Friday, 21 October 2011

CAG unearthed shoddy state of education @NIPER

Due to nepotism, mis-management and administrative malice, the education took backseat at NIPER. The condition is so bad that even CAG wrote a para about it in 2009-10 report. 

Para 7 Shortage of manpower:  NIPER was established by Govt. of India as a center of excellence for imparting higher education research and development in pharmaceutical science and management. Thus it requires skilled staff for smooth running of teaching activities. The sanctioned strength was fixed in the year 1994
As on 31 March 2011, the sanctioned strength of the staff in different cadres was 279, but the staff in position there for work was 165 only . Thus 144 posts in different cadres were lying vacant.

The following information may be furnished to audit:-


Reasons for not filling the vacant posts through the intake of students had increased by 66.82 percent compared to year 2009-10 may be intimated.

The manner in which NIPER was imparting education to the students in the absence of adequate staff may be intimated.

Now why staff shortage? What is perplexing to CAG, gone unnoticed by so called Pharmaceutical Education Dons? Predominantly, mis-management and administrative malice, as evident by an ex-faculty letter written to Chairman BOG in July 2011,

I am writing this letter to you to draw your kind attention towards the service conditions of NIPER, Mohali. The institute has lot of infrastructure, has attracted very talented faculties but still even after over two decades, the institute could not grow much, and has not taken any shape. I have no personal interest what so ever, but having worked in that Institute as an Assistant Professor for a while, and being a responsible citizen of this country, I feel pained to see kind of activities going on at NIPER, Mohali. They could attract very talented faculties, but hiring good faculties has no meaning if we can’t retain them. You will be shocked to know that till now over 25 faculty members have resigned NIPER, which indicates about the work culture, service conditions prevailed at NIPER. The people who have left NIPER, has made excellent progress and many of these people are working with prestigious National Institutes/Universities and some of them have settled abroad. Please note that when I joined NIPER, I never felt that I will leave NIPER after a short stay. The work culture was so poor, and that forced me to resign, and join other good institute. I request you please try to find out if there is any other institute in India where such a large number of faculties have resigned?

Unfortunately, NIPER administration has never thought to analyze the reasons behind such a large scale resignations, rather they always tried to put on the blame on the faculties. Even today, given a chance, most of the faculty members may like to leave the institute (Best thing would be to get their opinion through secrete voting!!). This will even give you better idea about the service conditions prevailed at NIPER.

Problem is so severe NIPER is afraid to disclose information regarding this in RTI

What an irony................... people should not have interest in information regarding "Institute of National Importance (Interest)" 

See what students are thinking about it

... I remember how nicely we did all our lectures and practicals at NIPER mohali when there used to be only 8 - 12 students admitted ……... Now that many go to each faculty of the departments. How a faculty is supposed to manage all of them. …….
Even Einstein would not have generated so may ideas for so many master students dissertations. …..On one side the govt. creates center for excellence and on the other side it ruins it..... God only save this country......... I guess Anna Hazare is doing nothing wrong by screwing them up!.......

By Rakesh Chandarana NIPER Alunini

Caveat:  Less no of staff equates to more resources (money $$$) for few Noble & Mighty(!)

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