Wednesday, 16 November 2011

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      1.  Is it right to admit a student to any department and latter transfer to pharmaceutics?
2.    Is it right to charge student for single occupancy and ask share room at hostel?
3.    Is it right to give marks without conducting exam since classes are not commenced?
4.    Is it right to recruit a gynecologist for 500+ male student?
5.    Is it right to build a non-functional swimming pool instead of three lecture hall?
6.    Is it right to use research money for trading chemicals to get personal benefit?
7.    Is it right to rent research facility to outside company rather then using it for students training?
8.    Is it right to use equipment only for analyzing company sample and giving no access to students for hands on training? 
9.    Is it right to do plagiarism?
10. Is it right to terminate somebody who protested against plagiarism?

All of the above happened @NIPER. Feel free to browse posts make a informed decision and express your opinion in

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