2012: Students of NIPER-A has withdrawn the 17-day 'NIPER bandh' following a six hours meeting with three member committee send to  PERD center by Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP). The students were protesting lack of facilities on the college premises, and stipend cut.

The students co-ordination committee called off the strike after receiving assurance from Dr. Saranjit Singh of NIPER Mohali Dr. Naresh Kumar of CSIR and  Mr. S C Sharma of DOP that department will soon address their grievances.

"The committee told us that the strike will cause inconvenience to semester system curriculum of the ongoing course. They have given us assurance to address all the issue of stipend cut, adequate library and laboratory facility will be established soon. Issues like permanent director, faculty recrutement and campus establishment will be done within a reasonable timeframe,". NIPER Mohali will recrute a nodal officer and project director will be changed in consultation with PERD center, ministry and the nodal officer. Committee also added that if the PERD center does not follow the NIPER Statutes and Ordinance strictly students can call the personal mobile number of the committee members and lodge complain. 

The PERD center  has transferred full stipend to all students,  Rs 8000 for masters students and 18000 for PhD students for the month of September without any cut for the first time. "We don't want to spoil our future. We will have to join classes since we are falling behing of semester schedule" added one student. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Do not leave us alone!"

We know we are corrupt ...........
                      but we need you more now..........

Happy Birthday Bapu