Monday, 28 November 2011

Things Knowmics did not mentioned in the blog

Anirban Sarkar <> Wrote

The question is why now? Why did knowmics didnt raise his voice before (Heard that he used to shout at the top of his lung in NIPER). Knowmics is a fine scientist and Should concentrate on research rather than harp about corruption.............
Has knowmics talked about fraud in research and fudging of data which is pretty rampant in NIPER. No. he hasn't raised even a whimper on that.
Does knowmics ever thought about the mis treatment of students by guides in NIPER, the undue preassure faculty creates on the Phd students. the answer is No.
There is a saying in law. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right but Three Rights Do Make a Left.

He also Suggested

If he is serious about fighting corruption he should join anna's team and levae his current job.
(Original spelling not changed)

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