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Misappropriation of 11th Five Year Plan Funds at NIPER is likely to exceed Rs.100 crores - Part III

Most of the researchers were not aware of final approved objectives/budget of their research projects under the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) , because the NIPER Directors (past and officiating) during this period,  had not provided them with a copy of the final approved 11th Five Year Plan document. This document contained details of the approved objectives and the budget approved for specific research activities.

In several projects, money had either not been released at all (100% misappropriation) or  just 40-50% of the amount received from Ministry was released to the researchers while balance was misappropriated. 

Details of some research and infrastructure projects where heavy misappropriation took place, are given below:

Scheme Number
Outlay/ Misappropriation
New Auditorium
Rs.5.50 crores; 100% misapp. No such auditorium constructed. However, expense of Rs.4.22 crores shown in mid-term review report, which is surprising.

Earth filling and Landscaping
Rs.1.28 crores; >50% misapp.
No work done, as per mid-term review report dated 24/4/2010.

Furniture and Air-conditioning
Rs.4.00 crores; >90% misapp. As per information available, furniture and AC was for new auditorium, which has not been constructed. However expense of Rs.1.81 crores has been shown in mid-term review report dated 24/4/2010.

New Specialization in Pharmaceutical Management
Rs.1.60 crores;  >90% misapp.
No such specialization introduced. 2 new courses introduced in 2010 using existing staff only. Rs.10 lacs released to management department  in 2012 (5th Year).

Research in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmaco-economics
Rs.2.50 crores; >75% misapprop.

Project not included in final list of presentations.

Setting up of Department of Intellectual Property Rights at NIPER
Rs.2.25 crores;  >90% misapp.
No department established at all. Though about Rs.1.5 crores was for hiring and training of manpower, NOT A SINGLE technical person hired. Entire amount misappropriated. Serious shortcoming listed in final report by Project Leader, Dr.Parikshit Bansal

Cerebral Ischemia/MRI
Rs.5.00 crores;  100% misappr.
No work done at all, as per mid-term review dated 24/4/2010. Project not included in final list of presentations.

Scheme Number


Outlay/ Misappropriation
Pharma Parasitology/
Infection Lab
Rs.9.13 crores; >50% misappr.
Less funds released.
Pharma Grid
Rs. 11.06 crores; > 60% misappr.
Person who proposed the  project not informed of final approved project, nor given any funds during initial 3 years.

Nano Technology and Drug Delivery System
Rs.5.25 crores; >40% misappr.
Serious shortcomings listed in the final report by Dr.Neeraj Kumar.

Establishment of Business Development Group at NIPER
Rs.1.75 crores; >75% misapp.
No such group established. No final presentation of output under the project made. Project not included in final list of presentations.

Reference Standard Development
Rs.2.00 crores; >90% misappr.
Though Rs.2 crore was taken from the Govt. for making reference standards, not a single reference standard available for industry after project completion.

Impurity profiling and stability testing facility
 Rs.1.02 crores;>90% misappr.
No such facility established. No work done, as per mid-term review dated 24/4/2010.

Date Presented here are collected form individual Pi and mid term report and analysed 

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