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Is CAG, Punjab also involved in defamation of NIPER ?

Audit and accounts report on the accounts on National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, SAS Nagar Mohali for the year 2010-11

Para 4 Non following the procedure for purchase,

(A) Purchase of Chemicals acids and solvents through limited offer .
According to rule 151 of the general Finance rules (GFR), limited enquiry method might be adopted when estimated value of the goods to be procured was up to Rs 25 lakh.  The number of supplier farms in limited enquiry should be more then three. Further web based publicity should also be given for limited tenders. Efforts should be made to identify higher number of approved suppliers to obtain more responsive bids on competitive basis and sufficient time should be allowed for submission bids in limited enquiry cases. Purchased through limited tender enquiry might be restored to even where the estimated value of procurement was more then 25 lakh in urgent circumstances, in the public interest from definite sources of supply after obtaining approval from competent authority.

Scrutiny of records of purchases of chemicals, acids, solvents reveled that institute purchased chemicals, acids, solvents valuing Rs. 2.25 crore and Rs. 2.57 crore during 2008-09 and 2009-10 respectively without calling open tender.  It invited limited tenders from only three parties i.e. M/s Merck Specialities, Mumbai M/s Thermo Fisher, Mumbai and M/s Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Ltd (RFCL), Mohali for entering into annual rate contract for the respective years. The annual rate contract was entered in to with the lowest bidding farm and thereafter piece meal purchases of consumable up to Rs. 15000 was made by the institute. Thus the purchase procedure followed by the institute was not constant with the General finance rules. In this regard management has not recorded reasons for not inviting open bids and giving web based publicity to invite competitive and splitting up the requirements.

These irregularities needs total examination by the management and approval from BOG.

Disclamer: Para reproduced above are true copy of CAG, Punjab Audit Report as send to Officiating Director NIPER and Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizer for displaying in Parliament.

Caveat:       Ranbaxy is the only company considered for Technology Development Center (TDC) lease.

Audit report was not placed before BOG meeting on 2nd Aug 2011

10% commission of Rs 5 crore is a good amount

Surprisingly CAG Punjab is not concerned at all about ruining
NIPER image

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to act; time to act decisively to reestablish NIPER’s old Glory

Alumni association, Bangalore chapter wrote a letter to BOG Chairman NIPER Mohali for taking stringent action. Public dissemination of information about corruption and plagiarism at NIPER by Dr. Roy made NIPER alumni concerned about the reputation of NIPER and consequences it will have in their career.
Dr. Roy exhausted all other way to protest, than started to post about corruption and plagiarism @NIPER in this blog. He also posted an appeal to NIPER Alumni to write BOG chairman to take suitable action regarding corruption and plagiarism at NIPER in the post,

It is pertinent to mention that all cases of NIPER is duly informed through Proper channel to BOG by Dr. Roy, Dr. Bansal and Dr. Neeraj Kumar in last three months after the new BOG is formed and to Ministry and Visitor NIPER (The president of India) since Nov 2009.
The entire documentary evidences along with CAG report is also submitted to Chairman BOG on 14th Oct 2011. Now onus is on BOG to act upon evidences and chart the right path for “Institute of National Importance”.

The role of Alumni association, Bangalore chapter is commendable.

List of Document submitted to Chairman BOG

Letter of Alumni association, Bangalore chapter

Monday, 28 November 2011

Things Knowmics did not mentioned in the blog

Anirban Sarkar <> Wrote

The question is why now? Why did knowmics didnt raise his voice before (Heard that he used to shout at the top of his lung in NIPER). Knowmics is a fine scientist and Should concentrate on research rather than harp about corruption.............
Has knowmics talked about fraud in research and fudging of data which is pretty rampant in NIPER. No. he hasn't raised even a whimper on that.
Does knowmics ever thought about the mis treatment of students by guides in NIPER, the undue preassure faculty creates on the Phd students. the answer is No.
There is a saying in law. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right but Three Rights Do Make a Left.

He also Suggested

If he is serious about fighting corruption he should join anna's team and levae his current job.
(Original spelling not changed)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

What prevents NIPER authorities from addressing the menace of plagiarism?

  1. Amitkumar says:
    The first NIPER at Mohali has been created by the Govt. of India with the mandated objectives, which includes:
    (i). – to nurture and promote quality and excellence in pharmaceutical education and research;
    (ii). – to develop a world level centre for creation of knowledge and transmission of existing information in pharmaceutical areas, with focus on national, educational, professional and industrial commitments:
    (iii). – to develop multi-disciplinary approach in carrying out research and training of pharmaceutical manpower so that the larger interest of the profession, academia and pharmaceutical industry are better served and a pharmaceutical work culture is evolved which is in tune with the changing world trends and patterns of pharmaceutical education and research.
    as per NIPER Act 1998 and rightly declared it as an institute of national importance ( by creating the necessary conducive atmosphere where these can flourish. Therefore, plagiarism absolutely has no place at NIPER. It deprives the expectation of the student(s), who unfortunately join such faculty member with intellectual vacuity to pursue their career (after clearing a national screening test), and develop highly specialized skills to test the respective boundaries in the horizon. This is manifestly the possible outcome of guaranteeing faculty independence without guaranteeing the quality, as appeared in this particular case in the institute. The HOD must live through the scrutiny of highest level of probity.
    If the IIT-K/IIM-B or an University, out of about five hundred fifty existing can act, what prevents NIPER authorities from addressing the menace of plagiarism?

Voice of Knowmics; why did not he raised earlier?

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 2:55 AM, Common Niper <niper.common@> wrote:

Dear Ashutosh

Thanks for clarifying the things and applause for your comment on contribution towards alumni. 

Dear Kiran

I have one question regarding the point you have raised For those who have been affected by the doubts about authenticity of their degree, the problem seems to be a technical one. Here is one solution, in several European or East-Asian countries, Indian students need to get their degrees notarized by respective embassies of those countries in India. To get this done, we have to first go through the HRD and ministry of external affairs (MEA) of India. If some foreign university has any doubts about your degree, you guys can just get it notarized from their embassy.   Ok! fine but what about other countries? What about industry?? In that condition one should go and get its degree notarized by @knowmics??? Will surely wait for your reply.

And above all.

Since @knowmics was in NIPER from year 2001 (information obtained from NIPER website and hope that is authentic) why did not he raised his voice earlier. For example, when Dr Ramesh left or when Dr.Saklani left?

Any replies on that part!!!

We all will love to hear or READ that!!!

We all are against corruption but not in this way!!!

Some Student!!!

From: Kiran
To: Common Niper
Cc: ashutosh etc
Sent: Friday, 25 November 2011 1:04 PM
Subject: Re: Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs.


The solution I mentioned for degree certificates was for those who have been questioned about the credibility of their degree certificates, generally industries don't care about your degree as long as you face the interviews properly. 
The answer to your second question is, I don't know why Dr Roy has started the blog now. May be he has lost his patience and can't stand the wrong doings anymore.
If you are really a current student of NIPER, I would advice you to focus on your research instead of worrying about this. NIPER's reputation (atleast in India) is strong enough to survive such faults of its administration.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: knowmics
To: Common Niper
Cc: ashutosh etc
Sent: Friday, 25 November 2011 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs.

Though i do not need to reply this mail ............few of the activity Dr. Roy took part,

1. When Dr. Indurkar and Dr. M. Thakre was kicked out from NIPER
Dr. Roy protested with other faculty member Boycott Holi and leading a group to Director office. KKB assured and then talked in HOD meeting against Dr. Roy for 30 minutes.

2. When Dr. Ramesh left.
He started signature campaign but got only three signature

3. When Dr. Saklani left 
He again started signature campaign

4. When Dr. Anups Cancer mediation Bill not reimbursed
Dr. Roy lead a group to registrar office for clearance and Dr. Tiwari got banged by Dr. P. Ramarao as he was a part of the group.

5. After Dr. Anup's death for his Wife's job on compassionate ground.
Dr. Roy intervened and finally her job was given because pressure from Gurudas Dasgupta MP's phone call to Ramarao and Minister C&F Ram Vilas Paswan.

If you are in touch with any of your NIPER teacher please ask them


Saturday, 26 November 2011

GANG OF FOUR propagates plagiarism @NIPER

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: jaskirat singh <kirat80@xxx>
To: ashutosh kumar <ashutoshniper@xxx>
Cc: "" <knowmics@xx>
Sent: Thursday, 24 November 2011 2:13 AM
Subject: Re: Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs.

Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for the email. But I think this issue of corruption and Nepotism in NIPER needs to be checked. If these things are not bought into public notice via blogs etc nothing will happen.
Regarding the credibility of NIPER that will never fade. Scientist here in USA know what NIPER students are capable of and what they can do and we have proved it. But what is more important is that the evil of Corruption and Nepotism should be eradicated.

Why I am saying this is so strongly as I suffered myself. I wrote a review as a part of my curriculum under the mentorship of Dr. UC Banerjee. After everything Dr. Banerjee told me to give all my work including final review document and collected literature to this person named Mani Shanker, a PhD student in his lab. He told me that Mani Shanker will work on this and will publish it. I objected as I had worked lot on this but then I was asked to leave his office. I was too young at that time and could not do anything. later they published this article in CRIPS titled "Bhattacharyya MS, Singh J, Soni P, Banerjee UC (2003). Recombinant factor VIII for Hemophilia an overview of production technologies. Current Research Information on Pharmaceutical Sciences (CRIPS) 4(3): 2-8"
Later when I checked the content of the article published there was hardly any difference. But there was difference instead of me being first author, Mani Shanker was the first author, which was totally not fair. Ask a scientist whose hard work is stolen and given to someone else to put their name and publish. Its very painful.

So i would strongly suggest that this corruption crusade inside such a prestigious institutes should be checked. Only way to do this thing in INDIA is through media. 



Jaskirat Singh, PhD
New York, NY-10029 

The Board of Governors in its meeting held on 17th December 2008 has approved the constitution of the following Committee to review the case of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar and suggest the remedial measures.
1. Prof. Ramesh Chandra
2. Prof. Harmanjit Singh Hira
3. Dean, NIPER or his nominee
4. Representative of DCPC, Min. of Chem. & Fertilizers 
5. Representative of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar

After combing through piles of paper and lots of witnesses the committee concluded 

Recommendation for HOD 

However, the current officiating director rewarded  the HOD with deanship (to propagate plagiarism amongst students?)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs

From: Kiran Sonaje <kiransonje@xxx>
To: Common Niper <niper.common@xxx>
Cc: knowmics@; jayprakash jain <jainjp@xxx>; xxx
Sent: Thursday, 24 November 2011 6:47 PM
Subject: Re: Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs.

Hi All,

From today's post by Dr Nilanjan Roy on his blog, it appears that he has been suspended by the officiating director. In this case, I don't think he has any other way to protest it, than to post about it in his blog. With his experience, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to find a better position in some overseas university or join a big pharma company. But, instead of leaving NIPER he has chosen to fight it and that is indeed appreciable. 

I feel we should support him rather than worry about defamation of NIPER. It is administration's duty to take care of NIPER's reputation in industry or overseas academia. If Dr. Roy's accusations are not true they should put a point by point rebuttal to his accusations on NIPER's website and also present some justification for his suspension.

The acts of plagiarism or corruption don't really bring any glory to NIPER. This blog is the first step to bring some positive change to NIPER. Otherwise, no good faculty would dare to join NIPER and even if they join, they will be made to resign if they have some differences with those in higher positions. Such things will eventually affect the quality of students graduating from NIPER. (Those from pharmaceutics dept will know the difference when Dr Ramesh was HOD and after he left, can any current professor at NIPER teach Pharmacokinetics the way we learned from Dr Ramesh Panchagnula?)

For those who have been affected by the doubts about authenticity of their degree, the problem seems to be a technical one. Here is one solution, in several European or East-Asian countries, Indian students need to get their degrees notarized by respective embassies of those countries in India. To get this done, we have to first go through the HRD and  ministry of external affairs (MEA) of India. If some foreign university has any doubts about your degree, you guys can just get it notarized from their embassy.  

But, I honestly think the whole argument of some student being affected by Dr Roy's blog is absurd (I don't mean to distrust the students here). I have worked in the overseas students office of my university and believe me, your CV and recommendation letters are enough to decide whether they would select you or not, no body has the time to go and do a google search for your university. Searching "niper+corruption" or "niper+plagiarism" is a far distant possibility. If someone really needs some information about niper, they would just search "niper" and in that case, they will be directed to niper's homepage.

Anyways niper's alumni is not as organized as IITs, so we can hardly make any difference in the functioning of NIPER's administration. But, we can sure request the board of governors to take appropriate actions to settle this issue. 

PS: Those who really want to prove that Dr Roy's actions are wrong, should really come up with some better excuses to make him stop posting in his blog. Just starting a counter blog won't make a big difference. The present argument of defamation of NIPER is like our PM Manmohan Singh accusing Anna Hazare of destabilizing his government.

Kiran Sonaje,
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering, 
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 4:07 AM, ashutosh kumar <ashutoshniper@xxx> wrote:
Dear Dr Roy,

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort.  The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people. And you know this is the expectation and thought that occupies the brain of a young pharma graduate while entering NIPER.

The BLOGS by @knowmics are attracting a wrong fame to NIPER not to the people whom you mentioned in all your blogs..I humbly request you to understand the repercussions of blogs  before posting their comments on the blog. The aspersions cast by their comments is affecting the so called "future of students" that they are striving to save.

From one of my closest friend, I came to know f that one of the professors at an international university  are now apprehensive about taking students from NIPER mohali not due to the corruption  but due to questions that has been raised about the credibility of NIPER degrees, by the professors who are the integral part of the system. Even in companies we have to hear the ill-gossips about the credibility of NIPER degrees which is again raising the clouds of uncertainity in  the minds of recruiters and might contribute to be one of the factors affecting placements. So the careers of many NIPER students are at stake. The agony of an unemployed postgraduate/PhD from an Institute of national importance could be very well understood by blogger.

@Knowmics said "Corruption a 'HIGH-PROFIT LOW-RISK BUSINESS'"
But dear sir, you know the legacy of nurturing young raw minds(students) canot be called business and a true teacher who always makes life of mentored student a profit will necessarily not even think in dreams about making his mentor-ship a business.

There are interrogation going on in NIPER as mentioned in your mails and blogs. So have a bit of patience waiting for the outcomes of these actions. In addition please be informed that blogging against NIPER and credibility of NIPER degrees is really unacceptable. All NIPER alumni expect much more responsibility from you as mentor and teachers of many of  us.

Please do the needful

Many thanks in advance

Dr Ashutosh Kumar, Scientific Writer-II
Medical communications, 

GANG OF SIX vs GANG OF FOUR; vengeance wins @NIPER

The infectious disease burden imposed by trypanosomatidae family continues to exact a huge burden and human suffering in third world; within countries that are least equipped to bring new medicines to the clinic. For sickness caused by this family of parasites (African trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis) no vaccines are available. Problems associated with currently available drugs are inefficient delivery, insufficient efficacy, excessive toxicity and steady loss of effectiveness due to resistance. New drugs are urgently needed in the foreseeable future to avoid catastrophe. Availability of the genome sequence of pathogens of this family offers unique avenue for identification of novel drug targets and opportunities for the target based discovery of new lead compounds that can be developed as practical, effective, nontoxic, affordable agents to control infection. Dr. Roy the leader of and international collaborations with research groups in France, Portugal, Italy, UK and Spain started the project successfully and earned international accolades for NIPER.

“Leishmania target specific drug discovery project” “TRICONT” funded by New INDIGO under EU-INDIA S&T Cooperation (one of the thirteen projects funded worldwide). 

As a responsible citizen, concerned tax-payer and keeping in view larger national interests, Dr. Roy protested against corrupt practices of NIPER officiating Director. Officiating Director removed him from the In-charge ship of Department and also all institutional committees and placed under suspension without any requisite permission from BOG, stalling all on going research projects including NEW INDIDO putting National Prestige in jeopardy.

An appeal of international "GANG OF SIX" went in vain against the of "GANG OF FOUR". Ironically officiating Director day before yesterday gave an hour lecture about how to inculcate positivity at faculty meeting. Preaching is easier then practice.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

@ Bhagwat and others fearing Defamation of NIPER,

Odyne has left a new comment on your post "Letter of a proud teacher to an upright student": 

@ Bhagwat and others fearing Defamation of NIPER,

I guess this blog is the only reason many of us know how corrupt the NIPER's system is. This blog is not different from Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption. His campaign is not defaming India and similarly this blog not defaming NIPER. It is against the corrupt administrators of NIPER.

The reputation of NIPER is due to the impression we (alumni) make on our future employers. If NIPER continues to run like the way it had been run in last decade, I won't be surprised if all of the experienced professors leave it one day. To name a few, just think how different Dept of Pharmaceutics would have been had Dr Ramesh Panchagnula stayed in NIPER till now. After he left the national bioavailability center hasn't been used even once. Same is the case with Dr Ravi Kumar, but lets not go in all those details. The point is, somehow those who think independently and are ambitious are suppressed in NIPER. This has to change someday, and I think this blog is a good beginning in that direction.

The fear of new faculty not joining NIPER is true, but it is better for those good souls not to join NIPER rather than leaving it mid-way through their carriers. I hope you know why Dr Sakhlani left NIPER. He was in Natural products dept and Dr Bhutani was the HOD, join the dots..

If any of the accusations made by Dr Nilanjan Roy were not true, I don't think this blog would have survived so long. NIPER would have taken some disciplinary action including court order to stop him from posting or atleast a defamation case by NIPER, what we see instead is routine visits of NIPER by CBI..

Lets hope this is just a small turbulence in NIPER's history, but eventually leads to a strong dedicated NIPER administration which can bring back its glory.. 

NIPER Degree awarded in fifth Convocation

Clarification after yesterday’s post and subsequent mails received after that;

I have no personal view about authenticity of degrees awarded.

I only know the following,

Ø  NIPER Senate is supposed to be made by Board like other statutory committees
Ø  The senate recommends the degree and Board approves it.
Ø  In the 1st meeting of new Board senate formation was not discussed.
Ø  The Current Senate is made after 1st meeting of new Board and before Fifth Convocation.
Ø  As per statutory requirement Senate has no representation from humanities.
Ø  Board meeting has not commenced in between senate meeting and convocation.
Ø  Punjab and Haryana High-court will decide on the legality of constitution of Senate.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Letter of a proud teacher to an upright student

Dear Bhagwat,
I support your fantastic move, as a true upright student of NIPER. 

Especially I appreciate the following line "At the same time, we want to make it very clear that we are not taking favor of any wrongdoing by NIPER administration, and expect Competent authorities to investigate such matters and take suitable actions." I am personally feeling very proud of you for writing this.

“If Dr. Nilanjan Roy has all the evidences against such things he should rather approach to higher Govt. Officials,”

For your information Starting since Nov 2009 till date ………..Corruption @ NIPER Reported to,

1. Chairman, Board of Governors, NIPER
2. CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals
3. Central Vigilance commission (CVC)
4. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
5. Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)
6. Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals
7. MoS, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (C&F)
8. Cabinet Minister, C&F
9. Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee for C&F
10. Chairman, Parliamentary Committee of Petitions.
11. Visitor of NIPER, The Hon’ble President of India
12. Coordinator New Indigo (A DBT-EU collaborative Research initiative)
13. India against corruption forum
14. Indian Express
15. Times of India

Nothing happened till date............ nobody has time to listen to or initiate any action, finally……………………………this blog Sep, 2011

Hope this will clarify the situation. I am specially proud of Bhagwat  for circulating this mail. Please send this letter to

Dr. V. M. Katoch
Chairman, Board of Governors, NIPER
Secretary to Govt. of India, Department of Health Research   &
Director General, Indian Council of Medial Research
Ramalingaswami Bhawan,
Ansari Nagar,New Delhi 110029,

best of luck
Nilanjan Roy Ph. D.

>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>From: Bhagwat<>
>Date: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:31 PM
>Subject: Fwd: Please approve or disapprove!
>To: Ravinder <>
>FYIP: See below:
>Dear Office Bearers, NIPER Alumni Association, SAS Nagar


>In recent past, there has been a growing concern of some of the NIPER alumni in overseas 


 >The bitterest fact noticed was his questions about authenticity of “NIPER degree awards” recently. We are concerned because some of the expected immediate consequences of such negative propaganda are: lack of interest of companies/higher institutes to hire students, funding agencies to support research, scientists abroad to establish collaborations with NIPER etc. Moreover, honest people will never join NIPER as faculty, administrators and even as a Director considering such politics. Because, whoever will join there, will be trapped by such anti-NIPER factors inside. We also consider that due to such defamation exercises, NIPER won’t be able to attract good students in future.


>Some of NIPER alumni condemned his method by writing on alumni forums, but it was realized that this is not sufficient. We need a unanimous view point of NIPER Alumni (including current senior students) whether we need to appeal authorities to stop him defaming our Alma Matter. At the same time, we want to make it very clear that we are not taking favour of any wrongdoing by NIPER administration, and expect Competent authorities to investigate such matters and take suitable actions. Similarly, we are not questioning Dr. Nilanjan Roy’s personal concerns over NIPER. If Dr. Nilanjan Roy has all the evidences against such things he should rather approach to higher Govt. Officials, not NIPER alumni.

>We request office bearers to take it seriously and save NIPER by such negative environment. Hatred always leads to negative outcomes. We alumni, rather need to think about how we can motivate our next generation NIPERians for doing good science at NIPER.



Officiating Director recognizes anti-corruption crusader

NIPER officiating Director accuses whistle blower as tented officer; a remarkable similarity of recent events of painting team Anna members as Bharastachari and Dhokhebaaz. 

Dr. Roy commented "Actually I am feeling proud after knowing Officiating Directors' comments, it decisively proves that I am right and he is scared. Current officiating director started office on 01.01.2010 thus his term was over on 01.01 2011.  After that he is clinging to the chair illegally, thus suspension and inquiry is illegal. Don't compare me with Team Anna member, I am a very small person in front of their stature"

In a rejoinder to the news item carried by Pharmabiz on November 14, 2011 titled “NIPER scientist demands quashing of appointment of Registrar, NIPER”, NIPER, Mohali, director Professor KK Bhutani has clarified that it is a malicious propaganda of disgruntled and tainted scientist, Dr Nilanjan Roy who himself is under suspension since 18.02.2011 and is facing an inquiry under section 14 of CCS (CCA) rules 1965 for the charges of tendering false TA claim, forging documents so as to support his false TA claim, abstaining from performing his official duties resulting in hampering of compilation of annual results of the students, harassing the students by not marking their attendance and derelicting from duty by suspending classes at his own. NIPER director clarifies on Pharmabiz report Thursday, November 17, 2011, 

Reply of Dr. Nilanjan Roy against specific charges:-------

Charges I & II: Committed grave criminal misconduct of forgery and failed to maintain absolute integrity by late submitting adjustment of TA/DA bill.

Reply: The matter pertains to the period 2008-2009 when Prof. Rama Rao was the Director and relates to a sum of Rs.1,20,500/- drawn by me as advance for attending a conference in Belgium on 22nd May, 2008. Owing to non-issuance of Visa, the trip got cancelled. Subsequently, I refunded the advance after completing related formalities (e.g. re-conversion of foreign currency purchased, settlement of air-ticket refund etc.etc.). Receipt for the same was issued to me by institute accounts section.
Thus, issue got closed in 2009 at time of then Director, Prof. Rama Rao. During that period, no reminder/warning was issued to me regarding non-settlement of advance. Now after two years; issue is raised again by Prof. K. K. Bhutani knowing fully well that, I have duly refunded the money and at no stage was any reminder/warning issued to me in this regard. I submitted no false document and am unable to understand on what basis is the charge of “forgery” made against me.

Case involves no forgery. Prof. K. K. Bhutani raises issue after two years despite absence of any audit query, objection, warning or complain during intervening period just to subside his corruption unearthed by RTI quarry.

Charge III: Committed Grave misconduct failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employees for failing to submit answer books and results BT616.

Reply: Matter pertains to year 2008-2009 when Prof. Rama Rao was Director. The charge conveys a wrong impression that I have not submitted any of the answer books and results of the above course. The fact is that answer books and results of BT616 of only NINE  Biotechnology students (who had not fulfilled academic requirements as per NIPER statutes) out of a total of 25 students were not submitted while that of other students were duly submitted by me in July, 2009.
The matter had been discussed in detail by the then HOD, Prof. CS Dey and Prof. Rama Rao, the then Director and also Chairman, NIPER Senate, which is the highest statutory body pertaining to the academic matters of the institute. Matter was duly settled in the senate without any objection from senate members including Prof. K. K. Bhutani who was also present in the meeting as a member. The students were duly awarded marks, took final degree and left the institute around two years ago.

Issue is now raised after two years, by the present officiating director, Prof. K. K. Bhutani despite absence of any complaint against me either from the Senate at that time or from the students during that period.

Charge IV: Committed Grave misconduct failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employee for failing to mark the attendance of Ms. Prakara Rinki D in BT 540 class.

Reply: Same is factually incorrect. It has been wrongly mentioned that I have failed to mark attendance of Ms. Prakara Rinki in BT-540 CLASS.  Her attendance in the BT540 Class was duly marked by me regularly as teacher of the course. Prior to exams, I duly communicated that no student was short of attendance to exam section. Without my class attendance she could not have appeared in the exam. 

Charge is thus factually incorrect and another ploy of officiating Director to hide his corrupt act.

Charge V: Committed Grave misconduct, failed to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty and acted in a manner unbecoming of NIPER employee for suspending the teaching program under System Biology (C0209) BT 660.

Reply: The charge gives the wrong impression that I deliberately suspended M.S. teaching program under System Biology Program (BT 660) whereas the fact is that I was forced to stop when funds/ manpower required for the course were withdrawn and not released by the Dean and Director despite all my efforts and appeals.  Facts relevant to the matter are as below:
1.     The course, funded under 11th Five Year Plan is for MS students of Biotechnology Deptt. (approx. 30 students), offered in first and second semesters-theory as well as hands on training. It required a team of teacher and demonstrator for successful execution. It is because of this reason that despite being approved in 2007, it started in 2009, since initially no manpower was available. After initiation in 2009, course was taught successfully for two years (July, 2009-Dec.2009; Jan, 2010-June 2010) utilizing technical manpower hired specifically for the course on annual contract basis.
2.     In Jan, 2011 when I had to offer the course again, the recruitment of requisite manpower was stopped by Prof. Saranjit Singh on plea of “non-availability of funds.”
3.     I appealed to the present officiating director Prof. K. K. Bhutani for release of funds, taking the file in person and discussing the issue. Despite all verbal assurances, nothing concrete happened and no funds were released till March, 2011 due to which course could not be started.

Present officiating director, Prof. K. K. Bhutani siphoned off 11th five year plan money and to hide his act trying to stage a smoke and mirror act.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Laurels of Officiating director @NIPER in 2011

Any officiating Director cannot hold the office for more than one year, as per “Not exceeding a total period of one year” provision of NIPER STATUTES.

Current officiating director started office on 01.01.2010 thus his term was over on 01.01 2011.  After that he is clinging to the chair illegally. 
Though the present officiating director failed to get any order/direction supporting his current status from BOG/Visitor he managed to get the following six laurels for NIPER since April 2011 few more are in pipe line.

CWP       6810       2011       NILANJAN ROY                   NIPER AND UOI     Memo & Inquiry
CWP 11538 2011 AVTAR SINGH                     NIPER AND ANR    Pensionary benefit
CWP 18789 2011 NEERAJ KUMAR & ANR.   NIPER AND UOI     Senate and degree
CWP 19277 2011 NEERAJ KUMAR                  NIPER AND UOI     Selection committee    
CWP 21402 2011       PARIKSHIT BANSAL           NIPER AND UOI     Selection committee
CBI                          2011     Registered a case for 11th five year plan money embezzlement 

NIPER act 16 (1) the director of the Institute shall be appointed by the Board with prior approval of the Visitor.

NIPER statute 14 Table-1  Powers, duties and function of Director 

(r) Director shall hold office for a five years from the date on which lie enters upon his office and shall be eligible for reappointment. Provided that the Visitor may direct that a Director, whose term of office has expired, shall continue in office for such a period, not exceeding a total period of one year, as may be specified in the direction”.   

Partial list of misdeeds of Director NIPER (as submitted in CBI, New Delhi)

1.   Huge sums of money from 11th five-year plan projects are diverted. Following projects not started till date (at the end of 11th five year plan).
a.     Intellectual Property Rights (Scheme N17), Project Outlay Rs.2.25 crores,
b.     New specialization in R&D Management (Scheme N14), project Outlay Rs.1.60 crores,
c.     Clinical Research Training (Scheme N16), project Outlay Rs.3.00 crores,
d.  Research in Pharm Vigilance & Pharmaco economies (Scheme N15), Project outlay approx Rs.2.50 crores.
2.     Diversions of 11th five year plan money to construction projects. Money received for Drugs for most neglected diseases (Scheme N18) was diverted to construct swimming pool.
3.     Parasitology Laboratory (Scheme C05) and Herbal Preservation  Setup (scheme N12) has not started at the end of five year plan period.
4.     1500 seated Auditorium  (Scheme N05) is not build but the money is kept in bank as FD.
5.     International level laboratory is built (Scheme C03) and rented e.g. renting laboratory to Systems Biology Worldwide in nominal rent (cost of lab is 1 crore and rented 20 lacs per annum out of which 10 lacs taken as advisory consultancy).
6.    Building like, Swimming pool (Scheme N02), Community center (Scheme N04), Extension of Bio-availability center  (Scheme N06) etc. was done by putting huge expenditure in construction but never used causing lose of money to exchequer.
7.     Cost escalation is a routine feature. Technology development Center (formulation) from 60 lakhs to 11 crore. (Originally it was proposed to be a Schedule H compliance demo plant. Now it is being built to rent to again a specific company.)
8.    In the financial year 2010-11 Department of Pharmaceutical released Plan money of Five year plan as per NIPER demand. Officiating director distributed money less then what is released. Actual money released from ministry for planned schemes and actual disbursement has a huge difference, moreover the actual expenditure from compass is not also submitted to finance committee.
9.  Purchase of diesel worth crores of rupees without following purchase procedure, since the inception of the institute till 2010. After establishing procedure in middle 2010 institute saved 1 crore in diesel and spare parts . 
10.  Distribution of salary and PF of contractual staff without following Govt. norms.
11.  Leasing of technology development center repeatedly to one particular company in substantially low rent. 
12.  Distribution of consultancy project money without following the consultancy rules.
13.  Equipment thefts from the institute are not reported to police and purchases are being made to get replacement.
14. NIPER officiating Director recruited wife of one of the CAG employee to keep the entire misdeed under cover despite of her rejection by selection committee.