Monday, 29 February 2016

Krithya Akaranam, Akrutya Karanam.

  • Did what law says don't do and didn't do what he should have.................

  • PJP Singh Waraich Terminated........................ 
  • PJP Singh Waraich Reappointed  ...........................
  • PJP Singh Waraich was responsible for misappropriation of funds amounting to Rs 1.89 Crores from Scheme C-22 (project Manpower)...........
  • And many other misdeed along with his master ............. 

  • What HC said in similar case...............
  • Remove illegally appointed ..................
  • recover salaries  from officers who gave sanctions................

CHANDIGARH: Punjab and Haryana high court on Monday directed the director secondary education, Haryana, to remove all government school teachers working as guest faculty, who might have been illegally appointed, within three weeks.

The court has directed the state government to recover salaries of such guest teachers from officers who gave sanctions, wherever these guest faculty were continued in service even after passing of their termination orders, and also to take disciplinary action.

The directions were passed by a division bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Jasbir Singh and Justice R K Jain during the resumed hearing of a petition filed on the issue.

Hope FDs recovered will come handy..................

NIPER Mohali; The Untouchable !!!!

After CBI raid, Steering committee of all NIPER in Department of Pharmaceuticals does not want to touch any financial matter of NIPER Mohali. 

In 18th Feb 2016 meeting the committee referred all financial matters to yet to be formed Board of Governors (BoG), forming which is now difficult because many reputed scientists of Indian science and Pharma fraternity  are unwilling to join the board 

Only recurring expenses like electricity bill, salary etc will continue for all other expenses NIPER Mohali has to wait till BOG formed.................

"CBI raid NIPER ko vari pad raha hain" said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity

Saturday, 27 February 2016

DBT denied ---- will NIPER Hajipur accept???

NIPER Prof denied prestigious fellowship on plagiarism charges
Rajni Shaleen Chopra Posted online: Wed Jun 08 2011, 02:55 hrs

Chandigarh: The Ministry of Science and Technology has denied a fellowship to Prof U C Banerjee, one of the senior-most faculty members of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali, due to charges of plagiarism levelled against him. Recently, Banerjee was chosen for the Tata Innovation Fellowship 2011 that is granted by the Department of Biotechnology.

But the ministry decided to hold back the fellowship after it came to its notice that charges of plagiarism were established against Banerjee by an inquiry committee constituted by NIPER’s Board of Governors in April 2009. The fellowship, ranked very high in scientific circles, comes with a remuneration of Rs 20,000 per month and a contingency grant of Rs 5 lakh per year.

“This competitive fellowship is to recognise scientists with an outstanding track record...(and) reward interdisciplinary work of high quality with emphasis on translation and innovation,” according to the biotechnology department. The decision not to grant the fellowship was known after the Department of Biotechnology sent its response to a RTI query on it.

Arun Kumar Rawat, Principal Scientific Officer at DBT, said in reply to the query that if it comes to the notice of the department at any stage that the research is plagiarised, “the department takes necessary steps to confirm the plagiarism by setting up an independent committee of experts to look into the matter. Action can be taken if the allegation is found to be true.”

The charges of plagiarism against Banerjee were levelled by Dr Animesh Roy, a scientist working in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology). Banerjee was his head of the department.
Following the charges, Roy’s contract was not renewed by NIPER on completion of his five-year term and he complained to the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors conducted an inquiry and the scientists consulted for the investigation found it to be “a clear case of plagiarism by Prof UC Banerjee”, the report said.

The inquiry report states, “It is clear that the Director NIPER or the NIPER administration failed in performing their duties...It is also clear that the Director was all out to protect the misdeeds and unethical acts of Prof UC Banerjee for reasons best known to him, and that too when both the chairman of the BOG and the BOG were of the opinion to initiate action against Prof Banerjee.”

The inquiry committee said Roy’s services should be reinstated “retrospectively with all consequential benefits”. It also said NIPER should initiate action against Banerjee. But despite all these neither has Roy being reinstated nor action being taken against Banerjee.

NIPER Hajipur set to get an unethical director

Common steering committee of all NIPERs suggested Dr U.C.Banerjee's name for the post ignoring high power committees recommendation against his act of plagiarism 

Why is So...........


Agenda Item No.7:
The Board approved the appointment of the following faculty members in various Departments.
It was, however, pointed out by the Director that, based on the background of Dr U.C.Banerjee, it would be better that Dr Banerjee is made Professor in the Department of Biotechnology rather than Pharmaceutical Technology. This was agreed to. 

Prof. Harkishen Singh raised a point regarding making Dr Banerjee, Professor and Head of the Department of Biotechnology. The Director felt that it will be desirable to see the working of Dr Banerjee for a couple of years before he is appointed as Head of the Department.

Wise visionary anticipated something? However Dr. Banerjee became HOD eventually




After being HOD he started tormenting juniors, who was not subscribing his way of doing science. Dr. Animesh Roy started protesting and the matter got nasty. Though Dr.  Roy was a good scientist and the first patent granted to NIPER was authored by him, this HOD successfully scuttled his career to hide own act of plagiarism. After plenty of personal effort of Dr. Roy BOG made a committee to look into the matter. 

The Board of Governors in its meeting held on 17th December 2008 has approved the constitution of the following Committee to review the case of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar and suggest the remedial measures.
1. Prof. Ramesh Chandra
2. Prof. Harmanjit Singh Hira
3. Dean, NIPER or his nominee
4. Representative of DCPC, Min. of Chem. & Fertilizers 
5. Representative of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar

Terms of Reference:
1. To review the case of Dr. Animesh Roy, Ex-Scientist, NIPER, SAS Nagar and suggest the remedial measures.
2. The Committee is required to submit its report on or before 31st January, 2009 to the Chairman, BOG.

The above said notification no. F-1-15(13)2008/RGO/979 was issued by the Director, NIPER on dated 22-12-2008.

After combing through piles of paper and lots of witnesses the committee concluded 

Recommendation for HOD 

However, the current officiating director rewarded  the HOD with deanship (to propagate plagiarism amongst students?)

Recommendation for Dr. Roy
After two and half years of the committee decision and after six years of termination; Dr. Roy is reinstated in NIPER from 1st September 2011

Prof. K.L. Chopra Ex-Director, IIT, Kharagpur, President Society for Scientific Values (SSV) send the following email.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kasturi Chopra <>
Date: Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: Rajya Sabha question " - Part II
To: Nilanjan Roy <>

Nilanjan : I admire you for your  efforts to seek justice. I hope you will succeed.

SSV is with you morally and mentally. We will certainly make a case study out of your efforts in due course.

Wishing you and your family a Peaceful and fruitful Year 2012

Prof (Dr) K. L. Chopra (Padamshri)
FNA, FASc, FNASc, FNAE, D.Sc.(hc)
(Former Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur)
President,Society for Scientific Values
Res : M-70, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015

In the past SSV tried their level best to put NIPER in right track

Prof. K.L. Chopra Ex-Director, IIT, Kharagpur, President Society for Scientific Values in his email to Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, ex-DG CSIR &amp; Ex- Chairman BOG, NIPER wrote,

Dear Dr. Mashelkar
I have just seen the news that you have resigned as Chairman, NIPER. What happened to the Banerjee inquiry Report? If a plagiarist gets away due to maladministration or a biased committee of experts, SSV will not keep quiet and will hold all involved responsible for the miscarriage of justice. Please help us to see that the guilty gets exposed.
Best wishes

On Friday November 23 2007 16:31 Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, ex-DG CSIR &amp; Ex-Chairman BOG replied, with a cc to  

My Dear Chopra Ji,
There were some ethical issues that were bothering me.


Incidentally, no one had raised a question, but I did this on my own.

The bitter experience of the early part of the year has converted this ‘innocent boy’ called Mashelkar into a ‘wise man’

I am not happy with the committee absolving Banerjee despite the blatant violation. I have sent the extra evidence also to them after the submission of the report.

It is up to Director (NIPER) and the new Chairman, Dr. Ramasami, to handel the matter.

His successor, Chairman BOG, NIPER  Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary Covt. of India, Ministry of science and Technology wrote,

Dear Prof. Rama Rao,
I enclosed a copy of the mails received from Dr. R. A. Masalkar. The matter is self-explanatory. Kindly advice. Let us strategise. Our action and plans such that the NIPER stayed out of controversy

Kindest regards
Dr. T. Ramasami
Secretary DST

Friday, 26 February 2016

'Get going, your job is not required!!'

On January 14 2016 a case against KK Bhutani (Officiating Director), PJP Singh Warraich (Registrar & CVO) and other persons of NIPER Mohali were registered by CBI Chandigarh for criminal conspiracy, criminal misconduct and abuse of official position U/s 120B r/w 420, 409, 467, 471 of IPC and U/s 13(2) r/w 13(1)(c) & 1(1)(d)  vide FIR/ RCCHG 2016 A0005..

On February 12, the agency had raided 22 places, including the houses and offices of some of the top National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research officials on the campus in Mohali. Files and property documents were seized. 

Following raid CBI has sent detailed report containing the copy of FIR and list of all valuables recovered from the houses of the nine accused in the NIPER fund scam to the union ministry of chemicals and fertilizers. Subsequent to the report Hon’ble Minister C&F terminated four professors from NIPER, Mohali. "It will have an impact," said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.  

Thursday, 25 February 2016

One of the several RTI filed With Department of Pharmaceuticals

Kindly refer the case no. FIR/RCCHG2016A0005 dated 14.01.2016 filed by CBI Chandigarh. 

A case against KK Bhutani (Officiating Director), PJP Singh Warraich (Registrar & CVO) and other persons of NIPER Mohali were registered for criminal conspiracy, criminal misconduct and abuse of official position U/s 120B r/w 420, 409, 467, 471 of IPC and U/s 13(2) r/w 13(1)(c) & 1(1)(d). 

As per the news paper report (enclosed) CBI has submitted a detailed report and FIR copy to DoP.

1. Kindly provide the information on the date of receipt of above mentioned CBI report and copy of FIR with name & designation of the responsible person handling it.

2. I would also like to have information about action taken by DoP on that report along with detail file noting, 

3. CBI case is registered for criminal charges against Officiating Director, Registrar and both of them are custodian of funds and finance approval authority in NIPER Mohali. I would like to know whether DoP has initiated any process for their removal or not

4. In case the process of removal is not initiated for officiating Director and Registrar of NIPER Mohali Kindly provide a rule position through which these persons are still holding key positions after financial fraud case is registered against them by CBI Chandigarh.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

NIPER 11th Five year plan projects under CBI scanner

Schemes of 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12)

Name of the Scheme
Name of attached faculty/personnel
5 yr Plan Budget (lakhs)
Objective with deliverables
Continuing / Ongoing Schemes

Teaching Programme
IP Singh
To train the students in various fields of pharmaceutical sciences
To develop the inter-disciplinary skills so that the graduates interface with various pharmaceutical industries in relation to the requirement of the manpower in this field
How many students placed in industry last five year?
System Biology
N Roy
To concentrate on Research towards drug target discovery of leishmaniasis, malaria, diabetes and related lifestyle disease and to provide training of NIPER students (both masters and Ph.D.)
No money allocated in 20007-08 & 10-11
where it is diverted?
Invitro/ Alternative Method of Screening
KB Tikoo
To create various in-vitro pharmacological screening assay facility
How many assay developed?
How many compound screened?
How many sample from industry screened?
Daibeties Complications
SS Sharma
To drug target identification with special reference to research on insulin resistant diabetes.
How many target discovered?
What is the out come?
Pharma Parasitology/Virology/Infection Laboratory
PP Singh
To expand and modernize the existing small base of pharmaceutical parasitological research and education. Creat a PIII Laboratory for parasitological research
Is P-III laboratory functional?
Is the equipments operational?
Physical tour of the facility to verify the progress
Leads Moleculars for TB, Malaria and Ieishamania
AK Chakraborty
Rational design of heterocyclic molecules (NCEs)as potential antiparacytic inhibitors.
Synthesis of designed heterocyclic compounds(NCEs)
Bioevaluation studies for discovery of novel anti-paracytic agents
How many molucule developed?
How many molecule send for bioassay?
Is it true a new biological laboratory developed in medicinal chemistry department? Is it functional?
Pharma Grid
P Garg
Establish state-of-the-art computing facility to the faculty and students of the Institute and others by housing leading-edge computing systems
How many jobs done in the system and for what purpose?
PV Bharatham
Establish a grid based computational facility for the benefit of computational studies of Drugs and train students
How many computational studies of Drugs done so far?
Chiral Drugs/bio-Chemo Enzymatic-Transfermation
UC Banerjee
Biotransformation of enantiomerically pure drugs as a replacement for racemic forms some of which are currently in clinical use
Any Chiral molecule developed?
Why mid term review committee recommended project to be shelved
Pharmacy Heritage
To start audit course for all the students in NIPER in Ancient History Sacred medicine, Drugs and Immune system of Medicine
No course started objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed.
Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery System
N Kumar
Develop of efficacious Nanomedicines
Any Medicine developed ?
Business Development Group
A.  Vig
-To increase interaction with niche area clients, both within India and abroad
No such group set up at NIPER, Mohali till date.  All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed Money also asked for the same project in N09, surprising
Reference Standard Development
S Singh
Development reference standards for Indian Pharmacopoeial Commission (IPC).
How many reference Standard Developed?
Money used in trading
Advance Centre For Traditional Medicine
KK Bhutani
Develop cost effective medications and biological agents from sustainable medicinal plant resources
How many types of equipment are purchased? How many hour of running time logged?
Impurity Profiling Facility
S Singh
Provide synthesized impurities to SME and global pharma industry
How many Impurity Standard Developed?
Money used in trading?
Standardization of Herbal Products
KK Bhutani
To expand and modernize the existing small base of herbal product and make herbal product for clinical trial
Green houses are empty herbs are growing where?
Pharamacological & Toxicological Screening Facilities
SS Sharma
Establish cell-based and animal based assays for lead evaluation, optimisation and pre-clinical evaluation and training
How many assay developed?
How many compound screened?
How many sample from industry screened?
National Bio Availability centre
S Singh
To expand the existing facility
No work for the existing center for last six years why extension? Money also asked for the same project in N06, surprising
Technology Development
A.  Vig
To provide training in scale up pilot plant for Bio technology and process chemistry
Up gradation of TDC to meet Schedule “M” and WHO standards
No training provided to students used to rent Ranbaxy lab in lower rate CAG objected, para stands.
Library/Electronic Journals
KP Kartha
Procurement of books, journals  & abstracts for the library
Why money from N-17 diverted to purchase Sci-finder, at an annual recurring expense of about Rs.27 lacs every year, though same was neither proposed nor approved under the project.
CIL Instruments
AK Chakraborty
Central instrumental support for running in-house Institute schemes, testing of samples of universities, other Institutions and Pharma Ind
How many types of equipment are purchased? How many hour of running time logged?
Project Manpower Expenditure

Project stopped due to lack of manpower, where the money gone?

Infrastructure Development and New Schemes

Boys Hostel
Executive Engineer
To accommodate more no. of students
Swimming Pool
Executive Engineer
To set up facility for the health of student & staff
Non functional till date All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed
Shopping centre
Executive Engineer
To set up facility with in the campus
Community Centre
Executive Engineer
To set up the facility for staff of Institute

Executive Engineer
To accommodate more no. of person during workshops/seminars/convocation & institutional functions
No such building till date.  All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed
Extension of  Bio-availability Centre
Executive Engineer

No work for the existing center for last six years why extension?
Health Centre
Executive Engineer
To take care the health of students
 A gynecologist recruited without advertisement for 600 male student
Type II-V Houses
Executive Engineer
To accommodate more staff
Existing building are not occupied why build new building? CAG also objected para stands
Provision of additional bridge & gate
Executive Engineer
To expand the existing facility
Earth filling & Land Scaping
Executive Engineer
To claim more land
Area of land developed
Furniture  &  Air-conditioning etc.
Executive Engineer
The meet the furniture & air-conditioning requirements of above infrastructure
Where are the furniture located? Any physical verification done?
Herbal Preservation  Setup
KK Bhutani
Recommended to be shelved

Setting Up of Dosage form Pilot Plant
AK Bansal
To setup dosage form pilot plant
Is it completed? All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed.
New specialization in Pharma Mgt.
A. Sharma,
To train the students in management of drug discovery/development institutions will yield better results and minimize the losses. 
The mandate of NIPER  will be meaningfully fulfilled by providing specifically trained human resources
No such specialization introduced in MBA Department till date.  All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed.
Research in Pharm Vigilance & Pharmaco economies
P Tiwari
To train in strong pharmaco-vigilance activity for ensuring safer use of medicines
What research conducted? How many equipments purchased? Why those equipments transferred without using?
Clinical Research Training
P Tiwari
To train the students in conducting clinical trials
How many clinical trials  conducted?
How many students trained?
Intellectual Prop. Right
P. Bansal
Human resource development in IPRs to meet the demands and challenges of Pharma /academic institutes and Industry
No such department set up at NIPER  till date.  All objectives of a project  funded in national interest, failed.
Drug for Most neglected diseases
R Jain
To develop a state of the art teaching and research laboratory, which would conduct research in drug discovery areas as, mentioned above.
To generate technically qualified human resources for future medicinal chemistry and Pharmaceutical industry of India.
To explore various modern techniques for drug discovery and development.
To carry out consultancy assignments relevant to above-mentioned areas.
How many students trained?
How many consultancy project done?
What modern technique explored?
How money utilized in swimming pool?
Cerebral ischaemia/MRI
SS Sharma
Recommended to be shelved