Thursday 28 June 2012

Practicing advocate hired at NIPER, under guise of consultant to victimize whistleblowers!

Officiating director of NIPER, Mohali, has done it again. He hired a practicing advocate of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. Hari Mohan (Enrolment No. P/516/2008), under the guise of a ‘consultant’ to harass whistleblowers and hide his misdeeds.

Several formal complaints by whistle blower faculty members have been made against Dr. Bhutani regarding misappropriation of 11th Five Year Plan funds running into crores, drawing pension and full salary, violating NIPER statutes and rules, indulging in nepotism and illegal appointments and also misuse and abuse of power to victimize juniors by damaging their confidential reports.  Now he has capped it all by hiring an advocate to harass and victimize whistleblowers, using Tax Payer’s money!

Vide office order dated 22-6-2011 it was informed to all that Mr. Hari Mohan has joined his duties on 15-6-2011 at NIPER as consultant (Administration and Establishment) for one year on a monthly remuneration of Rs.40,000/-. The order made no mention that Mr.Hari Mohan is a registered lawyer, practicing in Punjab and Haryana High Court.  

Just after about  four months later vide order dated 4-10-2011 it was informed that pending recruitment of regular Dy. Registrar (Administration Purchase),  “Sh. Hari Mohan, Consultant (Administration) shall assist Director/Registrar by performing day to day affairs of the administration and purchase sections as a time gap interim arrangement…..”

A legal practitioner while he is on the rolls of a high court, is not entitled to enter into any business or service without permission of the court. If he does, disciplinary action can be taken against such person, under Section VII of the Bar Council of India Rules.  

RTI response from Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana, have revealed that when taking up employment at NIPER, Mohali, Mr. Hari Mohan, Advocate neither informed the Bar Council nor sought any permission to take up the job. However, 5 months after joining the job at NIPER, on 30-11-2011 he submitted a request to the Chairman, Bar Council, Chandigarh for suspension of his enrolment as he wished to restrict himself to legal consultancy and also honorary/social work. He did not disclose that he had already joined NIPER, Mohali and taken salary from 15-6-2011 onwards.  

It is interesting to note that Mr. Hari Mohan, Advocate at the time of submission of this application was already on the rolls of NIPER for more than 5 months, drawing regular salary and assisting the ‘Director/Registrar’ in day to day affairs (devising strategies to kill whistle blowers ??).  

While enjoying the tax payers money, he has ably assisted the NIPER administration in victimizing NIPER whistleblowers, who have been forced to knock the doors of the court to safeguard their interests.  

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