Thursday, 25 February 2016

One of the several RTI filed With Department of Pharmaceuticals

Kindly refer the case no. FIR/RCCHG2016A0005 dated 14.01.2016 filed by CBI Chandigarh. 

A case against KK Bhutani (Officiating Director), PJP Singh Warraich (Registrar & CVO) and other persons of NIPER Mohali were registered for criminal conspiracy, criminal misconduct and abuse of official position U/s 120B r/w 420, 409, 467, 471 of IPC and U/s 13(2) r/w 13(1)(c) & 1(1)(d). 

As per the news paper report (enclosed) CBI has submitted a detailed report and FIR copy to DoP.

1. Kindly provide the information on the date of receipt of above mentioned CBI report and copy of FIR with name & designation of the responsible person handling it.

2. I would also like to have information about action taken by DoP on that report along with detail file noting, 

3. CBI case is registered for criminal charges against Officiating Director, Registrar and both of them are custodian of funds and finance approval authority in NIPER Mohali. I would like to know whether DoP has initiated any process for their removal or not

4. In case the process of removal is not initiated for officiating Director and Registrar of NIPER Mohali Kindly provide a rule position through which these persons are still holding key positions after financial fraud case is registered against them by CBI Chandigarh.

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