Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Corruption @NIPER forced Professor to observe Peacock mating rituals

Bansal Vs Bansal

NIPER lacks a decent size lecture hall to accomodate increasing number of students. Laboratories are not specious enough for research work of so many students. Majority of the students only get a chance to peep into the experiments ongoing in the lab from corridor without getting a hands on experience.

Prof Parikshit Bansal was deeply distressed by large scale corruption and gross misappropriation of public money released to NIPER for taking up research projects in national interest. 

While Parikshit lodged complaints with all possible statutory anti corruption watch dogs and finally to High Court, lack of adequate research facility forced Prof Arvind Bansal to watch Peacock mating rituals, feeding Aloo Paratha  during the day and watch dancing fireflies at night. Highly qualified Drug formulation scientist slowly turning to naturist. Many high caliber researchers of NIPERs are also idle for the same reason.

It appears that misappropriation of hard-earned tax-payer’s money, does not prick the conscience of so-called `NIPER administrators (!!)’. They feel no sense of remorse or guilt at the immense loss they caused to the nation by failure of plans approved in national interest, to the growth of a premier institute established for healthcare research and also students/suffering patients who were the end beneficiaries. They felt no responsibility or accountability attached to the public funds meant for research relating to dreaded diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis etc. Rather, they regarded the funds as ‘party money’ to be used in whatever manner and wherever they wanted to, without any accountability or questions being raised because none dared to raise their voice. Such conduct and lack of any guilt on part of senior academicians who are supposed to be the guiding light for students are highly abominable. 

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