Tuesday 31 July 2012

Psychosis of officiating Director NIPER Mohali

                                                            Dated: 21-0702012

(Statement of Prof. K K Bhutani, Officiating Director)

page 5 para 2


                        I strongly oppose the suggestion of Mr. Lalit kumar Jain that “blogger’ be called to appear before the BoG. BoG is a Supreme Body as far as NIPER is concern and I pray that this august Body may not be allowed to become a play ground for blogger and his associates, who have been indulging in serious misconduct and illegal activities, thus, liable for strict disciplinary action.


1. Officiating Director knew very well, his misdeeds will be exposed without doubt once the documentations published in the blog is tabled for BOG. 

2. He has no documents in his possession to counter the allegations except blaming whistle blower of serious misconduct and illegal activity like "Filling RTI application" (!!!)

3. His 20 लाखी मनसबदार, Register NIPER also admitted in the meeting that "we do not have all the papers asked to produce by Hon'ble BOG members in 25 plus questions".

Psychosis is natural outcome

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