Monday, 31 October 2011

Blog Impact: PMO reading my blog

PMO reading my blog and taken cognizance, asked vigilance to look into the matter!!!

Misappropriation of 607.26 lakh @NIPER due to violation of BOG direction.

Despite of clear direction from BoG, NIPER administration decided not to follow a time table for preparation and submission of Annual Accounts, so that finds can be diverted at will  


Members Present :-
01. Dr.R.A.Mashelkar, DG/CSIR 
02. Sh.Sharad Gupta, Jt.Secy.(PI), DCPC/GOI 
03. Sh.Ashwani Kumar, DCGI(I/C)/N.Delhi.
04. Dr.S.K.Brahmchari, Director, IGIB/N.Delhi 
05. Ms Anita Bansal, CA & Director (Finance), DCPC/GOI: Representing FA, DCPC/GOI
06. Sh.G.Wakankar, Ex.Director, IDMA 
07. Dr.Nitya Nand, Lucknow 
08. Dr.Harkishan Singh, Chandigarh 
09. Dr. R.K.Nayak, Bhubneshwar
10. Dr.C.L.Kaul, Director, NIPER : Member 
11. Sh.Subrata Sarkar, Registrar, NIPER : Secretary

Leave of absence received from (1) Dr.C.M.Gupta, Director, CDRI, Lucknow,(2) Sh. S.K.Sharma, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh, (3) Dr.N.H.Antiya Director, FMR, Mumbai, (4) Secretary, Technical Education, Punjab (5) Dr D.S.Brar, MD, Ranbaxy was recorded.

Approved. However, for future guidance the Ministry representative requested NIPER to follow a time table for preparation and submission of Annual Accounts as under:-

1.     Appointment of Chartered Accountant -31st March every year.
2.    Compilation/finalization of accounts by the Institute-30th June every year.
3.    Accounts are to be certified by the Internal Auditors of the Institute by July Every year.
4.    Forwarding of the approved statement of account to AG, Punjab for audit/certificate within15 days on receipt from Internal Auditor of the Institute.
5.    Presentation of BOG for approval - in the first meeting to be held after receipt of audit report and certificate from AG, Punjab. 
6.    Hindi translation/printing of statement of accounts - within one month of approval of BOG. 
7.    Sending the Statement of Accounts to Ministry- within 15 days of the printing of report. 
8.    Forwarding of the Statement of Accounts by the Ministry to the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha Secretariat for laying – During session within 15 days of receipt of Statement of Accounts from the Institute, During Inter-Session - immediately at the start of the session.

However these steps were never followed leading to Loss/ misappropriation of 607.26 lakh Exchequer money during the year 2009-10 alone.

Audit objection
Part II A Serious Irregularities
Para 1

Loss of interest

49.56 lakh
Para 2
Loss of interest due to improper planning of purchase of imported equipments
52.70 lakh
Part II B Other Irregularities
Para 3

Non levy of penalty

17.00 lakh
Para 4
Irregular purchase of imported equipments
432.98 lakh
Para 5
Incorrect fixation of Pay
17.68 lakh
Para 6
Blockage of funds in purchase of imported equipments
37.34 lakh


607.26 lakh

Friday, 28 October 2011

IITs beef up infrastructure, offer better salaries to attract faculty - The Times of India

"There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's NIPER" !!!!!

Members present:
01. Dr R.K.Mashelkar, DG, CSIR
02. Sh.G.Wakankar, Ex.Director, IDMA 
03. Dr Nitya Nand, Lucknow 
04. Dr Harkishan Singh,Chandigarh 
05. Dr C.L.Kaul, Director, NIPER 
06. Sh. K.K.Bhatnagar, Secretary, Technical
Education, Punjab 
07. Dr A.K.Patel, M.P., Rajya Sabha 
08. Dr S.K.Brahmachari, Director, IGIB, Delhi 
09. Sh. Ashwini Kumar, DGCI, New Delhi 
10. Prof. Ranjit Roy Choudhary, President, DSPRD
11. Sh.Herbert Wilson Trevor Syiem, Meghalaya
12. Sh.Subrata Sarkar, Registrar, NIPER

Leave of absence received from (1) Prof. R.G.Gaud, (2) Prof. P.Venugopal and (3) President, OPPI was recorded.


The Board observed that the committee has recommended two names. ............    Dr C.M. Gupta stands much over the second candidate’s name, in regard to Dr Gupta’s experience, expertise and eminence, peer recognition and national and international standing. ...................................      The Board approved the recommendations of Search-cum-Selection Committee in the order of preference it had indicated with the above specific observations.

However BOG recommendation is deliberately ignored to make a puppet Director so that money can easily be siphoned out of NIPER. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

"RISE AND FIGHT AGAINST ‘GANG OF FOUR’ (& few Chillars)….." Part III

After 36th BOG meeting Staff promotion again discussed in 40th BOG meeting and following decision of BOG never implemented. 


To keep the EGO of ‘GANG OF FOUR (& few Chillars)’ @NIPER, Mohali intact.MINUTES OF 


Members Present :- 
01. Dr.R.A.Mashelkar, DG/CSIR 
02. Sh.Sharad Gupta, Jt.Secy.(PI), DCPC/GOI 
03. Ms V.Geetha, Dy. Secy.(Fin.), DCPC
04. Dr.Nitya Nand, Lucknow 
05. Dr.Harkishan Singh, Chandigarh 
06. Sh. Herbert Wilson Trevor Syiem, IAS (Retd.) 
07. Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhary, President DSPRUD 
08. Dr A.K.Patel, M.P.(Rajya Sabha) 
09. Dr.C.L.Kaul, Director, NIPER 
10. Sh.Subrata Sarkar, Registrar, NIPER

Leave of absence received from (1) Dr.D.B.Gupta, CMD, Lupin Limited was recorded


Ratified with the following observations of Finance Committee Minute No. 6.6 ‘Career Advancement Scheme for non-faculty members of NIPER’.

In the eligibility criteria No.II: Performance Appraisal : ‘Good’ may be replaced by ‘Very Good’.

In the case of meritorious employees who may be considered for Career Advancement even before they have completed 8 years, the minimum period of service should be 5 years.

 ‘GANG OF FOUR’ wanted slavery, only slavery in NIPER, nothing else...........

How long you will be suppressed?
Niperians "WAKEUP, RISE and 'Do Thou Likewise', as Annaji suggested. 
Do not worry about Chillars

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"RISE AND FIGHT AGAINST ‘GANG OF FOUR’ (& few Chillars)….." Part II

After 33rd BOG meeting Staff promotion again discussed in 36th BOG meeting and following decision of BOG never implemented. 

To keep the EGO of ‘GANG OF FOUR (& few Chillars)’ @NIPER, Mohali intact.


The 36th meeting of Board of Governors of NIPER was held on 22nd June, 2002 at 11.00 hours in the conference room of CSIR, Anusandhan Bhawan, 2 Rafi Marg, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Dr R.A.Mashelkar, Director General, CSIR, New Delhi. The list of participants is enclosed.


Sh. Sharad Gupta, JS (PI) opined that since NIPER is in the infancy stage, there is no need of such a scheme. However, majority of the members were of the opinion that Career Advancement Scheme for non-faculty members of NIPER may be considered with the following modifications/amendments:-

(i) There should be an assured career promotion on the lines of Government of India for members of the staff who holds isolated posts for which there is no further scope of promotion e.g Security Officer, Guest House Incharge etc.

(ii) For unambiguous implementation of the scheme, entry posts of cadres and ladders of career advancement within the cadre should be clearly identified and indicated.

(iii) There should be no provision of relaxation of 5 years qualifying services as indicated in sub- para 3 at page number 106 of the scheme.

(iv) It should be ensured that there is no violation of Government of India’s policy of reservation in promotions.

(v) The scheme will apply to entry-level posts (which need to be identified) and the staff members who are already serving at level higher than the entry level posts should be governed by different scheme.

 ‘GANG OF FOUR’ wanted slavery, only slavery in NIPER, nothing else...........

How long you will be suppressed?
Niperians "WAKEUP, RISE and 'Do Thou Likewise', as Annaji suggested. 
Do not worry about Chillars

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Anna Hazare Says "RISE AND FIGHT AGAINST ‘GANG OF FOUR’ Jai Hind !!!!
Ralegan Siddhi, 24th October 2011" Posted on October 24, 2011 by annahazaresays Blog:

What a remarkable similarity; ........................

One ‘GANG OF FOUR (& few Chillars)’  ruining  India and another ‘GANG OF FOUR (& few Chillars)’ is  ruining NIPER, Mohali.

Following are the minutes of the meeting of 33rd BOG happened 10 years ago.


The 33rd meeting of Board of Governors of NIPER was held on 19-04-2001 at 11.30 hours in the Conference Room of CSIR, Anusandhan Bhawan, 2, Rafi Marg,New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Dr R.A.Mashelkar, Director General, CSIR, New Delhi. A list of participants is enclosed.


On the query from JS & FA regarding the creation of this post with the approval of Finance Ministry; ……………………………………….. Till then, filling up of all the 136 positions including the 10 posts of Assistants for which Recruitment Rules are proposed now need to be kept in abeyance. After perusing the proposal the Board of Governors felt that a complete document on recruitment rules be drafted keeping in view the Recruitment Rules as obtained in similar organizations like IIT, IISc, etc. and then revert back to BOG.

After perusing the proposal the Board of governors unanimously felt that as the staff is appointed on the contract basis for a period of 5 years, the contract may be renewed after observing the prescribed procedure for the same. However, the staff is free to compete with others for the higher posts as and when advertised by the Institute. In the meantime, in case where some non-faculty members of staff who have completed five years in service and their renewal is due the Director is authorized to constitute a committee to consider the renewal of their contracts. Besides, a proposal for promotion of the staff may also be drafted keeping in view the Rules as obtained in CSIR, IITs etc. and then revert back to BOG for its consideration.


 explained that the post of Chief Maintenance Engineer in the scale of pay of Rs.10000-325-15200 has been duly created with the approval of the Finance Ministry vide Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Deptt. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals letter No.52(4)/91-PI(V)(Vol.II)dated 30-08-1995. After perusing the proposal the Board of Governors unanimously ratified the action taken by the Institute so far and approved the recruitment of Executive Engineer (Civil) in the scale of Rs.10000-325-15200 on deputation or short term contract against an existing vacancy of Chief Maintenance Engineer in the same scale and approved the recruitment on All India Open Competition basis.

However BOG direction regarding Recrutement rules/ Promotion of the staff as per CSIR, IITs etc rules /Recruitment on All India Open Competition basis never formulated, reported back to BOG. nor implemented. Why?  ‘GANG OF FOUR’ wanted slavery, only slavery in NIPER, nothing else...........

How long you will be suppressed?  Niperians "WAKEUP, RISE and 'Do Thou Likewise'. As Annaji suggested.

P.S. Do not worry about Chillars

Monday, 24 October 2011



However, any promotion will be subject to the outcome of the present petition.

Grant money diverted for minister

CAG (DPC Act 1971) Audit and inspection report on the account of NIPER for the year 2009-10 obtained by RTI.

Relevant extract are as under:

Para 3             Irregular diversion of grant Rs. 17.45 lakhs

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER) Mohali has organized function for inauguration of Small and Medium Pharmaceutical Industry Center (SMPIC) and release of SMPIC brochure by Hon,ble minister of Chemicals on 23rd Feb 2009.

During scrutiny of records it was noticed in audit that institute incurred a sum of Rs, 17.45 lakh on this inauguration function. It was further observed that there was no separate budget/sanction of Govt. to meet the expinditure on Minister’s visit. Institute incurred Rs. 17.45 lakh without any approval of BOG/ Government. This resulted into irreguler diversion of grant

Caveat:          was the last bid of ex-director for extension
                       securing directorship is more important then GFR 2005.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Staff recruitment shoddy; construction of staff quarters overboard @NIPER

CAG (DPC Act 1971) Audit and inspection report on the account of NIPER for the year 2008-09 obtained by RTI. CAG has written a one page long para vividly describing how public money is misappropriated.

Relevant extract are as under:

Part-II-A          Serious irregularities

Para I              Infructuous expenditure of Rs. 1.90 crore on construction of staff quarters

The director NIPER issued (March 2005) work for construction 15 Nos of Type V houses for a sum of 1,9013.816/- to a contractor. The time schedule for the completion of the said work was 12 months. The contractor complited the above said work on 4 April 2006.

During scrutiny of records it was noted that out of 37 houses of type V, eight houses were never occupied while 10 houses remained vacant for a period ranging from 4 months to 64 months as detailed in annexure A_. This resulted into loss of potential revenue to the extent of Rs. 22.01 lakh on account of the house rent recovery.


It was further observed that Institute again issued (January 2009) work order for construction of 5 nos. residential units of type v houses for a sum of Rs. 99.00 laks to M/s xxxxx Associate without assessing the actual requirement. The construction five mix type V units dose not appear to be a prudent decision in view of the fact that eight type V houses constructed way backing April, 2006 are lying vacant (Aug 2009).

Audit and inspection Report 2008-2009

Para I               Infructuous expenditure of Rs. 1.90 crore on construction of staff quarters

 Final outcome of allotment of staff quarters is still awaited. Hence para stands.

Caveat: kickback money from construction guaranteed.

Friday, 21 October 2011

CBI quizzes AMU V-C over financial irregularities

CAG unearthed shoddy state of education @NIPER

Due to nepotism, mis-management and administrative malice, the education took backseat at NIPER. The condition is so bad that even CAG wrote a para about it in 2009-10 report. 

Para 7 Shortage of manpower:  NIPER was established by Govt. of India as a center of excellence for imparting higher education research and development in pharmaceutical science and management. Thus it requires skilled staff for smooth running of teaching activities. The sanctioned strength was fixed in the year 1994
As on 31 March 2011, the sanctioned strength of the staff in different cadres was 279, but the staff in position there for work was 165 only . Thus 144 posts in different cadres were lying vacant.

The following information may be furnished to audit:-


Reasons for not filling the vacant posts through the intake of students had increased by 66.82 percent compared to year 2009-10 may be intimated.

The manner in which NIPER was imparting education to the students in the absence of adequate staff may be intimated.

Now why staff shortage? What is perplexing to CAG, gone unnoticed by so called Pharmaceutical Education Dons? Predominantly, mis-management and administrative malice, as evident by an ex-faculty letter written to Chairman BOG in July 2011,

I am writing this letter to you to draw your kind attention towards the service conditions of NIPER, Mohali. The institute has lot of infrastructure, has attracted very talented faculties but still even after over two decades, the institute could not grow much, and has not taken any shape. I have no personal interest what so ever, but having worked in that Institute as an Assistant Professor for a while, and being a responsible citizen of this country, I feel pained to see kind of activities going on at NIPER, Mohali. They could attract very talented faculties, but hiring good faculties has no meaning if we can’t retain them. You will be shocked to know that till now over 25 faculty members have resigned NIPER, which indicates about the work culture, service conditions prevailed at NIPER. The people who have left NIPER, has made excellent progress and many of these people are working with prestigious National Institutes/Universities and some of them have settled abroad. Please note that when I joined NIPER, I never felt that I will leave NIPER after a short stay. The work culture was so poor, and that forced me to resign, and join other good institute. I request you please try to find out if there is any other institute in India where such a large number of faculties have resigned?

Unfortunately, NIPER administration has never thought to analyze the reasons behind such a large scale resignations, rather they always tried to put on the blame on the faculties. Even today, given a chance, most of the faculty members may like to leave the institute (Best thing would be to get their opinion through secrete voting!!). This will even give you better idea about the service conditions prevailed at NIPER.

Problem is so severe NIPER is afraid to disclose information regarding this in RTI

What an irony................... people should not have interest in information regarding "Institute of National Importance (Interest)" 

See what students are thinking about it

... I remember how nicely we did all our lectures and practicals at NIPER mohali when there used to be only 8 - 12 students admitted ……... Now that many go to each faculty of the departments. How a faculty is supposed to manage all of them. …….
Even Einstein would not have generated so may ideas for so many master students dissertations. …..On one side the govt. creates center for excellence and on the other side it ruins it..... God only save this country......... I guess Anna Hazare is doing nothing wrong by screwing them up!.......

By Rakesh Chandarana NIPER Alunini

Caveat:  Less no of staff equates to more resources (money $$$) for few Noble & Mighty(!)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

CAG report about NIPER case two

CAG (DPC Act 1971) Audit and inspection report on the account of NIPER for the year 2009-10 obtained By RTI. CVC has written a one and half page long para vividly describing how public money is misappropriated.

Relevant extract are as under:

Part-II-A         Serious irregularities

Para I            Loss of Interest-Rs. 49.56 lakh
The institute had been maintaining Endowment Fund (Corpus Fund) as per the directions (November 1997) of the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Department of Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals, Govt. of India (GOI)
Audit observed that as om 31st March 2010, the institute was having balance of Rs. 25.24 crore in the Fund which was invested in fixed deposit in the State bank of Patiala, Mohali.
Had the institute taken premature withdrawal of fixed deposit of Rs. 10.89 crore in March 2006/May 2006 which was inested at a interest rate of 7.25 persent and again invested it in fixed deposits at available higher interest rate of 8.10 present, the institute could have earned higher bank interest of Rs. 49.56 lakh (after adjusting interest loss of Rs. 16.84 lakh due to premature withdrawal of fixed deposit of Rs. 10.89 crore)
It as also observed that the interest rate of fixed deposit investment of funds are being taken from the limited number (2-4 number) of banks which also lacked justification.

           I.     One justification could be nepotism/personal gain of person responsible of investment.
          II.     The same way Provident fund money were also invested causing loss of NIPER employees

On the contrary,
As per NIPER statutes Dated 30th Oct 2003 Financial powers of Board of Governors are,

3.1.2 Functions and Powers
(d)  to manage and regulate the finances, accounts, investments, property, business and all other administrative affairs of the Institute and for that Purpose, to appointment such agents as it may think fit.
(e)  to fix the limit of the recurring and the non-recurring expenditure for a year on the recommendations of the Finance Committee.
(f)   Subject to the provisions of the act to invest any money belonging to the institute including any unapplied income in any manner it thinks fit or in the purchase of immovable property in India.

However all the investments were done by keeping BOG in dark. Only taking cryptic agenda like “to ratify the minutes of Finance committee

Now the question is for who’s vested interest NIPER lost half a crore? Chairman Investment committee? Current officiating director was the chairman since 2001 till 2010

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blog Impact:

CAG guys came to NIPER to inquire about corruption @NIPER case one, 11th five year plan / IPR objectives and fulfillment of objectives so far. NIPER denied access to files in the pretext of convocation. But how long.........

Electrical cable to Swimming pool:
Earth work (digging channels) for laying electrical cable from electrical substation towards pool through new bridge started 

CAG report shows huge wastage of exchequer money @NIPER

CAG (DPC Act 1971) Audit and inspection report on the account of NIPER for the year 2009-10 obtained by RTI. CVC has written a two page long para vividly describing how public money is misappropriated.

Relevant extract are as under:

The Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India sanctioned first installment of 250.00 lakh as financial assistance to the project “Facility for Toxicity Screening on nano Particle used for Drug ……Its mechanism of action” for purchase of Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Quotation for the same was much higher.

Institute took up the case with GOi for release of additional grant of 1.92 crore. GOI sanctioned 92.13 lakh

Rest of the cost of the equipment approx 1 crore was met by NIPER from its own sources.

Equipment was purchased from M/s EFI Company Europe through their agent M/s Analytical equipment Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, only and only one party responded to NIPER tender notice (Custom made specification against the Competition Commission of India Rule?)

Para 4 Irregular purchase of imported equipment valuing Rs. 432.98 lakh

In this regard following observation were made by CAG,

1.     Why the purchase procedure mentioned under General Finance Rules, 2005 e.g. regarding inviting global tender was not followed in purchase of imported equipments in all the cases
2.     Reason for delay in installation may be apprised to audit.
3.     Why the NIPER admitted to fund the purchase of equipment from its own sources and detailed of sources from which the equipment was funded, may be furnished to audit
4.     What benefits the institute has envisaged from the TEM laboratory.

In response: NIPER kept mum about point no 1, 2 & 3 and in response to point no 4 wrote “the equipment is installed recently, therefore it is too early to assess its utility for the purpose other then teaching and research”

CAG: the reply is general one, Para stands

Question remains from where Rs. 1 crore came? Who is the beneficiary of single quotation purchase of 432.98 lakh?
           The indenter? Purchase committee? Director? or somebody above?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

CAG sleuths @NIPER

After ministry audit personals, CAG guys snooping around NIPER files!!

HC tells AIIMS to serve notices, copies of petition to 91 doctors - Indian Express

Indian Express: "The Delhi High Court on Tuesday directed the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to serve 91 doctors notices and copies of a writ petition asking for a judicial order to quash their appointments over alleged violation of recruitment rules. This development is expected to speed up the proceedings."

'via Blog this'

Theft of research instruments @NIPER

Theft of costly research instruments/ furnitures etc are taking place at NIPER Mohali regularly, but none were reported to police. What is depicted here is only tip of the iceberg; detail audit, inspection and verification may recover more skeletons from the cupboard.

1.     Entire file noting related to sonicator probe theft retrieved by RTI
2.     CAG report 2007-2011

Important points:

1.     Theft of one equipment from Dept. of Pharmaceutics cost 1,94,033 reported but no action were taken. After RTI inquiry started.
2.     In the file noting Finance officer noted “As per Gov of India General Finance Rule 34 (GFR-2005) all loses theft etc exceeding Rs 10000 shall be reported to the police for investigation at the earliest.”

3.     The financial loss incurred needs to be recovered immediately and an enquiry committee consisting of Dean HOD ORG and AR (purchase) should look into and place their report by July 2010 Director

4.      Inquiry committee found evidence of more equipment missing in their report they wrote.Mr. XXX and Mr. XXX, PhD scholars also explained that similar probe is also missing from department of Biotechnology” ........................Till date no FIR lodged

     Few more cases:

5.     Equipment worth 60 lakhs is untraceable from Department of Pharmacology and retirement benefit of one professor is not being released.
6.     Digital cameras and furniture purchased in Field studies of North East are also missing
7.     Furniture worth 1.5 crore purchased for non-existing 1500 seater auditorium is untraceable.

8.     CAG in its Audit and inspection report under Persistent irregularities category wrote,
i)         Non compliance to statutes provisions regarding conducting of meeting of laboratory services, Building & works committee (LSBWC)
ii)       Irregular physical verifications of fixed assets
iii)      Irregular Physical verification of instruments
iv)      Irregular Physical verification of consumables
v)        Non maintenance of records of trees and plants

Monday, 17 October 2011

Financial misconduct @NIPER

Officiating Director, NIPER for drawing Pension and also taking full salary, which amounts to grave misconduct and is a punishable offence.

1.    RTI Document obtained From NIPER
2.    RTI Document Obtained From RRJ Jammu

Important points

1.    Officiating Director took voluntary retirement from RRL Jammu on 31st Aug 1994 and opted for pro rata pension; on 1st Sep 1994 he joined NIPER and started receiving full salary with DA.
2.    Pro-rata pension is allowed for Govt. employees who opted to take retirement from Govt. department (having GPF) to join autonomous PSU (having CPF) like for persons of Dept of telecom, who opted to join BSNL or MTNL.
3.    No Govt. employee are allowed to have two GPF account.