Technology Development Center (TDC). The pilot plant and machinery commissioned in June 2004. NIPER worked out monthly expenses for running and maintenance to Rs. 12.60 for the period from 15th july 2008 to 14th July 2009 

Acoustically challenged community center 
Inaugurated by Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals with a huge fanfare on 4th Oct 2010. After that many occasions and functions happened in NIPER. The building is not used for a single hour. Neither any NIPER community (Faculty, Staff, Students) is interested to use it not even for kitty party.


Olympic size virgin swimming pool serving as a pigeon shelter   Though NIPER have a Olympic size non functional swimming pool, NIPER lacks a decent size lecture hall to accomodate increasing number of students.

Laboratories are not specious enough to accomodate and do the practical research work so many students just get a chance to peep in the experiments ongoing in the lab from corridor without getting a hands on experience.

Green house Created for Standardization of Herbal Products: 
Four state of the art Green house were build with automatic sprinkler system and climate control for growing sustainable medicinal plant resources.

In reality few weeds are growing inside the green house.

A  green house for cactus is also build with modern fixtures. Some fixtures are stolen but not reported to police.

Whatever is growing inside in not cactus. 

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