Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to act; time to act decisively to reestablish NIPER’s old Glory

Alumni association, Bangalore chapter wrote a letter to BOG Chairman NIPER Mohali for taking stringent action. Public dissemination of information about corruption and plagiarism at NIPER by Dr. Roy made NIPER alumni concerned about the reputation of NIPER and consequences it will have in their career.
Dr. Roy exhausted all other way to protest, than started to post about corruption and plagiarism @NIPER in this blog. He also posted an appeal to NIPER Alumni to write BOG chairman to take suitable action regarding corruption and plagiarism at NIPER in the post,

It is pertinent to mention that all cases of NIPER is duly informed through Proper channel to BOG by Dr. Roy, Dr. Bansal and Dr. Neeraj Kumar in last three months after the new BOG is formed and to Ministry and Visitor NIPER (The president of India) since Nov 2009.
The entire documentary evidences along with CAG report is also submitted to Chairman BOG on 14th Oct 2011. Now onus is on BOG to act upon evidences and chart the right path for “Institute of National Importance”.

The role of Alumni association, Bangalore chapter is commendable.

List of Document submitted to Chairman BOG

Letter of Alumni association, Bangalore chapter

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