Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Problem of Governance @NIPER, take two

Problem of governance of NIPER (administrative as well as financial) caused agony for another intellectual elite. He was associated with NIPER for more then four years.

In his emails Dated: Tuesday, 12 April, 2011, 8:37 PM Prof. Rameshchandra wrote.

I fail to understand why do not we respect each other’s view point and understand the genesis of problems. We do not maintain Human Dignity and try to defend every wrong at any cost. If Mr XXX has different opinion, let us respect his view point in the interest of the NIPER. The Institute belongs to the Nation, not any individual. We have certain duties to perform in the interest of Nation, which is upper most in my mind. I could understand in four years that No Law prevail in NIPER, they do not want to follow any Rule of Law. What is Act, Statute or Ordinance, they do not believe in, nor they want to follow any financial rules. ……………………………………..

Let us contribute for the development of NIPER at any cost. Respect each others view point and Human Dignity. If necessary, Director, NIPER should call urgent meeting of Finance Committee rather than to spill beans in public by any one of us. I am very clear that NIPER is not a Department or division of Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers. The Ministry is just a funding agency, and its role is minimal as far as functioning of NIPER is concerned, which is governed by its ACT, Statutes and Ordinances, Rules and Regulations. But due lack of leadership, which is unaware of its mandate and rights, the Ministry is running the NIPER defacto, which is stopping its growth. I am surprised during last 20 years, our faculty members are still on contract basis, this procedure does not exist even in USA. NIPER has a profound duty to help in the development of Research and Development activities in Small and Medium scale Pharma Industries, but this aspect has also been given back seat and I was surprised when the Ministry's nominee refused to include the Item in the budget of NIPER under this head. Every body knows that that the Hon'ble Minister had inaugurated this facility along with the Secretary and Joint Secretary, then how can the Ministry Officials forget such an activity and its inclusion in the budget.

The adhoc and weak administration or leadership at NIPER is responsible for its slow growth and insecurity amongst the faculty is another reason. No one feels that they belong to NIPER or NIPER belongs to them, when they are not sure about their fate after every five years. Let us resolve these issues and encourage all faculty members and strengthen the administration at any cost with out any personal ego and interest.

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