Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Regularization of Diesel and spare parts purchase saved 1 crore exchequer money

Diesel was being purchased at NIPER without following General Finance Rule 2005 of GOI since inception till 2010. A good Samaritan stopped it.

1. Minutes of the meeting of Diesel Purchase committee
2. Letter of Mr. Jain, Finance committee member.

In a letter Dated: 08.04.11 to The Registrar & Member Secretary of Finance Committee Mr. Jain Wrote

Subject: Proceedings of 23rd meeting of the Finance Committee held on 25th March 2011 – minutes thereof


11) In 2010 – 11 the budget allocation for repair & maintenance of building & engineering services, repair, & maintenance – machinery and lab utilities, repair, running & maintenance – vehicles was 185 lacs and actual spent was 149.27 lacs till February 2011. The budget proposals of 560 lacs are not justified and the same is to high and over 200% on the pervious year budget therefore my views of allowing maximum increase of 20% of the last year expenditure should be made after taking into account the substantial savings of around Rs. 1 Crore made by reconstituted committees in the case of diesel and spare purchases during 2010 – 11 and hence such budget proposal under these heads to should be restricted to 180 Lacs against Rs. 560 Lacs proposed.


Important points

1. As a Standing Purchase committee II member a faculty member was pointing out irregularities and ensuring transparency.
2. As a member of the institutional purchase committee, he stopped a number of wrongdoings and was instrumental in bringing about transparency in release of wages of contractual staff.
3. Based on his initiative, rules for purchasing Diesel is formulated and steady source of illegal income was stopped.
4. He is removed from Standing Purchase committee II since then to facilitate irregularities.

Now the question is who was ingesting the money of Illegal Diesel and spare parts purchase for last so many years?

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  1. Yes. Similar things have happened before 2001 as well! Typical examples:
    Stores & Purchase Officer Mr. Khanna! Admin was reluctant to take action after a then member of SPC-II (Capital Equip) complained.
    Bizarre example is the purchase of a very high end Silicon graphics machine in 1996 without due diligence. However, few faculty members and members of SPC-II could convince the admin to replace that machine by a more useful lower end machine!