Tuesday, 1 January 2013

To take or not to...........

Responsibility of Director for four departments, 40 faculties, 1000 students. The institute is set up with total project cost about Rs.100 Crores. 

The building covers 1,60,000 sq.ft. (>16,500 meters) area in six units, all having three floors. Currently five units are functional running 11 semester INTEGRATED MSc & 4 semester regular MSc courses in four areas including Microbiology and Med Chem

The institute provides intensive training through hard working motivated full time faculty members. All infrastructural facilities such as state-of-art Laboratories of Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics, Plant & Animal Tissue Culture, Radio-isotope & animal house are in place. Well-furnished  smart classrooms, well-equipped Library have been developed. Sophisticated instrument facility for running PhD programare also being build

Dilemma is leaving job unfinished..............

I am still "GLASS HALF FILLED GUY" as always but the truth is state-sponsored-corruption running fullswing in all spheres of life of India, NIPER is also not an exception. 

Cautionary notes to all "AAM ADMI", for last few years every new year is worse then previous year at NIPER. They are worse in tearms of corruption, administrative misdeeds, vengeance and failed governance. I am sure 2013 will be worse then 2012 in all counts. 

But unlike India, many men are trained and prepared to fight against corruption in NIPER through legal rout. Latest news is Rs 70,000 collected in first month to run the legal battle.

Wish all NIPERIANS courage and strength to face the worst and embrace a very unhappy 2013. 


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