Monday, 8 October 2012

ICMR denied information in response to RTI

8th Sep Mohali: The administrative procedures followed by NIPER to suspend and dismiss Dr. Nilanjan Roy were  totally arbitrary, dictatorial and violative of basic rules and regulations of GoI. His wife Sonali Roy complained against KK Bhutani Officiating director to Committee of petitions Lok Sabha seeking Justice.  The Lok Sabha Committee directed Chairman BOG, NIPER through Department of Pharmaceuticals, to act upon her petition. One year after her complain Mrs Roy filed an RTI to ICMR asking what action DG ICMR had taken taken on her petition, failing to get response from CPIO, she filed and appeal to appellate authority, ICMR. 

Neither CPIO nor appellate authority responded her quarry as per RTI act. On the contrary she got a funny unrelated response regarding appeal of Dr. Nilanjan Roy from a person unrelated to ICMR. A consultant to chairman, NIPER Mohali, gave hear misleading information flaunting RTI rule. Now she is filling a complain to CIC New delhi and also to other appropriate legal authority against deliberate violation of RTI 2005 act by ICMR.

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