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Corrupt CVO, DoP initiated inquiry of whistle blower based on anonymous letter

An undated anonymous letter written by NIPER stuff members (read GANG OF FOUR) written to "The Honorable President of India" New Delhi on the

subject: Detonation of academic environment at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar (Mohali) Punjab

Copies were send to Minister, MOS, Ministry, DBT, DST, ICMR, DCGI, CBI, CVC, CAG

The letter contains 12 paragraphs; out of which paragraph 8 contains allegations against three people Shri Lalit Kumar Jain, Member BOG and Finance comittee, Shri K. K. Bhutani Officiating director, Shri Nilanjan Roy

8.  Director NIPER disolved the institutional committees and reconstituted then under instructions from Shri Lalit Kumar Jain. Most importantly Director NIPER included a tainted faculty member Shri Nilanjan Roy as member of standing purchase committee despite an active case of financial embezzlement against him. Shri Roy now virtually runs the purchase committee from where a conduit has ben created  to pass on the money to Shri Lalit Kumar Jain with Director NIPER protection. Already huge sums of money have been funneled out from these development funds through this trianguler caucus consisting of Director, Shri Nilanjan roy and Shri Lalit kumar Jain. Director NIPER has stopped administrative proceeding against financial embezzlement by Shri Nilanjan Roy as a reward for enabling smooth transfer of money through purchase committee.  

What was Shri Nilanjan Roy doing sitting at purchase committee & Consultancy committee?     

1. the substantial savings of around Rs. 1 Crore made by reconstituted committees in the case of diesel and spare purchases during 2010 – 11 and hence such budget proposal under these heads to should be restricted to 180 Lacs against Rs. 560 Lacs proposed.

2. Regularizing payment of contractual staff and establishing payment through Bank so salary money can not be manipulated.

3. Streamlining selection of contractors so that construction works can not be manipulated.

4.  Streamlining TDC leasing procedure so that it can nit be used by a particular company.

5. Stopping trading in the disguise of advisory consultancy.

Naturally money made from these activity was stopped because on Nilanjan Roy and the Ministry share is curtailed. 

Ministry asked explanation of the issues raised in the anonymous letter from NIPER.

NIPER, Mohali has stated vide their letter dated 01.09.2010 (p.11-281~)that the above complaint is anonymous . as it has not been signed by anyone and no names have been put on the complaint. There are no verifiable facts backed by 

any evidence and hence this complaint cannot be acted upon

Specific reply to the point no 8(VIII) NIPER Wrote

(viii) Dr. Nilanjan Roy is a member of Standing Committee which is purely a recommendatory body. The other members of the committee are Prof. K.P.R. Kartha (Chairman), Dr. Inder Pal Singh, DR (F&A) and Asst. Registrar (S&P), Members. This Committee is only recommendatory and has. no power to purchase anything.

A. K. Karan Under secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals, GOI on 27.09 2010 wrote in the file noting 
"On the basis of complain and reply received, and as the complain is anonymous no actionable points emerge case may be closed" 

The Joint secretary Pharma Shri Arun Jha, Who is responsible to disburse money to NIPER and also a CVO Department of pharmaceuticals wrote on 28.09.2010
"the allegations mentioned above particularly the one related to Shri Nilanjan Roy and the case of financial embezzlement against him being made thereafter of standing purchase committee specific comments of each issue needs to be taken from NIPER Mohali"  

Now why a CVO deliberately ignore CVC memo No 3(v)/99/2 dated 29.06.1999 against anonymous letter?

Because he is being accused of suppressing corruption going on at NIPER and probably he is also part of the corruption and getting share of money


Why CVC failed..... and we need an independent Lokpal

Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is created to put a end to corrupt babudom; but the way it is structured, it actually enhanced corruption by babus. 

CVC has minimal infrastructure and manpower. To work on corruption CVC designated a Central Vigilance Officer (CVO) in every government department to inquire and take action on corruption complains. When the complain received by CVC, CVC simply forwards the complain to CVO and depends on the moral and ethics of CVO for proper disposing off the complain in a time bound manner. If CVO is corrupt then the complain ends up in cold storage.

I have first hand experience how corruption is inculcated.

I work in a centrally funded institute of National importance named National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) under Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) within Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers (C&F).  NIPER runs solely on GOI funding and receives funding from five-year plan of GOI. In 11th five-year plan NIPER received huge sums of money from GOI to create state of the art infrastructure for teaching and research on drug discovery and development. However like any other reputed institutes of the country the money is not put in the use of better good. With a nexus build with finding ministry and Director NIPER money was siphoned off for personal gains. (I will publish a series of blog posts in this regard. )

Regarding siphoned off of 11th five year plan money complain was lodged to CVC, as usual CVC forwarded it to CVO DoP and CVO did nothing. In fact the same CVO was disbursing officer of NIPER Grant.

In response to a RTI quarry CVO replied we have not received any such letter from CVC. When the same RTI send to CVC CVC provided copies of letter and reminder send to CVO of DoP. In another RTI to DoP DoP said report was send to CVC, and three pages of the report was missing from CVC report.
Thus it became a corrupt cycle of babudom.

Now you see why CVC is useless to prevent corruption? They ask the same corrupt guy to inquiry the matter of corruption. What is the answer then................. may be independent Lokpal.  

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