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Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs

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Subject: Re: Humble request to Stop mentioning NIPER in your blogs.

Hi All,

From today's post by Dr Nilanjan Roy on his blog, it appears that he has been suspended by the officiating director. In this case, I don't think he has any other way to protest it, than to post about it in his blog. With his experience, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to find a better position in some overseas university or join a big pharma company. But, instead of leaving NIPER he has chosen to fight it and that is indeed appreciable. 

I feel we should support him rather than worry about defamation of NIPER. It is administration's duty to take care of NIPER's reputation in industry or overseas academia. If Dr. Roy's accusations are not true they should put a point by point rebuttal to his accusations on NIPER's website and also present some justification for his suspension.

The acts of plagiarism or corruption don't really bring any glory to NIPER. This blog is the first step to bring some positive change to NIPER. Otherwise, no good faculty would dare to join NIPER and even if they join, they will be made to resign if they have some differences with those in higher positions. Such things will eventually affect the quality of students graduating from NIPER. (Those from pharmaceutics dept will know the difference when Dr Ramesh was HOD and after he left, can any current professor at NIPER teach Pharmacokinetics the way we learned from Dr Ramesh Panchagnula?)

For those who have been affected by the doubts about authenticity of their degree, the problem seems to be a technical one. Here is one solution, in several European or East-Asian countries, Indian students need to get their degrees notarized by respective embassies of those countries in India. To get this done, we have to first go through the HRD and  ministry of external affairs (MEA) of India. If some foreign university has any doubts about your degree, you guys can just get it notarized from their embassy.  

But, I honestly think the whole argument of some student being affected by Dr Roy's blog is absurd (I don't mean to distrust the students here). I have worked in the overseas students office of my university and believe me, your CV and recommendation letters are enough to decide whether they would select you or not, no body has the time to go and do a google search for your university. Searching "niper+corruption" or "niper+plagiarism" is a far distant possibility. If someone really needs some information about niper, they would just search "niper" and in that case, they will be directed to niper's homepage.

Anyways niper's alumni is not as organized as IITs, so we can hardly make any difference in the functioning of NIPER's administration. But, we can sure request the board of governors to take appropriate actions to settle this issue. 

PS: Those who really want to prove that Dr Roy's actions are wrong, should really come up with some better excuses to make him stop posting in his blog. Just starting a counter blog won't make a big difference. The present argument of defamation of NIPER is like our PM Manmohan Singh accusing Anna Hazare of destabilizing his government.

Kiran Sonaje,
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering, 
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 4:07 AM, ashutosh kumar <ashutoshniper@xxx> wrote:
Dear Dr Roy,

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort.  The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people. And you know this is the expectation and thought that occupies the brain of a young pharma graduate while entering NIPER.

The BLOGS by @knowmics are attracting a wrong fame to NIPER not to the people whom you mentioned in all your blogs..I humbly request you to understand the repercussions of blogs  before posting their comments on the blog. The aspersions cast by their comments is affecting the so called "future of students" that they are striving to save.

From one of my closest friend, I came to know f that one of the professors at an international university  are now apprehensive about taking students from NIPER mohali not due to the corruption  but due to questions that has been raised about the credibility of NIPER degrees, by the professors who are the integral part of the system. Even in companies we have to hear the ill-gossips about the credibility of NIPER degrees which is again raising the clouds of uncertainity in  the minds of recruiters and might contribute to be one of the factors affecting placements. So the careers of many NIPER students are at stake. The agony of an unemployed postgraduate/PhD from an Institute of national importance could be very well understood by blogger.

@Knowmics said "Corruption a 'HIGH-PROFIT LOW-RISK BUSINESS'"
But dear sir, you know the legacy of nurturing young raw minds(students) canot be called business and a true teacher who always makes life of mentored student a profit will necessarily not even think in dreams about making his mentor-ship a business.

There are interrogation going on in NIPER as mentioned in your mails and blogs. So have a bit of patience waiting for the outcomes of these actions. In addition please be informed that blogging against NIPER and credibility of NIPER degrees is really unacceptable. All NIPER alumni expect much more responsibility from you as mentor and teachers of many of  us.

Please do the needful

Many thanks in advance

Dr Ashutosh Kumar, Scientific Writer-II
Medical communications, 

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