Tuesday, 13 February 2018

NIPER Kolkata students agitating

Demands are simple..........

To whom so ever it may concern
Honorable Sir
I am a student of NIPER, Kolkata. The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research is a premier group of institutions in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences in India. The students studying here have to qualify two all India level entrance examinations in order to come here. In short, we are the creamy layer of Pharmaceutical sciences. Our institute was declared as an institute of national importance by Govt. of India through Act of Parliament (NIPER Act 1998 & NIPER Amendment Act 2007). Yet we, the students are not getting the basic facilities, faculties, education or anything in that regard that we deserve. This has led us tto write this letter mentioning all our problems, hoping to get some solutions from the higher authorities.
v Issues:
Ø  Last year we filed a grievance like this to the PMO with all our identities which were supposed to be confidential. But all our respective data were forwarded back to the Director from the PMO, we don’t know how. May be he has got strong political connections. Keeping this in mind and because of the non fulfillment all the addressed points in that grievance
We don’t want Dr.V. Ravichandiran as Director (Dictator)
He does as he wishes without any regards to the needs and problems of the students.
Ø  Legitimate and capable guide for Ph.D scholars as well as MS(Pharm) students:
The major problem is guide. One person, the Director, is guide for 20 Ph.D. students at a time.
Only a single guide is allotted for 8 to 9 M.S students. No MS(Pharm) students have started any work regarding project.
Ø  Faculty specific for each stream with proper qualifications is not available.
Ø  No placement for any branch & absence of working placement cell:
There are seven NIPERs in India and maximum students of each one of those institutes have already been placed in their respective fields except here.
Ø  Mental Harassments of each student with dire consequences:
To bring to your notice, about half of our strength is suffering from migraine not because inheritance but of the harassment we face.
The all India first ranker in the field of Medicinal Chemistry has left from our Institute because of this harassment.
Ø  The Fellowship is not coming on regular basis on time.
Ø  Lack of chemicals, instrumentations and databases for respective branches.
Ø  Hostel issues are not addressed in hostel.
The issues are many more and the solutions from the administration is NONE till now. So I request to address these at the earliest possible. Even it would be better if the concerned authority can come here to have a word with us and see our pathetic condition directly.

I do hereby declare, in my full consciousness, without any external pressure from anyone else that the following points regarding the problems that I am facing at NIPER Kolkata are true to the best of my knowledge. I request the person reading this letter, with folded hands, to kindly solve my issues at the earliest as my career and hence my life is at stake and I won’t be backing off even if I am forced by the authority to do so.

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