Saturday, 9 June 2012

Special BOG meeting scheduled for discussing "A Biped Against Corruption"

On 28th May one honorable BOG member gave a piece of paper to make copies to a NIPER staff, multiple copies are made and retuned back. However in the process few extra copies are also made. Copies are making rounds in NIPER Mohali since last BOG meeting in the campus.

Who called the meeting? Four members of BOG called requisitioned meeting under the clause 3.1.3 (b).  

Why the meeting is called? NIPER corruption is all time high and the Ministry of C&F pointed out  the responsibility of BOG. Though NIPER administration given  impression that BOG's role is only advisory, the ministry made it clear that BOG is responsible for governance and mismanagement if any. 

Thus four members of the board called the meeting citing the Rajya Sabha question No 1912 and mentioning breakdown of system and procedure at NIPER Mohali

The venu of the requisitioned meeting was not decided initially, since the tentative date was in the mid June and midsummer temperature profile of Chandigarh is well known, an Hon'ble BOG member suggested to conduct the meeting in the 2.0 crore worth brand new swimming pool facility at NIPER.  

It was realized that, the proof of corruption will be in front of the eyes of all, however comfort of swimming will be missing. The pool is not inaugurated yet due to technical difficulty. 

Though the official reason given for non functional swimming pool is technical difficulty; it is learnt that due to faulty construction, pool can not hold water and no power available to run the facility. The professor who was the driving force behind the pool forgot to include electrical cable worth couple of lacs in the project. 

It is expected that many matter of irregularities, diversion, misappropriation, nepotism in appointment etc will be discussed in the requisitioned meeting scheduled at the end of this month along with the swimming pool. 

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