Friday, 31 May 2013

Now NIPER is "International Institute of Shame"

Current Developments at NIPER

Andreas Bender, PhD <>Fri, May 31, 2013 at 4:53 PM


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It is with much regret to follow recent - and continuing - developments at your institute[1-4,and many others].

NIPER has been established as a premier pharmaceutical research institute of your country, and to provide stimulating, fair and free leadership in science and beyond. Regrettably, this is not in the slightest what the current treatment of staff, as well as students, at NIPER by its senior authorities represents.

With this letter I would like to voice my strong opinion that you truly have to accept responsibility for the people within your very own institute, and responsibility towards your nation. The staff of your institute will form the future of your country - and this is only possible by teaching your students both exciting science, as well as to develop their personalities as human beings by incorporating the values of freedom, fairness, and mutual repect. Everyone wants to believe - allow your staff, allow your students, to believe in you.

When visiting Mohali several years ago, I met many very valuable students that wanted to develop, both scientifically as well as personally. I met scientific staff that wanted to do shape their areas in exciting ways; staff that strived to be good leaders. However, both is only possible by believing into your superiors also on higher levels of leadership - both on a scientifically, as well as a morally sound basis. And this is what you need to provide to NIPER on every level; this is what you, as leaders, owe them.

I will continue to believe into the people of India, and to continue to contribute my little share to their education via regular teaching visits to various institutes throughout the country. Now I would like to ask you to contribute your share - you owe it to your students, your staff, and your country.

Dr Andreas Bender
Cambridge University

Andreas Bender, PhD
Lecturer for Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Cambridge University

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