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Adulterated admission, wrong degree, where is Institute of national Importance heading ??

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JCC Chairman and Officiating Director, NIPER S.A.S. Nagar (Director@niper.ac.in).

CC: 1) All BoG members of NIPER-S.A.S Nagar (For information only); 2) All JCC members from all NIPERs (For information only)


Important issues related to Joint NIPER PhD entrance examination (Fifth request to look into the matter)

With respect to my mail dated13th July2001, 11th July 2011, my hard copies requests registrar/Chairman EEC on date 01/07.2011, written letter to you by hand on date 04/07/2011 in your office and through reception on date 06/07/2011, I want to have your urgent attention on the matter as given below which is related to 600 (Approx) students who appeared in NIPER PhD entrance examination 2011.

I want to bring some facts which are very relevant to my request as given below:

1.       This entrance PhD ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is for all NIPER which are mentioned in NIPER act which is having national importance by an act of parliament.
2.       This examination is conducted in a well established procedure given in PhD entrance examination brochure-2011.
3.       There are close to 600 students who appeared in the examination after paying 1000/- in the hope that they will get admission in PhD COURSE through this exam.
4.       This is the fact from information brochure that any sponsored candidate (Clause # 4 at page 6 of information brochure) by any organization should have minimum 2 year of experience in the respective organization.
5.       All eligibility criteria for admission is given at page 3 & 4 (Clause # 1) which is also corroborated by NIPERordinance.
6.       Candidates only three times of displayed seat are called for interview where there is no mention of such candidates who are reserved in the process.
7.       These reserved candidates if selected in open merit will leave their seats which may be bad for other NIPERS.  
8.       First advertisement for PhD ENTRANCE EXAMINATION came on 18th April 2011.

With all established procedure and clause, NIPER S.A.S Nagar has fixed the NIPER PhD SEATS for their students (working in the projects) who do not have their category as sponsored candidate as they do not have experience of two years as per clause # 4 at page 6 of information brochure. Apart from this, I can say about the department of Pharmaceutics where NIPER has mentioned one seat and fixed/reserved three seat so that they hire their desired candidate ignoring the rules and regulation of their own examination as given below:

1.     XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Reg # 1000456; Joined in DST project on 10/05/2011 which is sanctioned for 2006-2011, No extension/ sanction for further duration, Kindly see the RTI detail as attached)  
2.     XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Reg # 1000214; Joined in DST project on 04/04/2011 which is sanctioned for 2006-2011, No extension/ sanction for further duration, Kindly see the RTI detail as attached)
3.     XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Reg # 1000270; Joined in ICMR project in pharmaceutics recently; being M. Pham (Pharmacology) does not have eligibility qualification in Pharmaceutics, but have the qualification in department of Pharmacology & Toxicology)

These are some examples and are well discussed entrance committee meeting, however Chairman, EEC denied to listen to the member in the committee mentioning that it is approved by director.

If anything is not supported by rule/law, it has no value. In the same entrance examination, no one can reserve the seat by name of the candidate as is done here. We have still chance to correct the same. Considering this, committee member submitted the same written request to Registrar and chairman ECC. After at least 5 request, no reply was given to the EEC member.

I have put my full effort to solve this issue in EEC and also with JCC chairman but no action was taken and interviews are on 25th and 26th July 2011 (This can be seen from trail of emails as given below). Since this issue is of important nature and related to students (Kindly see the e. mail given in last and circulated to many people including CBI), I am submitted my request further to Chairman, JCC (With a CC to all JCC members and all BoG members for information only) to take appropriate action in this regards so that NIPER reputation should not come at the stake in public.

Looking forward for necessary action.


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