Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Officiating Director @NIPER Quo warranto?

Appended mail was circulated amongst faculty members of NIPER and copy of the mail also send to Chairman BOG on 04th Nov, 2011. 

As per NIPER Statutes clause 14-Table-1 (r)  Visitor, The President of India and appointing authority of Director NIPER can only give appointment to officiating director for one year not more then that. 

Current officiating director started office on 01.01.2010 thus his term was over on 01.01 2011.  After that he is clinging to the chair illegally? 

OMG, I can't believe!! 
If it is really so, then lots of things are at stake, 
1. payments made by him to various vendors and service providers, 
2. degree awarded in the fifth convocation, 
3. appointments, 
4. promotion etc........

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 10:06 AM
To: 'REGISTRAR'; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Important issue: Appointment of officiating director

Dear faculty colleagues.

I wish to bring the information to your knowledge that current officiating director did not shown the letter of his appoint as it was his duty specifically when BOG was not in place and his appointment was done on the basis of the senior faculty teaching. This was also hear-say to us as order was not circulated. Right now I bring the information in your notice through NIPER Statutes clause 14-Table-1 (r) (Power, duties and function of Director) which reproduced as   
It clearly states that any extension of Director cannot be more than one year and lesser than one year as may be specified in the direction of visitor.   

Looking to all this, in the knowledge of all faculties and Chairman, BOG, I request to Registrar, NIPER to show the letter of extension to all employees of NIPER where he has been issued/appointed the officiating directorship since January 2010 and after January-2011. I am also sending the copy to Chairman, BOG for the same for which we have right to know that current officiating director is appointed legally. For this purpose, I have sleeked the information through RTI from ministry as well as from NIPER.  


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