Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Copy of the anonymous letter

An undated anonymous letter written by NIPER stuff members (read GANG OF FOUR) written to "The Honorable President of India" New Delhi on the subject: Detonation of academic environment at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar (Mohali) Punjab. Corrupt CVO, DoP initiated inquiry of whistle blower based on anonymous letter.

Surprisingly the same CVO deliberately did not take action on Formal complains  regarding anomalies of 11th five year plan money utilization. CVC termed the complain as serious in nature and forwarded to CVO for necessary action.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Corrupt CVO, DoP initiated inquiry of whistle blower based on anonymous letter

An undated anonymous letter written by NIPER stuff members (read GANG OF FOUR) written to "The Honorable President of India" New Delhi on the

subject: Detonation of academic environment at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar (Mohali) Punjab

Copies were send to Minister, MOS, Ministry, DBT, DST, ICMR, DCGI, CBI, CVC, CAG

The letter contains 12 paragraphs; out of which paragraph 8 contains allegations against three people Shri Lalit Kumar Jain, Member BOG and Finance comittee, Shri K. K. Bhutani Officiating director, Shri Nilanjan Roy

8.  Director NIPER disolved the institutional committees and reconstituted then under instructions from Shri Lalit Kumar Jain. Most importantly Director NIPER included a tainted faculty member Shri Nilanjan Roy as member of standing purchase committee despite an active case of financial embezzlement against him. Shri Roy now virtually runs the purchase committee from where a conduit has ben created  to pass on the money to Shri Lalit Kumar Jain with Director NIPER protection. Already huge sums of money have been funneled out from these development funds through this trianguler caucus consisting of Director, Shri Nilanjan roy and Shri Lalit kumar Jain. Director NIPER has stopped administrative proceeding against financial embezzlement by Shri Nilanjan Roy as a reward for enabling smooth transfer of money through purchase committee.  

What was Shri Nilanjan Roy doing sitting at purchase committee & Consultancy committee?     

1. the substantial savings of around Rs. 1 Crore made by reconstituted committees in the case of diesel and spare purchases during 2010 – 11 and hence such budget proposal under these heads to should be restricted to 180 Lacs against Rs. 560 Lacs proposed.

2. Regularizing payment of contractual staff and establishing payment through Bank so salary money can not be manipulated.

3. Streamlining selection of contractors so that construction works can not be manipulated.

4.  Streamlining TDC leasing procedure so that it can nit be used by a particular company.

5. Stopping trading in the disguise of advisory consultancy.

Naturally money made from these activity was stopped because on Nilanjan Roy and the Ministry share is curtailed. 

Ministry asked explanation of the issues raised in the anonymous letter from NIPER.

NIPER, Mohali has stated vide their letter dated 01.09.2010 (p.11-281~)that the above complaint is anonymous . as it has not been signed by anyone and no names have been put on the complaint. There are no verifiable facts backed by 

any evidence and hence this complaint cannot be acted upon

Specific reply to the point no 8(VIII) NIPER Wrote

(viii) Dr. Nilanjan Roy is a member of Standing Committee which is purely a recommendatory body. The other members of the committee are Prof. K.P.R. Kartha (Chairman), Dr. Inder Pal Singh, DR (F&A) and Asst. Registrar (S&P), Members. This Committee is only recommendatory and has. no power to purchase anything.

A. K. Karan Under secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals, GOI on 27.09 2010 wrote in the file noting 
"On the basis of complain and reply received, and as the complain is anonymous no actionable points emerge case may be closed" 

The Joint secretary Pharma Shri Arun Jha, Who is responsible to disburse money to NIPER and also a CVO Department of pharmaceuticals wrote on 28.09.2010
"the allegations mentioned above particularly the one related to Shri Nilanjan Roy and the case of financial embezzlement against him being made thereafter of standing purchase committee specific comments of each issue needs to be taken from NIPER Mohali"  

Now why a CVO deliberately ignore CVC memo No 3(v)/99/2 dated 29.06.1999 against anonymous letter?

Because he is being accused of suppressing corruption going on at NIPER and probably he is also part of the corruption and getting share of money


Why CVC failed..... and we need an independent Lokpal

Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is created to put a end to corrupt babudom; but the way it is structured, it actually enhanced corruption by babus. 

CVC has minimal infrastructure and manpower. To work on corruption CVC designated a Central Vigilance Officer (CVO) in every government department to inquire and take action on corruption complains. When the complain received by CVC, CVC simply forwards the complain to CVO and depends on the moral and ethics of CVO for proper disposing off the complain in a time bound manner. If CVO is corrupt then the complain ends up in cold storage.

I have first hand experience how corruption is inculcated.

I work in a centrally funded institute of National importance named National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) under Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) within Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers (C&F).  NIPER runs solely on GOI funding and receives funding from five-year plan of GOI. In 11th five-year plan NIPER received huge sums of money from GOI to create state of the art infrastructure for teaching and research on drug discovery and development. However like any other reputed institutes of the country the money is not put in the use of better good. With a nexus build with finding ministry and Director NIPER money was siphoned off for personal gains. (I will publish a series of blog posts in this regard. )

Regarding siphoned off of 11th five year plan money complain was lodged to CVC, as usual CVC forwarded it to CVO DoP and CVO did nothing. In fact the same CVO was disbursing officer of NIPER Grant.

In response to a RTI quarry CVO replied we have not received any such letter from CVC. When the same RTI send to CVC CVC provided copies of letter and reminder send to CVO of DoP. In another RTI to DoP DoP said report was send to CVC, and three pages of the report was missing from CVC report.
Thus it became a corrupt cycle of babudom.

Now you see why CVC is useless to prevent corruption? They ask the same corrupt guy to inquiry the matter of corruption. What is the answer then................. may be independent Lokpal.  

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Every chip taken out of the wall is a step closer to tearing it down!

The battle may seem lost. The task ahead may appear unnerving. Yet every chip we take out of the wall is a step closer to tearing it down!
Sanjiv Bhatt IPS ‏Through twitter

Friday, 24 February 2012

MOS Ministry of C&F, are you listening Sir?

As a part of this initiative, the ministry is simplifying the system of redressing grievances. "We are working on a proposal so that a complaint can be filed through mobile phones," said Srikant Jena, minister for programme implementation. 

"Anyone can take a picture of a substandard road constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, or a poor quality house built under the Indira Awas Yojana, and send it to us. The ministry will inquire and act." 

We are excited after reading the following news and really appreciate your effort in bringing in transparency in the system. 

You are also Hon’ble Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers and there are many substandard facility created to misappropriate funds from 11th five year plan money, examples are following, are you listening sir ?

A. Technology Development Center (TDC). The pilot plant and machinery commissioned in June 2004.

NIPER worked out monthly expenses for running and maintenance to Rs. 12.60 for the period from 15th july 2008 to 14th July 2009. Since last two years no work done in this facility. another TDC is being build next to it just to get construction cut money.

B. Acoustically challenged community center 

Inaugurated by Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals with a huge fanfare on 4th Oct 2010. After that many occasions and functions happened in NIPER. The building is not used for a single hour. Neither any NIPER community (Faculty, Staff, Students) is interested to use it not even for kitty party.


COlympic size virgin swimming pool serving as a pigeon shelter   

Though NIPER have a Olympic size non functional swimming pool, NIPER lacks a decent size lecture hall to accomodate increasing number of students.

Laboratories are not specious enough to accomodate and do the practical research work so many students just get a chance to peep in the experiments ongoing in the lab from corridor without getting a hands on experience.

D. Green house Created for Standardization of Herbal Products: 

Four state of the art Green house were build with automatic sprinkler system and climate control for growing sustainable medicinal plant resources.

In reality few weeds are growing inside the green house.

A  green house for cactus is also build with modern fixtures. Some fixtures are stolen but not reported to police.

Whatever is growing inside in not cactus. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Avvaippaatti comment on post "Regularization of Diesel and spare parts purchase ...":

Yes. Similar things have happened before 2001 as well! Typical examples:
Stores & Purchase Officer Mr. Khanna! Admin was reluctant to take action after a then member of SPC-II (Capital Equip) complained.
Bizarre example is the purchase of a very high end Silicon graphics machine in 1996 without due diligence. However, few faculty members and members of SPC-II could convince the admin to replace that machine by a more useful lower end machine!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Regularization of Diesel and spare parts purchase saved 1 crore exchequer money

Diesel was being purchased at NIPER without following General Finance Rule 2005 of GOI since inception till 2010. A good Samaritan stopped it.

1. Minutes of the meeting of Diesel Purchase committee
2. Letter of Mr. Jain, Finance committee member.

In a letter Dated: 08.04.11 to The Registrar & Member Secretary of Finance Committee Mr. Jain Wrote

Subject: Proceedings of 23rd meeting of the Finance Committee held on 25th March 2011 – minutes thereof


11) In 2010 – 11 the budget allocation for repair & maintenance of building & engineering services, repair, & maintenance – machinery and lab utilities, repair, running & maintenance – vehicles was 185 lacs and actual spent was 149.27 lacs till February 2011. The budget proposals of 560 lacs are not justified and the same is to high and over 200% on the pervious year budget therefore my views of allowing maximum increase of 20% of the last year expenditure should be made after taking into account the substantial savings of around Rs. 1 Crore made by reconstituted committees in the case of diesel and spare purchases during 2010 – 11 and hence such budget proposal under these heads to should be restricted to 180 Lacs against Rs. 560 Lacs proposed.


Important points

1. As a Standing Purchase committee II member a faculty member was pointing out irregularities and ensuring transparency.
2. As a member of the institutional purchase committee, he stopped a number of wrongdoings and was instrumental in bringing about transparency in release of wages of contractual staff.
3. Based on his initiative, rules for purchasing Diesel is formulated and steady source of illegal income was stopped.
4. He is removed from Standing Purchase committee II since then to facilitate irregularities.

Now the question is who was ingesting the money of Illegal Diesel and spare parts purchase for last so many years?

Friday, 17 February 2012

GANG of FOUR is out of the race

 Qualification and age for NIPER Director is set as per advertisement published for other six NIPER, Age limit 55 years at the date of publication of the advertisement, 10 years experience at the level of Professor. Which essentially means GANG of FOUR is out of equations; so does the chillars........

Date of Publication 17 Feb 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

"At some point, each one of us is confronted with danger or injustice. How we choose to combat that challenge is often life-defining.

You can fight injustice and tyranny head-on, or run from them, or ignore them until they consume you. But you cannot escape conflict. Never."

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Power VS Corruption

People in power should have magnanimous and judicious attitude; one can get plenty of examples of such situation when a person of higher intellect occupies position of power. However there are many instances in Indian scenario, where power of any kind leads to moral and ethical corruption.

One can wonder why is so? Why one has to go down the path of misuse and abuse of power leading to corruption when one can easily glorify himself and presume leadership position.

A person’s use of or more precisely abuse of power usually reveals the limitations of that person. Generally limitations reflect the intellectual and moral boundaries of the person. Narrow and prejudiced boundaries often lead to skewed ability to handle power for the common good.

For the person who has power, when dealing with any sector of society of which he disapproves (for example, class of higher intellectuals with limited or no power), he will abuse power during interaction with these sectors. Authoritarian morality produces abuse in the sectors of society, which are considered to be high in moral or ethical or intellectual ability with less power to simply prove his superiority by any means, often by means of illegality.

Why does this abuse occur?

Abuse occurs because the person’s psychological problems undermine his moral principles and corrupt his exercise of power. Power is neutral but the person is not. So power magnifies his intellectually challenged persona. Many intellectually challenged people are also around and can cause unpleasant relationship. However Unpleasant relationships that are manageable when he has no power become unmanageable when eventually he does have power.

The major psychological problem of man in power is that, he has a weak self-image. So power becomes the means to achieve self-validation. The man in power uses his power to augment his weak self-image. Instead of basing power on proven abilities, the person bases power on his vanity. The possession of power has the effect of magnifying the intensity of his vanity. Thus he cannot use power wisely in situations that he finds unpleasant. Which eventually leads to moral corruption.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Legal Notice under section 80 CPC served by advocate of cheated scientists

Advocate of one of the scientist served legal notice to officiating director, PI of the project and Secretary DST demanding the arrears of Rs. 2,68,200 along with interest @ 12% from Aug 2009.

The notice further mention that

" that the addressee no 1 & 2 (officiating director, PI of the project) have misappropriated the funds received by them and have also cheated the staff members to whom they have paid lesser salary by convening with each other and thus they have committed offenses punishable under section 406/420 IPC r/w section 120-B IPC for which my client will take separate action against these persons"

IPC Sections 120-B, 406 and 420 are cognizable and serious in nature

NIPER cheated it's own scientists published in this blog ON TUESDAY, 1 NOVEMBER 2011.

NIPER claimed arrear money from DST in the name of 10 scientist/SRF; did not pay all the people, used the money for some other unknown purpose (pocket?), submitted the utilization certificate indicating that the money is used for the purpose it was given by DST. Few deprived people failed to get their due from NIPER now thinking on going through legal route to retrieve their money. In response to RTI vide Letter No F.12014/139/2011-RTI dated 28.09.2011 DST Given the following response where it clearly mentioned 

"No, this arrear cannot be utilized for other purpose. DST has not given any document."

"The rule position towards the amount of Rs 25.0 lakh given as arrear is in accordance with the norms of the 6" Pay Commission, towards each of the manpower engaged and their duration in this project as specified from the details of manpower provided by NIPER"

NIPER claimed the money in the name of following personals however denied arrear to some ...............

...................................and submitted the fictitious utilization certificate to DST, causing breach of public trust, and cheating

Friday, 10 February 2012

Missing research Equipments

Theft of costly research instruments/ furnitures etc are taking place at NIPER Mohali regularly, but none were reported to police. What is depicted here is only tip of the iceberg; detail audit, inspection and verification may recover more skeletons from the cupboard.

1.     Theft of one equipment from Dept. of Pharmaceutics cost 1,94,033 reported but no action were taken. After RTI inquiry started.
2.     In the file noting Finance officer noted “As per Gov of India General Finance Rule 34 (GFR-2005) all loses theft etc exceeding Rs 10000 shall be reported to the police for investigation at the earliest.”

3.     The financial loss incurred needs to be recovered immediately and an enquiry committee consisting of Dean HOD ORG and AR (purchase) should look into and place their report by July 2010 Director

4.      Inquiry committee found evidence of more equipment missing in their report they wrote. “Mr. XXX and Mr. XXX, PhD scholars also explained that similar probe is also missing from department of Biotechnology” ........................Till date no FIR lodged

     Few more cases:

5.     Equipment worth 60 lakhs is untraceable from Department of Pharmacology and retirement benefit of one professor is not being released.
6.     Digital cameras and furniture purchased in Field studies of North East are also missing
7.     Furniture worth 1.5 crore purchased for non-existing 1500 seater auditorium is untraceable.

8.     CAG in its Audit and inspection report under Persistent irregularities category wrote,
i)         Non compliance to statutes provisions regarding conducting of meeting of laboratory services, Building & works committee (LSBWC)
ii)       Irregular physical verifications of fixed assets
iii)      Irregular Physical verification of instruments
iv)      Irregular Physical verification of consumables
v)        Non maintenance of records of trees and plants

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Medical Officer recruited @NIPER without advertisement

  1. A gynecologist is recruited for approximately 550 male students and 100 female students putting medical need of students in jeopardy.
  2. Officer recruited without advertisement is wife of Officiating director’s friend, thus a clear case of nepotism.
  3. Remuneration paid is Rs 10000 per month for five hour a week which is substantially higher then what is paid to the previous doctor.
  4. Para 19 of the judgment CIVIL APPEAL NO. 1272 OF 2011, “Therefore, it is a settled legal proposition that no person can be appointed even on a temporary or ad hoc basis without inviting applications from all eligible candidates. If any appointment is made by merely inviting names from the Employment Exchange or putting a note on the Notice Board etc. that will not meet the requirement of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution. Such a course violates the mandates of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution of India as it deprives the candidates who are eligible for the post, from being considered. A person employed in violation of these provisions is not entitled to any relief including salary. For a valid and legal appointment mandatory compliance of the said Constitutional requirement is to be fulfilled. The equality clause enshrined in Article 16 requires that every such appointment be made by an open advertisement as to enable all eligible persons to compete on merit.”
  5. Moreover she was reluctant to show up in need; one-night hostel students consumed Dal with a Rat cooked in it,  she refused to show-up to check up students.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Swimming pool is still non functional, one year after handover

 Large number of construction projects was initiated under 11th  five year plan at NIPER. Civil works of many building is completed, but the building are standing un utilized either because they are not furnished or no money for equipments/manpower or no money for running/recurring cost. Thus they are standing idle and providing shelter to pigeons. 

Completed Swimming pool is handed over on Feb 2011 and the one year warranty on pool water pumps, filter units, control units will be over without even running it once. What a shame..... 

A. Swimming pool  
A huge Olympic size pool is build under 11th five year plan at NIPER for more then1 crore and the construction is completed all most a year ago. Project investigator of Drugs for most neglected diseases (Scheme N18) under the 11th five year plan (2007-12) says that part of the money received for the project was diverted to fund the escalated construction cost of swimming pool.

Olympic size virgin swimming pool serving as a pigeon shelter 
However the pool is never used after construction, because there no electrical connections to run the entire building and the filter pumps installed in the pool. Moreover there is no budgetary allocation for recurring cost for running the pool.

Though NIPER have a Olympic size non functional swimming pool, NIPER lacks a decent size lecture hall to accomodate increasing number of students. Many common classes are splited and faculties are forced to conduct the same class in two or three shifts in a week like recurring movie show. For each lecture large number of students are squeezed into tiny lecture halls. 

Unused swimming pool with stagnent rain water 
serving as breeding ground for mosquitos
Laboratories are not specious enough to accomodate and do the practical research work so many students just get a chance to peep in the experiments ongoing in the lab from corridor without getting a hands on experience.

Now the question is why this pool is build, with a cost over run, for which the money received for Drugs for most neglected diseases is diverted?  Probably getting kickback is easier from construction project rather then a research project. Thus Indian taxpayer money is gone down the drain for the whims and fancies of the person who decided build Olympic size swimming pool for personal gain putting National interest aside. I feel ashamed whenever I see a  poor country man who is suffering from neglected diseases like Tuberculosis or Leishmaniasis.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the right of a private citizen to seek sanction for prosecution of a public servant for corruption

"At the end of the extended period of time limit (i.e. 4 months), if no decision is taken, sanction will be deemed to have been granted to the proposal for prosecution, and the prosecuting agency or the private complainant will proceed to file the charge sheet /complaint in the court to commence prosecution within 15 days of the expiry of the aforementioned time limit" 

Hon'ble Justice GANGULY,  J

PS: Many complains about NIPER corruption is pending with CBI, CVC, CVO, and Chairman BOG for more then four months. 

Graphics source; Economic Times