Monday, 12 November 2012


CWP No 20462 of 2012

5) KK Bhutani, Officiating Director   4) Director, NIPER     3)NIPER, through Registrar    2) BoG, NIPER through Chairman    1) UOI, through secretary DOP Vs  Dr. Nilanjan Roy 

Civil Writ Petition under Article 226/227 of the Constitution of India for the issuance of a writ order or direction, especially in the nature of Certiorari  quashing the order dated 20.04.2012 passed by  officiating Director, Dr. K.K. Bhutani (Respondent no. 5), dismissing the petitioner from service, being not only illegal and arbitrary but also having passed by the incompetent authority having no jurisdiction as provided under the statutory rules governing the service conditions of the petitioner as well as the order dated 27.09.2012 passed by the appellate authority being unjust, unfair, against the principles of natural justice and totally disproportionate and the settled proposition of law in a catena of decisions rendered by the Apex court and this Hon'ble court   

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