Sunday, 27 November 2011

What prevents NIPER authorities from addressing the menace of plagiarism?

  1. Amitkumar says:
    The first NIPER at Mohali has been created by the Govt. of India with the mandated objectives, which includes:
    (i). – to nurture and promote quality and excellence in pharmaceutical education and research;
    (ii). – to develop a world level centre for creation of knowledge and transmission of existing information in pharmaceutical areas, with focus on national, educational, professional and industrial commitments:
    (iii). – to develop multi-disciplinary approach in carrying out research and training of pharmaceutical manpower so that the larger interest of the profession, academia and pharmaceutical industry are better served and a pharmaceutical work culture is evolved which is in tune with the changing world trends and patterns of pharmaceutical education and research.
    as per NIPER Act 1998 and rightly declared it as an institute of national importance ( by creating the necessary conducive atmosphere where these can flourish. Therefore, plagiarism absolutely has no place at NIPER. It deprives the expectation of the student(s), who unfortunately join such faculty member with intellectual vacuity to pursue their career (after clearing a national screening test), and develop highly specialized skills to test the respective boundaries in the horizon. This is manifestly the possible outcome of guaranteeing faculty independence without guaranteeing the quality, as appeared in this particular case in the institute. The HOD must live through the scrutiny of highest level of probity.
    If the IIT-K/IIM-B or an University, out of about five hundred fifty existing can act, what prevents NIPER authorities from addressing the menace of plagiarism?

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