Friday, 3 February 2012

Swimming pool is still non functional, one year after handover

 Large number of construction projects was initiated under 11th  five year plan at NIPER. Civil works of many building is completed, but the building are standing un utilized either because they are not furnished or no money for equipments/manpower or no money for running/recurring cost. Thus they are standing idle and providing shelter to pigeons. 

Completed Swimming pool is handed over on Feb 2011 and the one year warranty on pool water pumps, filter units, control units will be over without even running it once. What a shame..... 

A. Swimming pool  
A huge Olympic size pool is build under 11th five year plan at NIPER for more then1 crore and the construction is completed all most a year ago. Project investigator of Drugs for most neglected diseases (Scheme N18) under the 11th five year plan (2007-12) says that part of the money received for the project was diverted to fund the escalated construction cost of swimming pool.

Olympic size virgin swimming pool serving as a pigeon shelter 
However the pool is never used after construction, because there no electrical connections to run the entire building and the filter pumps installed in the pool. Moreover there is no budgetary allocation for recurring cost for running the pool.

Though NIPER have a Olympic size non functional swimming pool, NIPER lacks a decent size lecture hall to accomodate increasing number of students. Many common classes are splited and faculties are forced to conduct the same class in two or three shifts in a week like recurring movie show. For each lecture large number of students are squeezed into tiny lecture halls. 

Unused swimming pool with stagnent rain water 
serving as breeding ground for mosquitos
Laboratories are not specious enough to accomodate and do the practical research work so many students just get a chance to peep in the experiments ongoing in the lab from corridor without getting a hands on experience.

Now the question is why this pool is build, with a cost over run, for which the money received for Drugs for most neglected diseases is diverted?  Probably getting kickback is easier from construction project rather then a research project. Thus Indian taxpayer money is gone down the drain for the whims and fancies of the person who decided build Olympic size swimming pool for personal gain putting National interest aside. I feel ashamed whenever I see a  poor country man who is suffering from neglected diseases like Tuberculosis or Leishmaniasis.

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