Wednesday, 16 November 2011

CBI visits NIPER again !

CBI again paid visit to NIPER today and interrogation of Registrar PJP Singh is on.

This time CBI visited Registrar in his campus residence. It is learnt that under instruction from Official Director Register arranged the meeting at residence to keep the repeated visit of CBI unrevealed to NIPER employees.

It is pertinent to mention that both Officiating Director as well as Registers’ appointment is under question, and CBI visit before scheduled BOG meeting on 21st Nov, 2011 at campus, suffice embarrassment.

Otherworldly efforts are also on to make swimming pool temporary functional on 21st on Nov 2011. In absence of electrical connection and working filtering system, GOD only can make the water sufficiently hygienic for Hon,ble members' holy dip.

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