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WEDnesDAY, 25 SEP 2012

Dear Sir, 
Please have a look at the sorry state of NIPER-Ahmedabad, articles reported in Times of India, Ahmedabad Mirror. 

Even after repeated written application to the director of the issues no action was taken by the project director 

Forward this mail to as many contacts as possible to show a sorry state of premier National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) and how badly it is handled by, the current Project Director, where the students are deprived of basic amenities as safe drinking water for almost 15 days and even after repeated application no action taken. 

Project Director is totally against good of the students, who have qualified 2 or 3 national examination to enter in this institute and make their dream come true and comments to us again and again that NIPER is a guest at B.V.Patel PERD centre but fails to mention that NIPER has paid the mentor 300 crores of rupees..... 

The name of NIPER is getting spoiled just because few authorities who show no professionalism in their work and attitude.... 


Research Scholar, 
NIPER Ahmedabad 

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MONDAY, 3 SEP 2012

Open Letter to Hon’ble members of Parliament

Shri Gajender Singh Rajukhedi and Shri Uday Singh:
Hon’ble members of Parliament,

Dear Sir(s),
Thanks for asking the following question for WRITTEN ANSWERS tabled on Thursday, Sep 6, 2012

Financial Irregularities in NIPER


(a)  whether the Government/Board of Governors of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) have written complaints regarding financial irregularities including the non-approval of Budget estimates for 2012-13, especially for NIPER, SAS Nagar, Punjab;

(b)  if so, whether the same have been investigated as per General Finance Rules by the Chief Vigilance Officer of the department who also happens to be member of BoG, NIPER;

(c)   if so, the details thereof and if not the reasons therefor;

(d)  the suggestions received by NIPER regarding action revival plan and to improve the systems and procedures; and

(e) the steps taken by NIPER in this matter?

This is to inform you that Raja Sekhar Vundru, CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals was apprised about the corruption of NIPER since Feb 2012. My wife Sonali Roy send a formal complain on 06-02-2012. In between Feb and May 2012 I have lodged ten formal complain in CVC out of which eight transferred to CVO between May and July 2012.

After knowing the status of my complains I had wrote to CVO on 22-07-2012. Send a reminder and asked for his appointment to submit documentation on 27-07-2012. I have again send another reminder for his appointment to submit documentation and my protection on 02-08-2012. A signed copy is always enclosed with email and hard copy also sent to CVO by speed post. However till date I have not received any communication from him regarding appointment, reason best known to him. His silence in this matter is sufficient to raise doubt regarding his intention and integrity as CVO. It is also pertinent to mention that JS- Pharma is also Controlling and Disbursing officer of NIPER money.

Finally formal complain is lodged against Raja Sekhar Vundru, CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals on 6th Aug 2012 with central vigilance commission (CVC). A request for appointment was also made for discussion regarding complains transferred to CVO by CVC for departmental inquiry.

On 29th of August 2012 myself and Dr. Bansal visited Vigilance commissioner Shri R. Sri Kumer in his office and submitted detail documents regarding all complains made to CVO Department of Pharmaceuticals (123 pages) and also the ink signed hard copie of formal complain against Shri Raja Sekhar Vundru, CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals.

As per the information available to me a formal complain is registered in CVC computational system complain no 23598/2012. Now it is up to CVC to investigate these complains against Shri Raja Sekhar Vundru, CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals.

It is also pertinent to mention that Dr. Bansal had also lodged formal complain against previous CVO, Shri Arun Kumar Jha, Department of Pharmaceuticals, with CVC, however no action was taken against him, rather he was promoter to CVO BHEL and recently as Additional Secretary DOPT. Finally Dr. Bansal has filed a case in Punjab Harayana High Court seeking direction for CBI investigation on 11th Five-year money misappropriation vide CWP no 14537 of 2012, notice of motion is issued to respondents including CVC and CBI, Chandigarh.

This is for your information and further perusal.

Thanking you

Nilanjan Roy

FRIDAY, 10 August 2012

Nilanjan Roy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biotechnology
NIPER, Mohali-160067 (Punjab)
Sri Pradeep Kumar
Central Vigilance Commissioner
Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block
GPO Complex , INA
New Delhi - 110 023
1.            Sri R Sri Kumar, Vigilance Commissioner
2.            Sri J M Garg,  Vigilance Commissioner
3.            Sri A P Singh Director CBI, New Delhi
4.            Dr. V. M Katoch, Chairman BOG
5.            Shri D. S. Kalha, secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals
6.            Dr. Raja Sekhar Vundru, CVO and JS, Department of Pharmaceuticals,
7.             Editor MailToday
Sub: 2nd Request for appointment for discussion regarding complains transferred to CVO by CVC for departmental inquiry.

Prayer: Seeking protections under whistleblower protection act and request you to protect me from being murdered by NIPER administration.
Dear Sir,
This is in continuation of my previous e mail dated Aug 6 2012 i would further emphasize that I had faced immense damage to my scientific career and mental harassment in the past and I have apprehension that the same administration is trying to herm myself and/or my family physically by hired perpetrators. 

In the letter of my wife dated 06-02-2012 to you she mentioned that, “Apart from the mental torture on my husband and me, unknown assailants are also harassing my family at NIPER campus at night by throwing pebbles etc and by campus security guards in various places like NIPER gate.” Those activity increased many fold lately. I am leaving in an isolated residence in one corner of campus and nine quarters surrounding my quarter is currently vacant. Thus there is no single soul surrounding 200 meters of my residence. Furthermore there is abundant wild growth around the area, which is not being cleaning purposefully by NIPER administration given chance of hiding to perpetrators. 

Moreover, I have two kids of 16 and 11 years and going out side the campus for school and preparatory classes for IIT. I have strong apprehension that any one or both them might get kidnapped or other physical damage like preplanned accident can happened to them.
Hope I have made my position clear. Thus I seek your appointment to apprise you about the situation of physical danger and show you documentary evidences for these complain made. I sincerely hope that you will be able to provide me protection under whistleblower protection act and do the needful against corruption as CVC.

Nilanjan Roy


Open Letter to CVO Department of Pharmaceuticals

Dated: 22.07.2012

Nilanjan Roy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biotechnology
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
(NIPER), Mohali-160067 (Punjab)

Dr. Raja Sekhar Vundru, IAS
Chief Vigilance Officer & Joint Secretary,
Department of Pharmaceuticals,
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers,
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110001

1.            Sri Pradeep Kumar Central Vigilance Commissioner
2.            Sri R Sri Kumar, Vigilance Commissioner
3.            Sri J M Garg,  Vigilance Commissioner
4.            Sri A P Singh Director CBI, New Delhi
5.            Dr. V. M Katoch, Chairman BOG
6.            Shri D. S. Kalha, secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals
7.            Sandeep Bamzai, Editor, MailToday

Sub:    Formal complaint against Prof. K.K.Bhutani, present officiating Director, former dean Prof. Saranjit Singh and former director Prof. P. Ramarao, NIPER

Prayer: I have put my name and contract address on the top so please do not deem this letter as anonymous/ pseudonymous

Ref:     Misappropriation of 11th Five Year Plan money allotted to NIPER, Mohali, Mis-utilization of official power in various acts as describe below.

Dear Sir,
This is a formal complain in continuation of the complain send to you by my wife Sonali Roy on 06-02-2012 delivered to you on 09-02-2012 by speed post (Copy Enclosed). A signed copy is enclosed with this mail and also being send to you and other persons by speed post.
As a member of the Purchase committee and Consultancy committee (appointed as member on 29th March 2010), I dutifully vetted all proposals, pointing out irregularities and raising objections wherever I felt public interest was being compromised. Officiating Director’s hasty act in forcibly removing me from these committees raises suspicions that the act was committed to ‘facilitate’ transactions in which I was acting as a ‘hindrance’ and refused to compromise in public interest. I have pointed out the following irregularities that were operational:

1.     Huge sums of money from 11th five year plan projects are diverted. Following projects not started till date (at the end of 11th five year plan).
a.     Intellectual Property Rights (Scheme N17), Project Outlay Rs.2.25 crores,
b.     New specialization in R&D Management (Scheme N14), project Outlay Rs.1.60 crores,
c.     Clinical Research Training (Scheme N16), project Outlay Rs.3.00 crores,
d.     Research in Pharm Vigilance & Pharmaco economies (Scheme N15), Project outlay approx Rs.2.50 crores.
2.     Diversions of 11th five year plan money to construction projects. Money received for Drugs for most neglected diseases (Scheme N18) was diverted to construct swimming pool.
3.     Parasitology Laboratory (Scheme C050) and Herbal Preservation  Setup (scheme N12) has not started at the end of five year plan period.
4.     1500 seated Auditorium  (Scheme N05) is not build but the money is kept in bank as FD.
5.     International level laboratory is built (Scheme C03) and rented e.g. renting laboratory to Systems Biology Worldwide in nominal rent (cost of lab is 1 crore and rented 20 lacs per annum).
6.     Building like, Swimming pool (Scheme N02), Community center (Scheme N04), Extension of Bio-availability center  (Scheme N06) etc. was done by putting huge expenditure in construction but never used causing lose of money to exchequer.
7.     Cost escalation is a routine feature. Technology development Center (formulation) from 60 lakhs to 11 crore. (Originally it was proposed to be a Schedule H compliance demo plant. Now it is being built to rent to again a specific company.)
8.     In the financial year 2010-11 Department of Pharmaceutical released Plan money of Five year plan as per NIPER demand. Officiating director distributed money less then what is released. Actual money released from ministry for planned schemes and actual disbursement has a huge difference, moreover the actual expenditure from compass is not also submitted to finance committee.
9.     Purchase of diesel worth crores of rupees without following purchase procedure, since the inception of the institute till 2010. After establishing procedure in middle 2010 institute saved 1 crore in diesel and spare parts . See comments of finance committee member para 11.
10.  Distribution of salary and PF of contractual staff without following Govt. norms, Please check the payment of provident fund record of contractual staff.
11.  Leasing of technology development center repeatedly to one particular company in substantially low rent. 
12.  Distribution of consultancy project money without following the consultancy rules.
13.  Equipment thefts from the institute are not reported to police and purchases are being made to get replacement.
14.  I also came to know NIPER officiating Director recruited wife of one of the AG employee to keep the entire misdeed under cover despite of her rejection by selection committee.
As a responsible citizen, concerned tax-payer and keeping in view larger national interests, I pray for the setting up of an independent team of auditors to conduct a free, fair and transparent audit and appropriate action for financial misappropriation and diversion of funds, defeating national objectives and causing irreparable social harm.
I also seek protection under whistleblower protection act and request you to protect me from being murdered by NIPER administration.

Nilanjan Roy


Open letter to Chairman BOG NIPER

Dr. V. M. Katoch
Secretary, DHR &
Chairman, BOG, NIPER

1. Secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals
2. Sh. Shrikant Jana Hon’ble MOS, Ministry of C&F 
3. Dr. Janardhan Waghmare Hon’ble Member Rajya Shabha
4. The President of India, Visitor NIPER, Mohali 

Dear Dr Katoch,
I am Knowmics; writer of the blog “A Biped Against Corruption (both in .blogspot and .wordpress domains)” writing to you as the chairman of the Board of Governors at NIPER, Mohali. I came to know that an important meeting has been requisitioned by BOG members is scheduled on 21st July 2012 to discuss the corruption issues raised in these blog, published in the press Mail Today, Deccan Herald, Times Now, The Telegraph etc. and also became a business of parliament vide unstarrted question no: 1912 on 30-3-2012.
I offer my witness under oath voluntarily to present documentary evidences, photos and recording collected through RTI and from other reliable sources to this high power statutory committee of NIPER. My intention is to prevailthe truth, in front of the Board of Governors.
Since my blogs contain more than 250 posts, I humbly appeal to you to direct me the particular posts of financial or administrative lapses, the BOG would like to take up at the meeting, so that I can produce the relevant evidence and facts with explanation along with cross examination versus the evidence/facts that may be produced by NIPER Administration so that the BOG is able to verify the authenticity of the contents of my blog.
I am confident that these factual evidences will help the Board to arrive at a consensus decision with full neutrality & objectivity.

My reasons for this voluntary act are the following,

1.     I am honest, upright Indian taxpayer, born and brought up in a village of West Bengal influenced by non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi. Due to my schooling through Satyagrahi Association Balwadi and Mahatma Gandhi's 'Buniadi education systems I had been taught to stand for truth nothing but truth. In all my life I have practice science and teaching under strict guidance of ethics. I am also a life member of Society of Scientific Values (SSV).

2.     During my tenure as government servant I have tried my level best to follow (i) that the Govt. expenditure is incurred for the purpose for which funds have been provided and (ii) that the expenditure is incurred in public interest. As intended in the GFR 2005.

3.     In 2010 officiating Director made me member of six different non-statutory committees (like purchase committee for equipments & construction, consultancy etc). As a committee member I have came across and prevented many financial misdemeanor at NIPER. I had prevented leakage of approximately Rs.40 lacs per annum in purchase of diesel (Purchase of 44000 ltr diesel per quarter against 5000 ltr per quarter . Cash purchase for laboratory spares came down by Rs. 70 lacs per annum and ghost workers around 90 were reduced as a result of policy changes.  I was trying to prevent many more while my privileges as members of six non-statutory committee and In-charge of the department of biotechnology is curtailed.

4.     After removal from committees I became more determined to expose corruption and started publishing evidences of NIPER corruption gathered using RTI in the Blog.  Some of the documents are submitted to you on 14th Oct 2011;

Doc 1 & 2      NIPER Act and Statutes and appointing authority of faculty. 20-pages
Doc 3a to f     Documents related to suspension. 30-pages
Doc 4               Documents related to Diesel and spare parts purchase. 10-pages
Doc 5               Related to 11th 5 year plan money used for trading 10-pages
Doc 6               Theft of equipments 28-pages
Doc 7               Pension and full salary of KK Bhutani 18-pages
Doc 8               CAG report of four year 192 pages
Doc 9               Recruitment of medical officer without advertisement.
Doc 10            Embezzlement of 11th five year plan money 2010-11 8-pages
Doc 11            CVC vigilance guideline on anonymous letter 3-pages

I had gathered more documents since 15th Oct 2012 till date. I would like to present all in the forth-coming BOG meeting.

5.     Though many faculty and staff of NIPER are annoyed because of corruption and misappropriation of Govt money but they unable to protest fearing wrath of corrupt administration. I strongly believe in - Swami Vivekananda teaching"Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals, but because of the in-activities of the good people”. So I started to raise my voice. My only intention is to make NIPER an institute of nation importance in letter and spirit as intended by Hon’ble parliament during inception.

6.     I try to behave like a true Biped. Bipeds are most advanced biological creatures evolved with brain and neurons for higher level of thinking. The advanced neurological organ is protected in skull and the very important encasing called vertebra, which enables biped to stand erect and face another biped into the eyes and talk. The origin of truth lies in the eye contact; it is difficult to lie looking at somebody’s eyes. Thus I want to look at eyes of NIPER administration and tell the truth and also expect to have reciprocation of the same if any.

I am an admirer of Right to Information act and advocate of transparency. Thus I am making this letter an open letter; so apart from the recipients of email and ink signed hardcopy, readers of this blog world wide (more then 55,000 hits combined) can also know what I am standing and fighting for.


Nilanjan Roy

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