Tuesday 8 November 2011

Blog Impact: मगर ये हो ना सका

After swimming pool was mentioned in unused facilities @NIPER due to no electrical connection; a feeble effort of  cable laying was started, but stopped due to lack of funding. Abandon work and bundle of cables are seen neer another abandon project; approach road of un authorized second bridge construction site.

The irony is warranty of imported filtering system in swimming pool will expire in Feb 2012 (without running for a single hour). Experts doubt that the installed filtering systems will work properly after one year of idle operation.   

NIPER is going through abnormal financial constrains; Funding for consumable of student research projects is vanished, equipments are not being repaired even photocopiers are out of AMC, EEC remuneration is denied list is long......

Students in the new hostel sleeping on the floor, money for purchasing beds were not sanctioned, 150 or so students protested to officiating Director, 

NIPER is moribund GOD save NIPER

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