Monday 21 November 2011

Letter of a proud teacher to an upright student

Dear Bhagwat,
I support your fantastic move, as a true upright student of NIPER. 

Especially I appreciate the following line "At the same time, we want to make it very clear that we are not taking favor of any wrongdoing by NIPER administration, and expect Competent authorities to investigate such matters and take suitable actions." I am personally feeling very proud of you for writing this.

“If Dr. Nilanjan Roy has all the evidences against such things he should rather approach to higher Govt. Officials,”

For your information Starting since Nov 2009 till date ………..Corruption @ NIPER Reported to,

1. Chairman, Board of Governors, NIPER
2. CVO, Department of Pharmaceuticals
3. Central Vigilance commission (CVC)
4. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
5. Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)
6. Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals
7. MoS, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (C&F)
8. Cabinet Minister, C&F
9. Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee for C&F
10. Chairman, Parliamentary Committee of Petitions.
11. Visitor of NIPER, The Hon’ble President of India
12. Coordinator New Indigo (A DBT-EU collaborative Research initiative)
13. India against corruption forum
14. Indian Express
15. Times of India

Nothing happened till date............ nobody has time to listen to or initiate any action, finally……………………………this blog Sep, 2011

Hope this will clarify the situation. I am specially proud of Bhagwat  for circulating this mail. Please send this letter to

Dr. V. M. Katoch
Chairman, Board of Governors, NIPER
Secretary to Govt. of India, Department of Health Research   &
Director General, Indian Council of Medial Research
Ramalingaswami Bhawan,
Ansari Nagar,New Delhi 110029,

best of luck
Nilanjan Roy Ph. D.

>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>From: Bhagwat<>
>Date: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:31 PM
>Subject: Fwd: Please approve or disapprove!
>To: Ravinder <>
>FYIP: See below:
>Dear Office Bearers, NIPER Alumni Association, SAS Nagar


>In recent past, there has been a growing concern of some of the NIPER alumni in overseas 


 >The bitterest fact noticed was his questions about authenticity of “NIPER degree awards” recently. We are concerned because some of the expected immediate consequences of such negative propaganda are: lack of interest of companies/higher institutes to hire students, funding agencies to support research, scientists abroad to establish collaborations with NIPER etc. Moreover, honest people will never join NIPER as faculty, administrators and even as a Director considering such politics. Because, whoever will join there, will be trapped by such anti-NIPER factors inside. We also consider that due to such defamation exercises, NIPER won’t be able to attract good students in future.


>Some of NIPER alumni condemned his method by writing on alumni forums, but it was realized that this is not sufficient. We need a unanimous view point of NIPER Alumni (including current senior students) whether we need to appeal authorities to stop him defaming our Alma Matter. At the same time, we want to make it very clear that we are not taking favour of any wrongdoing by NIPER administration, and expect Competent authorities to investigate such matters and take suitable actions. Similarly, we are not questioning Dr. Nilanjan Roy’s personal concerns over NIPER. If Dr. Nilanjan Roy has all the evidences against such things he should rather approach to higher Govt. Officials, not NIPER alumni.

>We request office bearers to take it seriously and save NIPER by such negative environment. Hatred always leads to negative outcomes. We alumni, rather need to think about how we can motivate our next generation NIPERians for doing good science at NIPER.




  1. Dear sir,

    Thank you so much for your immediate personal remarks, though it is
    still not clear in the forwarded email which move are you mentioning
    about, and from where the name of only Bhagwat Prasad came in the

    It is true that I personally condemned blogging against NIPER (with
    few other overseas alumni) and would like to draw your kind attention
    that most of the NIPER alumni are unhappy by the blogging started
    against NIPER. With deep respect, I would like to communicate to you
    that most of us came from an ordinary background and we are privileged
    to be product of NIPER. NIPER has given us everything. We all thank
    our all faculty members (including you) and NIPER administration for
    making us what we are today. When we compare NIPER with other
    institutes in India and internationally, it is one of the best of its
    kinds and the potential of students and faculty have been well
    recognized. The move started by the moderator of the blog, “Biped
    against corruption” is defaming NIPER, and some of us feel that this
    is a sign of danger for existence of NIPER. There are evidences, that
    such blogs are defaming NIPER internationally. One such example I
    would like to mention here is of a reputed university in the US, which
    had planned to visit NIPER in Jan-Feb, 2012 to explore research
    collaborations. But once they googled “NIPER” they found something
    else, and now they are apprehensive to visit and collaborate with
    NIPER (I have been communicated about the same). This has forced us to
    think that, the ultimate result of such practices will definitely kill
    science as well as the budding scientists in NIPER by making
    everything bureaucratic.

    With utmost respect, I would like to request you, if you know the
    moderator of such blog, please convey that such blogging is ruining
    NIPER image and let him or her know that please stop such things
    immediately. If such blogging is continued, people internationally
    will interpret it falsely. They may think that since no one is
    opposing such blogs, it means all are approving it and NIPER deserves
    whatever is written in the blog.

    The questions raised on authenticity of NIPER degrees and general
    statement about plagiarism is unacceptable to most of us.

    P.S.: I personally respect you as one of the best teachers of our days
    at NIPER, and am proud to be your student. My respect is same for you
    as for NIPER and I personally condemn if somebody is making deliberate
    efforts with wrong intentions to damage your career. I hope you will
    find better ways to get justice.


    Bhagwat Prasad, Your student


    "The fear of God is gone, and so is the fear of law. Few are caught and fewer convicted-of every 100 corruption related crimes. All this has made corruption a 'high-profit low-risk business'".
    D.R. Karthikeyan, Former director of the CBI and DG, National Human Rights Commission.

    If you are following any news paper/channel now-a-days, you know how efficiently the existing prevention of corruption mechanisms of our country works. Thus every good citizen has to do some extra effort to make India Against Corruption mission successful. After all it is our country, our neighborhood, our organization is suffering from a disease and we should be concerned about it.
    Here are the few simple steps.

    DEMAND TRANSPARENCY: Access to official information through RTI is legal. Get information for R&D projects, infrastructure projects of your organization and inform the people there. Officials may be asked to explain why the money has not gone where it should have, and can be shamed into changing their behavior in future.

    DISSEMINATE INFORMATION: Initiate discussion, within your own organization and with your friends about how existing complaint mechanisms are working (or not), and see whether there is room for any of you to take an initiative to improve them.

    FORM AN 'INTEGRITY CIRCLE: If you are working in an organization with a reputation for corruption, form an 'integrity circle' with like-minded colleagues. Each member makes a pact with all the others that he/she will not be involved in corrupt activities and will support each other if anyone has any problems over this refusal.

    BE A WHISTLEBLOWER: The most effective thing that individuals can do is to complain when they see corrupt acts occurring. This can be difficult when your superiors are the ones who are misbehaving! But not impossible

    DE-WEED THE SYSTEM: When you see opportunities to remove unnecessary blockages in systems that serve no useful purpose but which create opportunities for corruption, write to ministers, MPs, MLAs, newspapers, media drawing attention to the reforms needed.

  3. When I read this blog A biped against corruption, for the first time, I was happy that at least someone is thinking about the future of NIPER but later on realized that it is doing nothing but welcoming totally UNWANTED fame to NIPER.

    I was totally shocked when my HR fac mockingly asked me yesterday “Theses days we are hearing/reading a lot about NIPER degrees and how students got their marks over there. We hope your degree is authentic one otherwise we have to think” and the punch line came at last “Should companies go to NIPER for placement after reading all these?”

    That was total pun-intended question but some where deep inside I felt sad because all our hard work is taken away just because of some nasty posts from a blogger.

    Currently NIPER is going through turmoil because of several reasons and no one but students are at stakes so we would like to request the blogger not to add another factor to it.

    Any question against the authenticity of degree, will only spoil the future And it will not be accepted. We all are against corruption but not on cost of innocent students who join NIPER thinking big for there future.



  4. @ Bhagwat and others fearing Defamation of NIPER,

    I guess this blog is the only reason many of us know how corrupt the NIPER's system is. This blog is not different from Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption. His campaign is not defaming India and similarly this blog not defaming NIPER. It is against the corrupt administrators of NIPER.

    The reputation of NIPER is due to the impression we (alumni) make on our future employers. If NIPER continues to run like the way it had been run in last decade, I won't be surprised if all of the experienced professors leave it one day. To name a few, just think how different Dept of Pharmaceutics would have been had Dr Ramesh Panchagnula stayed in NIPER till now. After he left the national bioavailability center hasn't been used even once. Same is the case with Dr Ravi Kumar, but lets not go in all those details. The point is, somehow those who think independently and are ambitious are suppressed in NIPER. This has to change someday, and I think this blog is a good beginning in that direction.

    The fear of new faculty not joining NIPER is true, but it is better for those good souls not to join NIPER rather than leaving it mid-way through their carriers. I hope you know why Dr Sakhlani left NIPER. He was in Natural products dept and Dr Bhutani was the HOD, join the dots..

    If any of the accusations made by Dr Nilanjan Roy were not true, I don't think this blog would have survived so long. NIPER would have taken some disciplinary action including court order to stop him from posting or atleast a defamation case by NIPER, what we see instead is routine visits of NIPER by CBI..

    Lets hope this is just a small turbulence in NIPER's history, but eventually leads to a strong dedicated NIPER administration which can bring back its glory..

  5. I personally support the cause for which Dr. Roy is fighting. It needs courage to stand up things that are not just or right. I am an NRI alumini and I dont see why this issue should not be blogged in alumini forums. Its pathetic if we term this issue as defamation of NIPER. NIPER or any institute should not be made hollow in its standards by masking the real threats.

    I wish that the issue gets the right judgement and action it deserves. I pray all strength, perseverance and patience to Dr. Roy to see this through till the end.

    Good luck


  6. I recently got admsission in MS niper biotech 2012.I donno about all this mess till date.I'm very shocked that national institutes like NIPER is involved in such devastating things.Earlier i had the image of NIPER as a place where budding scientists learn and grow but......i'm really worried now,whether my descion to join NIPER is precise or flawed.My personal opinion is that in INDIA where science is still in developing pace,we need honest and motivating scientsits and mentors like Dr Roy.Honest and constructive whistle-blowing should be accepted.Offending against sincere and promising scientists like Mr Roy is just like hindering the progess of scientific development in India.Even the future students like me need such principled and noble teachers........
    I wish the govt would desicde the matter quickly....atleast for the sake of students who are ultimately victims.I aspire to see Mr Roy very soon In nipper He should mould more young people into successful scientists.