Monday, 28 January 2013

Culprits want to compromise anonymously

The leader and the administrator should trust their fellow colleagues in their profession. They should be much inclined towards friendly environment. They should be given warning and memos (official procedures) if they have done any flawful procedures. This is not the era to boycott any official rules. Instead of applying RTI they should directly talk to their higher official by face to face discussion.This will bring their mind to apologize each other for their mistakes. I Hope the above stated relationship will bring the glory and success to their organization. Let the highest leader and petitionar should make compromise deal and cases should be withdrawn in both the cases against the Institute as well as peitionar 

Then only the venomous fight between both the group will be neutralized without going to judiciary, CBI, and CVC. Just its my suggestion what ever is happened is happened. We have to work hard to bring the reputation of NIPER which is having International name in the field of pharmaceutics. 

by - Voice of India for the betterment of organization as well as Peititionar.

(Original spelling unchanged)

Caveat: Fear of CBI case and recrutement wrongdoing  percolating. 

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