Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Another Biped Found: careful Silpa Rao you are endangered !!!

shilpa rao
27 July 2012 6:24 PM
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I recently got admsission in MS niper biotech 2012.I donno about all this mess till date.I'm very shocked that national institutes like NIPER is involved in such devastating things.Earlier i had the image of NIPER as a place where budding scientists learn and grow but......i'm really worried now,whether my descion to join NIPER is precise or flawed.My personal opinion is that in INDIA where science is still in developing pace,we need honest and motivating scientsits and mentors like Dr Roy.

Honest and constructive whistle-blowing should be accepted.Offending against sincere and promising scientists like Dr Roy is just like hindering the progess of scientific development in India.Even the future students like me need such principled and noble teachers........

I wish the govt would desicde the matter quickly....atleast for the sake of students who are ultimately victims.I aspire to see Dr Roy very soon In nipper He should mould more young people into successful scientists. 

*Original spelling unchanged

Fine Prints:
Bipeds are most advanced biological creatures evolved with brain and neurons for higher level of thinking. The advanced neurological organ is protected in skull and the very important encasing called vertebra, which enables biped to stand erect and face another biped into the eyes and talk. The origin of truth lies in the eye contact, it is difficult to lie looking at eyes (give it a try ;-))
Most surprisingly the evolution took a reverse direction in Indian subcontinent. It probably happened in last 1000 years or so and can be explained by Lamarckian Use and disuse theory; Species lose characteristics, they do not require or do not use. 
Thus over the extended years of practice Indians lost one vertebrate characteristics; stand erects, look into the eyes and tell the truth99% Indian are good people but they succumb to 1% criminals because of this invertebrate behaviors acquired over generations of slavery, under various Mogal and British rulers before independence and political hooligans after independence. In last 50 years we have created successfully various subspecies of pseudo invertebrate, starting with ‘I Agree Sir’ and whole babudom followed. Aam Janta succumbed to all kinds bribery and corruption

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