Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Theft of research instruments @NIPER

Theft of costly research instruments/ furnitures etc are taking place at NIPER Mohali regularly, but none were reported to police. What is depicted here is only tip of the iceberg; detail audit, inspection and verification may recover more skeletons from the cupboard.

1.     Entire file noting related to sonicator probe theft retrieved by RTI
2.     CAG report 2007-2011

Important points:

1.     Theft of one equipment from Dept. of Pharmaceutics cost 1,94,033 reported but no action were taken. After RTI inquiry started.
2.     In the file noting Finance officer noted “As per Gov of India General Finance Rule 34 (GFR-2005) all loses theft etc exceeding Rs 10000 shall be reported to the police for investigation at the earliest.”

3.     The financial loss incurred needs to be recovered immediately and an enquiry committee consisting of Dean HOD ORG and AR (purchase) should look into and place their report by July 2010 Director

4.      Inquiry committee found evidence of more equipment missing in their report they wrote.Mr. XXX and Mr. XXX, PhD scholars also explained that similar probe is also missing from department of Biotechnology” ........................Till date no FIR lodged

     Few more cases:

5.     Equipment worth 60 lakhs is untraceable from Department of Pharmacology and retirement benefit of one professor is not being released.
6.     Digital cameras and furniture purchased in Field studies of North East are also missing
7.     Furniture worth 1.5 crore purchased for non-existing 1500 seater auditorium is untraceable.

8.     CAG in its Audit and inspection report under Persistent irregularities category wrote,
i)         Non compliance to statutes provisions regarding conducting of meeting of laboratory services, Building & works committee (LSBWC)
ii)       Irregular physical verifications of fixed assets
iii)      Irregular Physical verification of instruments
iv)      Irregular Physical verification of consumables
v)        Non maintenance of records of trees and plants

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