Sunday, 16 October 2011

Administrative Malice @NIPER

NIPER new BOG is reconstituted on 22nd of June 2011 and 54th BOG meeting held on 2nd Aug 2011. Draft minutes circulated on 11th Aug 2011 and not finalized till date.

NIPER statutes clause 3.1.3 states the following:

(k) The minutes of the proceeding of a meeting of the board shall be drawn up by the Registrar and circulated to all members of the Board present. The minutes along with amendments, if any, suggested shall be placed for confirmation at the next meeting of the Board. After the minutes are confirmed and signed by the chairman of the Board, they shall be recorded in a minute book which shall be kept open for inspection of the members of the Board at all times during office hours.

Moreover RTI response of NIPER CPIO dated 26.09.2011 is reproduced as under:-

“Please refer to your application dated 12.09.2011, received in this office on 12.09.2011. In this regard it is to inform you that BOG agenda, minutes and related reports cannot be provide at this stage, as these are yet to be approved by the BOG and divulging the information at this stage is unauthorized.”
Thus it is crystal clear that till the agenda items/minutes are approved by BOG in the next meeting, disclosure of the same is unauthorized.

However implementation of following 54th BOG decisions (though unauthorized); clearly depicts bizarre  illegitimate operation of NIPER administration, where the regulations and statutory provisions regarding BOG minutes have been given a go-by,

1.     Reinstatement of scientist.
2.     Recruitment of associate deans.
3.     Formation of statutory committees.
4.     Partial declaration of CAS/renewal decisions.
5.     Issue regular appointment letters to ad hoc faculties/stuff.

Question remains “WHO WILL BELL THE CAT”

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