Sunday 27 November 2011

Voice of Knowmics; why did not he raised earlier?

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Dear Ashutosh

Thanks for clarifying the things and applause for your comment on contribution towards alumni. 

Dear Kiran

I have one question regarding the point you have raised For those who have been affected by the doubts about authenticity of their degree, the problem seems to be a technical one. Here is one solution, in several European or East-Asian countries, Indian students need to get their degrees notarized by respective embassies of those countries in India. To get this done, we have to first go through the HRD and ministry of external affairs (MEA) of India. If some foreign university has any doubts about your degree, you guys can just get it notarized from their embassy.   Ok! fine but what about other countries? What about industry?? In that condition one should go and get its degree notarized by @knowmics??? Will surely wait for your reply.

And above all.

Since @knowmics was in NIPER from year 2001 (information obtained from NIPER website and hope that is authentic) why did not he raised his voice earlier. For example, when Dr Ramesh left or when Dr.Saklani left?

Any replies on that part!!!

We all will love to hear or READ that!!!

We all are against corruption but not in this way!!!

Some Student!!!

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The solution I mentioned for degree certificates was for those who have been questioned about the credibility of their degree certificates, generally industries don't care about your degree as long as you face the interviews properly. 
The answer to your second question is, I don't know why Dr Roy has started the blog now. May be he has lost his patience and can't stand the wrong doings anymore.
If you are really a current student of NIPER, I would advice you to focus on your research instead of worrying about this. NIPER's reputation (atleast in India) is strong enough to survive such faults of its administration.


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Though i do not need to reply this mail ............few of the activity Dr. Roy took part,

1. When Dr. Indurkar and Dr. M. Thakre was kicked out from NIPER
Dr. Roy protested with other faculty member Boycott Holi and leading a group to Director office. KKB assured and then talked in HOD meeting against Dr. Roy for 30 minutes.

2. When Dr. Ramesh left.
He started signature campaign but got only three signature

3. When Dr. Saklani left 
He again started signature campaign

4. When Dr. Anups Cancer mediation Bill not reimbursed
Dr. Roy lead a group to registrar office for clearance and Dr. Tiwari got banged by Dr. P. Ramarao as he was a part of the group.

5. After Dr. Anup's death for his Wife's job on compassionate ground.
Dr. Roy intervened and finally her job was given because pressure from Gurudas Dasgupta MP's phone call to Ramarao and Minister C&F Ram Vilas Paswan.

If you are in touch with any of your NIPER teacher please ask them


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