Thursday, 2 August 2012

CVC should re-look into misappropriation of 11th five year plan money HC

Chandigarh Aug 1, 2012 Hon’ble Punjab Harayana High Court is in the opinion that Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) should re-look into misappropriation of 11th five year plan money at NIPER. Dr. Parikshit Bansal was vocal regarding misappropriation since last three years and left no stone unturned for justice. After several failed attempts to alart governing authorities of NIPER and statutory anti-corruption bodies Dr. Bansal sought intervention of the court to issue directions to CVC/CBI to conduct inquiry and establish IPR Department at NIPER.

In 2006, Dr. Parikshit Bansal on request of the NIPER Director, prepared and submitted a proposal for Establishing ‘Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Department’ at NIPER, under 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012). Planning Commission duly approved proposal and institute was given Rs.2.25 crores for establishment of the IPR Department.  Nearly 50% of the money was for hiring and training of manpower, including recruitment of new faculty members in the proposed department.  However, entire amount was misappropriated- not a single technical person or new faculty was hired or trained. No IPR Department has been established till date, though institute got Rs.2.25 crores for the same

Formal complaints relating to large-scale misappropriation of funds meant for establishing the IPR Department and other projects, by the Dr. Bansal to the CVC and also Chairman, Board of Governors, NIPER failed to evoke any response. CVC marked the complaint to the CVO, Mr. Arun Jha, IAS who was the very person involved in corruption in collusion with NIPER Director. He did not conduct any inquiry, closed the case and recommended action against the Dr. Bansal. Dr. Bansal was issued a Memo and warning for ‘raising his voice’. BOG have remained helpless spectator till date.

Owing to his bold act of standing against corruption and acting in larger public interest, the Dr. Bansal has been victimized. His promotion has been withheld, an inquiry has been set-up against him and his application for higher position and better career opportunities elsewhere has been damaged. 

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