Thursday, 17 November 2011

Partial list of misdeeds of Director NIPER (as submitted in CBI, New Delhi)

1.   Huge sums of money from 11th five-year plan projects are diverted. Following projects not started till date (at the end of 11th five year plan).
a.     Intellectual Property Rights (Scheme N17), Project Outlay Rs.2.25 crores,
b.     New specialization in R&D Management (Scheme N14), project Outlay Rs.1.60 crores,
c.     Clinical Research Training (Scheme N16), project Outlay Rs.3.00 crores,
d.  Research in Pharm Vigilance & Pharmaco economies (Scheme N15), Project outlay approx Rs.2.50 crores.
2.     Diversions of 11th five year plan money to construction projects. Money received for Drugs for most neglected diseases (Scheme N18) was diverted to construct swimming pool.
3.     Parasitology Laboratory (Scheme C05) and Herbal Preservation  Setup (scheme N12) has not started at the end of five year plan period.
4.     1500 seated Auditorium  (Scheme N05) is not build but the money is kept in bank as FD.
5.     International level laboratory is built (Scheme C03) and rented e.g. renting laboratory to Systems Biology Worldwide in nominal rent (cost of lab is 1 crore and rented 20 lacs per annum out of which 10 lacs taken as advisory consultancy).
6.    Building like, Swimming pool (Scheme N02), Community center (Scheme N04), Extension of Bio-availability center  (Scheme N06) etc. was done by putting huge expenditure in construction but never used causing lose of money to exchequer.
7.     Cost escalation is a routine feature. Technology development Center (formulation) from 60 lakhs to 11 crore. (Originally it was proposed to be a Schedule H compliance demo plant. Now it is being built to rent to again a specific company.)
8.    In the financial year 2010-11 Department of Pharmaceutical released Plan money of Five year plan as per NIPER demand. Officiating director distributed money less then what is released. Actual money released from ministry for planned schemes and actual disbursement has a huge difference, moreover the actual expenditure from compass is not also submitted to finance committee.
9.  Purchase of diesel worth crores of rupees without following purchase procedure, since the inception of the institute till 2010. After establishing procedure in middle 2010 institute saved 1 crore in diesel and spare parts . 
10.  Distribution of salary and PF of contractual staff without following Govt. norms.
11.  Leasing of technology development center repeatedly to one particular company in substantially low rent. 
12.  Distribution of consultancy project money without following the consultancy rules.
13.  Equipment thefts from the institute are not reported to police and purchases are being made to get replacement.
14. NIPER officiating Director recruited wife of one of the CAG employee to keep the entire misdeed under cover despite of her rejection by selection committee. 

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  1. Dear Sir

    I am following this blog for past few days and I am happy that even today there are people who have courage to expose the instances of corruption and fight against it. I will be the happiest person/ alumni to help this fight against alleged corruption within NIPER. I will not shy away from my duty not only as NIPER ALUMNI but also as proud INDIAN CITIZEN to fight against the cancer of corruption and denial of the problem is no solution to the problem as you rightly mention in one of your blogs.

    BUT finally "SAVE NIPER" is just a slogan. To make it a reality, something solid on the ground has to be done. Simply blogging, arguments and counter-arguments will not work. If this process of allegation/ counter-allegation of corruption charges will go on without any action against them, it will send the negative image not only within the NIPER FAMILY but also in national as well as international community. Please remember- it takes years to build goodwill but it takes seconds to destroy it and goodwill once gone can never be gained. This not only will bring the moral of NIPER students and faculty DOWN but also send wrong signals to the outside world that we NIPER are unprofessional in our scientific work.

    I have read your letter to Dr. Bhagwat Prasad where you have mentioned the people/ committees you (supposedly) have approached without any result so far (as per your knowledge). Since almost all the constitutional bodies except one, have been contacted in this regard without results, I would rather request to send all the proofs of alleged corruption with all the correspondence in this regard with a plea to Honorable Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court to have a look in this grave issue. As of now, Supreme Court of India is doing quite good work in this regard and there is a mechanism called as PIL (Public Interest Litigation) for such situations only. There are various NGOs which provide free legal services in this regard. As per existing tradition and rules, Supreme Court has to take up PIL and listen to the arguments. After listening arguments, It may or may not find merit in that PIL and further action is taken accordingly. Anyway, all the charges of corruption are FINALLY TO BE PROVED IN THE COURT ONLY, so its my humble request not to waste further precious time in these allegation/ counter-allegations and rather, approach the right institution who actually has legal and binding authority in this regard.
    Obviously, acceptance of the cases of corruption by the court will vindicate your cause anyway, stopping all the voices against it and I can definitely say that nobody will oppose but will favor the elimination of cancer of corruption from our beloved NIPER as well as society.


    Rahul (Niper Alumni)