Thursday, 26 July 2012

Paradoxical: NIPER administration vs CVO of DOP

Joint secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals, who is also CVO in Department of Pharmaceuticals vehemently supported officiating Director telling the blog is considered anonymous and the owner is google.Anonymous complains cannot be discussed in BOG. 

"On 27.03.2012, Sh. S.C. Sharma, Director, DoP vide telephonic conversation sought clarification w.r.t. the Bloger of http://bipedagainstcorruption. as to how it can be substantiated that Blog is being run by Dr. Nilanjan Roy."

In response NIPER administration done some IT research and submitted the following reply

Paradoxical!!! when NIPER say letter is anomymious Joint secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals orders Inquiry and suspension. 

When NIPER established identity of blogger, Joint secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals says corruption charges can not be discussed in BOG since blog is anonymous

Is Ministry Nee-deep in corruption at NIPER or hand-in-glove, readers choose the expression!!! 

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