Thursday, 17 November 2011

Laurels of Officiating director @NIPER in 2011

Any officiating Director cannot hold the office for more than one year, as per “Not exceeding a total period of one year” provision of NIPER STATUTES.

Current officiating director started office on 01.01.2010 thus his term was over on 01.01 2011.  After that he is clinging to the chair illegally. 
Though the present officiating director failed to get any order/direction supporting his current status from BOG/Visitor he managed to get the following six laurels for NIPER since April 2011 few more are in pipe line.

CWP       6810       2011       NILANJAN ROY                   NIPER AND UOI     Memo & Inquiry
CWP 11538 2011 AVTAR SINGH                     NIPER AND ANR    Pensionary benefit
CWP 18789 2011 NEERAJ KUMAR & ANR.   NIPER AND UOI     Senate and degree
CWP 19277 2011 NEERAJ KUMAR                  NIPER AND UOI     Selection committee    
CWP 21402 2011       PARIKSHIT BANSAL           NIPER AND UOI     Selection committee
CBI                          2011     Registered a case for 11th five year plan money embezzlement 

NIPER act 16 (1) the director of the Institute shall be appointed by the Board with prior approval of the Visitor.

NIPER statute 14 Table-1  Powers, duties and function of Director 

(r) Director shall hold office for a five years from the date on which lie enters upon his office and shall be eligible for reappointment. Provided that the Visitor may direct that a Director, whose term of office has expired, shall continue in office for such a period, not exceeding a total period of one year, as may be specified in the direction”.   

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